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ACWY for my 14 month old.

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  • ACWY for my 14 month old.

    Assalamualaikum to all

    We are Insha Allah leaving for hajj early next month and have prepared all we can. The small matter remains of the ACWY for my son of 14 months. The vaccine itself can be administered although not fully licensed for his age and isn't a prerequisite for the visa. I'm confused as to whether I should get it taken for peace of mind to protect the young man from anything like this.

    If people have taken young ones and have some experience with this please offer some advice.

    Jazak allhukhair

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    Officially you don’t need to give him the injection as it’s not a requirement for under two year old. However previously children above one have been vaccinated with ACWY vaccine.
    Young children under two get routine vaccinations against Meningococal B&C bacteria as part of the National vaccination program. You should check with his GP or health visitor to see if he has ever been vaccinated against meningitis before. If he is unimmunised then you could ask for vaccination with ACWY but it will be unlicensed use. He could still be given B&C vaccine if he hadn’t had any before.


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      Jazak allhukhair for the reply. He has had all his annual vaccines including meningitis b&c. Now it's just the question if we want extra security for him. I wanted some guidance from possible parents who may have faced this dilemma in the past themselves.