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Haramain High Speed Rail - Luggage

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  • Haramain High Speed Rail - Luggage


    Has anyone travelled using the HHR Railway yet between Madinah and Makkah or Vice Versa?

    I'm contemplating either SAPTCO VIP or HHR

    Prefer HHR because i like riding on trains however my only issue is their luggage allowance there is a certain size which they say they allow but i was wondering how strict are they on this? Whether I chance it and take my slightly bigger luggage on the train!

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    Wa Alaikum Salam Sajid,

    HHR is not being operated regularly and neither are the tickets sold in the stations. You will need to access their website and make an online booking and pay by credit card at least one week ahead of your intended travel.


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      I decided to with the SAPTO buses instead

      I checked on HHR rail station tickets seems only available for trains that run on Thurs/Fri/Sat

      But the Luggage allowance is no good for me as i have a bigger suitcase


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        Personally, I believe, travelling on HHR is simply an iconic experience for those who have time and the appetite to take the stess involved, somewhat similar to the Mashaer trains during Haj.

        The time saved by HHR is compromised by the time it takes to get to the stations concerned, in Makka and Madinah or Jedda, and the hiring of taxis etc. That off-sets any money saved if travelling by SAPTCO VIP.

        The Mashaer trains, during Haj, is useful only to those who are camped on the mina valley's left side as we face the jamarat from muzdalifa end. For us, Europeans and Americans, its utterly useless. Seems to me like same until they run the HHR 24/7 and make the access to ticketing easier.