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Islam FAQ project - what is this project all about? - can I answer any questions?

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  • Islam FAQ project - what is this project all about? - can I answer any questions?

    Islam FAQ Project

    The aim of this project is to create a catalogue of frequently asked questions, especially contravertial ones, that are asked by non Muslims about Islam. We want the questions to be answered by Ummah members, and it would be better if there were several answers to the questions, giving different viewpoints or different perspectives to the question. All the answers of course must be in line with the Qur'an and Sunnah, however on many matters there are different scholarly opinions and different approaches by different Muslims, and we want a range of answers representing various opinions of Qur'an and Sunnah following Muslims.

    This section is a read only forum, where only moderators can post. Once we have a more substantial set of questions and answers, the FAQ section will be clearly linked from the main page of the forum, so anyone visiting the forum will know its here. We intend to keep on adding to the FAQ as the need arises, e.g. to include excellent posts from the forum, or if a new question arises that needs to be included. Suggestions for additions would have to be sent by PM to designated moderators. (Details will be provided) So if you want to contribute, now is the best and easiest time to do so.

    what we want you to do - how to take part in the project

    There is a sticky thread with a list of questions to be answered, and a copy of the same questions in the Ummah Forum Projects section where you can answer the questions as normal by replying to the post. (You can't reply to any of the threads in here)

    Here is a link to the thread with the questions, which you can post your answers on:

    Alternatively you can send a PM with your answer to a question to one of the designated moderators. Please include the question you are answering at the top of your answer! If it is a new question that has not been answered before, it will become the first post in a new thread inshaAllah. If it is one that has already been answered, but you are giving the answer from a different perspective, it will be added to the relevent thread inshaAllah. If you are quoting from another post in the forum, please inclose it in quote codes [quo te=username] and [/qu ote] (but without the spaces) - make sure you say who you are quoting and also provide a link to the post you quoted. We want this to be an archive of excellent answers on so we welcome quotes from even extremely old posts.

    The mods/admins involved in this project have already provided some answers to get things started, their own and quoted from good posts around the forum, and you can see the way they have formatted their posts - showing how to quote other posts on the forum and also how to set out answers you write yourself. The answers they selected for quotes were selected because they are good answers to the question, if you know of other exemplary answers to any of the questions, which I am sure you do because the forum has thousands of them, please quote them and post them in the same way inshaAllah.

    PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT quote posts from private forums, unless it is from your own post, or you have the express permission of the person that made the post. To prove you have their permission, ask them to post on the thread where you are quoting their post to say you have their permission. Failure to comply with this will result in an infraction.

    If anyone has any ideas about questions that we could include that are not there, please suggest them by sending a pm to one of the designated mods. If you know of a good post on a question that has not been included, please quote the answer in the questions and answers thread as normal together with the question, and then post on the thread linked to above, informing us that you have done this and saying what the question is so we can include it in the question post inshaAllah.

    what we expect of answers to questions

    1. the answer must be written in clear, good English. We're not going to be pedantic about the occasional spelling or punctuation error, though we may correct any we spot. However we do not want things written in teenage text message style writing, and please remember that inshaAllah your answer is there to educate people so it must be clearly understandable. If you include Arabic e.g. Qur'an and Hadeeth quotes, please provide a translation. Of course you don't have to include the Arabic at all unless you want to, so long as the meaning is clealy explained in English.

    2. The answer should directly answer the question that is asked.

    3. The answer must be in line with Qur'an and Sunnah. Differences of opinion due to different madhhabs, scholarly opinions etc is encouraged and in fact where such differences exist we would prefer to include all of them. Similarly differences in approaches between individual Muslims are also encouraged provided they are based on Qur'an and Sunnah.

    4. You may include links to other resources, e.g. fatwas, articles on other websites, to back up what you are saying, however please do not copy and paste them, we are looking for answers written by members. We also don't want posts that just contain links. If you are linking to another resource, please paraphrase what they are saying in your own words. It does not need to be lengthy, a paragraph will do inshaAllah, then anyone interested in reading about the issue in more detail can click on the link.

    5. Remember your manners at all times, this is for dawa inshaAllah, bad manners is anti dawa and puts people off learning about Islam.

    Why do you want members answers, why not just write the whole thing yourself?

    I believe that part of the appeal of this forum for non Muslims, is the chance to see the opinions of real life ordinary Muslims, not from some flashy website written by scholars. As such reading a range of diverse answers to questions written by ordinary Muslims would be of great interest to them, and would have the benefit of the answers being easy to find, and without the problem of good, though provoking answers to difficult questions becoming buried under dozens of argumentative and chit chat posts as often happens in the forum itself, and which very likely puts many non Muslims off from learning about Islam here. Answers from members of the forum who regularly post here and who are scholars are welcome too, as you too are ummah members!

    Additional rules

    1. Anything posted in the thread linked to above must be on topic. Only post answers to questions on that thread, or send answers by pm only to designated mods. Any queries about the project or suggestions for additional questions please send a pm to one of the designated mods. Any other posts will be deleted and persistent offenders will be infracted.

    2. No arguing. If you wish to put forward an alternative answer to a question then do so as if the answer you disagreed with is not there. Argumentative posts will not be included and may be deleted, and the posts may recieve warnings or infractions. If someone has posted something that is completely wrong, and not an acceptable difference of opinion based on Qur'an and Sunnah, please explain the mistake inshaAllah to one of the designated mods, who can seek further clarification from scholars if necessary.

    Project Organisers

    Moderator in charge of the project: Zeal

    Moderators assisting the project: Dhakiyya, Ibn Suleman, Dhul Qarnayn.

    Anna is in charge of the projects section so therefore will be moderating posts as necessary in the thread that users can post on. Other moderators may also supply answers to questions the same way as any other user of the forum.

    Designated moderators for sending questions, answers or queries to by pm: Dhakiyya, Ibn Suleyman, Anna
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