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Can I enter Kingdom only with MOFA number?

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  • Can I enter Kingdom only with MOFA number?

    I am living in Qatar, and due to diplomatic blockade, we are unable to perform umrah or hajj, except by going to our home country.

    That is too much hassle. I got in touch with a agent based in Saudi. He told me that he can provide me with a MOFA number, and I will have to go to either Kuwait or Oman to get umrah visa stamped on my passport based on this MOFA number. My questions is:

    - Can I enter kingdom only with my MOFA number if I do not have the visa stamped on my passport?
    -Assuming I go to Oman or Kuwait to get my visa stamped, how long does it take to get visa stamped at the consulate assuming I have MOFA a number? Will they do it immediately?

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    Let's first clarify what a MOFA means. It is a permission granted by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs which subsequently triggers a visa...any visa type.

    A copy of that goes to the relevant country's saudi consulate and it is this consulate ONLY that may issue the aspired visa.

    In your case it appears you are depending on someone transmitting a MOFA to you which you "MAY" have to go to Kuwait or OMAN to have that converted into a visa.

    That, frankly, makes no sense. The mofa is specifically directed to just one country from where the visa will be issued.

    Secondly, the consulate, in Kuwait or Oman or anywhere in the world, will want to establish your nature of domicile in that particular country before issuing the visa. You clearly are domiciled in Qatar and will have appropriate documents ( Iqama) to back that residential status up. You will, therefore, need to provide your residence status in Kuwait or Oman likewise. And, as I said above, the mofa will be directed to just one country which may be either Kuwait or Oman and not both.

    So, if you have the correct sequence and have correct papers than you may get your visa from just ONE country which may be either Kuwait or Oman.