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Did Muhammad :saw: really marry a 6 yr old girl?

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  • Did Muhammad :saw: really marry a 6 yr old girl?

    Originally posted by .:Zeal:. View Post
    Did Muhammad :saw: really marry a six year old girl?

    Originally posted by dhakiyya
    Originally posted by aisha2007
    4. Aisha had a brilliant mind and a remarkable memory, and Islam would not be the way it is now without her. We would have lost so much. Over 2500 hadith are attributed to her memory. She was a scholar, and had even been greeted by the Angel Jibreel aley'salaam.

    Aisha's (ra) mind was even better than the above suggests. She was just 18 when Rasool Allah died. More hadeeth were narrated through Aisha (ra) than through any other companion, she taught Islam to men and women, (when she taught men she was behind a screen so they could hear her and not see her) she was consulted on all kinds of Islamic matters by all kinds of people. How much must she have learned, memorised and understood to be able to do this? And she learned it all by the time she was just 18 mashaAllah. She clearly had a very advanced and remarkable mind, so it would be very reasonable to suggest that she was very advanced for her years as a child. i.e. intellectually and emotionally advanced. She was also phsically advanced for her age as has been commented upon already.

    As for Rasool Allah he waited until A'isha (ra) was ready before consommating the marriage. Everything we know about Muhammad including the fact that he never ever even shouted at his wives, never mind mistreat them in any way, there is no way that he would have pressurised Aisha (ra) (or any other of his wives for that matter) into doing anything she did not want to do.

    Also A'isha (ra) after Muhammad died, advised many people on ettiquette between men and women for intimate marital relations. In fact most of the hadeeth on this matter come from her. If she had not been 100% comfortable with her intimate relationship with Rasool Allah (or any other aspect of her marriage to him for that matter) then she would not have been able to advise/teach others on these matters.

    Originally posted by chained water
    People make many disgusting allegations against the prophet(saw) and his intentions.

    But remember:

    1. It was a MARRIAGE: a legal, committed, responsible, public relationship, consented to by her and her parents also.. that lasted until he died, and he died in Aisha(ra)s arms.

    2. There was a THREE YEAR GAP between marriage and consummation. This shows the intentions could never be doubted. The prophet(saw) waited until Aisha was mature enough, physically and otherwise and until her parents sent her to live with him.

    3. Once a Jew walked past the prophet(saw) and said "poison be upon you." (in arabic the words for that and peace sound similar) and the prophet(saw) replied "and upon you" which is how one would always return a greeting of a non Muslim.. and Aisha(ra) hearing it got angry and strated cursing the Jew for saying something bad about the prophet(saw). Can you imagine how she would've reacted to the things people say about him today, or how angry she would have been if she knew that today people use her age of marriage to malign him? She would be the first to defend her husbands honour.
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