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    I hope this message finds you all well. My elderly parents and I have made the intention of performing Hajj this year InshAllah.

    We booked through a company called Alhaq travel in London. Does anyone have any experience with them?

    I have extensively travelled in the past so I am quite surprised how last minute everything is. We were InshAllah meant to fly on Thursday 16th, but as yet the operator has not received our passports back from the Embassy, we don't know what flight we are getting or indeed what day it will be? This all makes getting our initial transport more challenging as we live a large distance from the departure airport. I'm used to things being more organised when it comes to travel. Is this the expected norm with Hajj booking.


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    Wa alaikum salam I dont know much about the agency, but I know few agents have given passports last minute to customer's.
    speak to your agent ask him what is the delay , you still have 1 week Insha'Allah should get them back by then if agent is reliable.


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      JazakAllah for your reply. I will contact them shortly to see if the passports have arrived InshAllah