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Why does Islam restrict the sexual freedom of women?
First of all, Islam restricts the sexual freedom of both men and women. Sex outside of marriage is not allowed, nor is any sexual contact, or dating, or being "alone together" before marriage.

As to why this is and how it - and other rules such as hijab - protect womens rights, see this post I made a while ago inshaAllah:


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yeah, tis true. Greer was saying that basically, sex outside of marriage, promiscuity, pornography and very revealing clothes have become socially acceptable. In each case, consider who is benefitting and who is harmed:

Sex outside of marrige: who has the baby, and has to raise it alone and endure financial hardship because of it? who gets to run away from the responsibility of the child concieved outside of marriage (fine not all men do this, but men have this responsibility) - if women want to get out of the responsibility then there are two options both of which hurt women far far more than men: adoption - the woman has to go through pregnancy and childbirth and then give up the baby. abortion: contrary to popular belief, most women who have abortions are not callous people who just go and get it done without thinking so they can carry on sex outside of marriage - in a disturbingly large number of cases they have been pressured or even forced to go through with it, often lied to about the consequences, or told that the baby is "just tissue" and they're not really killing it. So, who really benefits from freely available abortion: men, so they can force/persuade the women they impregnate to get rid of teh problem so they don't have the financial burden of supporting them. Even with contraceptives: who has to take the pills which disrupt their natural hormones?

pornography: the vast majority of porn is for men, the majority of porn models are young women, yes many of them are pressured into doing it, believing that it will help them become a top model/actress. The sexual revolution has led to massive increases in the availability of pornography, almost all of it for men, by men, of women.

dating: dating is a sub category of sex outside of marriage so therefore all the above applies. Also, date rape. How often are men the victims of date rape? They're not. Women are. In addition to persuading women to make themselves freely available for sex for men, in some cases men force women to do this.

fashion industry: like pornography, it is controlled by men, and it puts women on display for the benefit of men. The men who control the industry also decide which body types they want for their models - their preference for tall skinny women has led to all kinds of eating disorders, which - surprise surprise affect women ten times more often than they effect men. Together with the pharmacuticals industry which breeds paranoia among women in order to sell their products - this has led to a new condition called body dysmorphic disorder, where women who have nothing wrong with them believe they are hideously ugly, as in their mind they exaggerate miniscule or even imagined flaws. Who suffers from this? women.

And if skimpiness of clothing is something that is supposed to be of equal benefit to men and women, why is it you see men dressing in modest clothes whilst women are showing far more of themselves? Despite being the gender that is by far the more prone to rape and other sexual violence, they are the ones the least covered up. If you want a comparison, the only time you see men as skimpily dressed as women are expected to be in certain situations, e.g. at nightclubs, on the beach, when going out in the evening with friends, or on a date for example - is at a gay nightclub. Even gay men don't dress like that in the highstreet, and they certainly don't dress equally as skimpily for the benefit of women.

So. Sexual revolution = very bad for women. Its also very bad for children too but thats a whole other story for a whole different post. Suffice it to say, that when on a child protection course for my previous job (teaching EBD kids) - the person running the course said that the skyrocketing levels of child abuse in the UK and the USA are the direct result of the breakdown in family values that has been happening since the sixties. Oh yes, because of the "sexual revolution"