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Islam FAQ Project - questions to be answered

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  • Islam FAQ Project - questions to be answered

    Did Muhammad :saw: really marry a six year old girl?

    Is suicide bombing allowed in Islam?

    Why can't women be imams?

    Why are men allowed to have four wives, but women are not allowed four husbands? Isn't that unfair?

    Why do women have to wear the veil?

    Does it say in the Qur'an that men can beat their wives?

    Why can't women pray or fast when they are menstruating?

    Can Muslims be friends with non Muslims?

    Why do some Muslims want to do jihad on all non Muslims?

    What is the punishment for apostacy?

    Isn't chopping theives hands off and lashing fornicators a bit out of date now?

    What is the punishment for adultery/fornication?

    Is divorce allowed in Islam, and if so why is there such a stigma attached to it in some Muslim communities?

    Why do Muslims have arranged marriages?

    Is female circumcision part of Islam?

    Can women initiate divorce?

    What rights would non Muslims have in the Caliphate (proper Islamic state)?

    What is the Islamic ruling about honour killings?

    Isn't pork banned because it can't be stored safely in a hot climate? Now that we have fridges and freezers, shouldn't Muslims scrap the pork ban?

    Did the early Muslims massacre a tribe of Jews for no reason?

    Why do Muslims hate Jews and Israel?

    Do Muslims worship a "moon god"?

    If you're not allowed to imitate the kuffar (non Muslims) why do you drive cars and other things invented by the kuffar?

    Are Muslim men allowed to have sex with slave girls?

    Why didn't Allah ban slavery in the Qur'an?

    Why does Islam restrict the sexual freedom of women?
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    as a general comment, we dont look up to the standards of the kufaar nor try and fit into their circles


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      Are u muslim?



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