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biography of Muslim Preacher Amr Khaled

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  • biography of Muslim Preacher Amr Khaled

    Amr Khaled
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    Amr Khaled, Islamic PreacherAmr Khaled (Arabic: عمرو خالد ) is a young Muslim Egyptian preacher. He could be called a lay preacher who unexpectedly rose to fame in Egypt in recent years. His popularity has now grown all over Arab countries. On April 30, 2006, the New York Times described him as "the world's most famous and influential Muslim televangelist."

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    1 Early days
    2 Approach
    3 Message
    4 Life Makers
    5 On the path of the Prophet
    6 Development by Faith
    7 The Amr Khaled School
    8 Critics
    9 External links

    Early days
    Amr Khaled, being from a wealthy family, graduated from Cairo University in 1988 with a degree in Accounting.

    He began preaching in 1990 in mosques then switching to full time preaching in 1998 using Satellite TV (his lectures can be seen on the IQRA channel on NILESAT) as his main vehicle. His lectures are popular, and are distributed over the internet as well as on cassette tapes. Traditionalists from Al Azhar are uncomfortable with his rising popularity. The Egyptian authorities, apparently alarmed that his followers are multiplying in numbers, even among the ranks of influential and wealthy families, are believed to have forced him into exile abroad. However, he has always replied to inquiries from his viewers on the TV that he was not banned from airing in Egypt or in other Arab countries.

    Amr Khaled targets Muslim Arabs ages 15 through 35 who come from the upper-middle class because he believes they are the ones capable of changing the Islamic world to the better. He is noted for his use of common, understandable language and friendly approach. He often cracks jokes during his lectures. Khalid's unique and new way of preaching attracted millions of youth throughout the Arab world, making him an unlikely superstar.

    He rejects extremism: "Bin Laden's bombs kill many, but he is speaking in the name of a few, I am speaking in the name of millions of young Muslims, men and women who want to live peacefully in coexistence with the West." His main teachings remains the same as those before him but using a different media, he talks about everyday actions to get closer to Allah such as honesty, humbleness, being polite... etc.

    Life Makers
    Life Makers is the latest TV program presented by Amr Khaled, and is the main concept of his life. In this program the focus shifts from purely religious talk to action projects. The stated goal of the program is to produce a renaissance for the Arab and Muslim world. Projects in agriculture, education, small industries, healthcare, and other fields have been started and they are in progress.

    On the path of the Prophet
    In the holy month of Ramadan of the year 2005, Amr Khaled started his hit show On the Path of the Prophet "Ala Khota Al Habeeb" (Arabic: على خطى الحبيب), broadcast live every night at 9.00 GMT. In this program he focuses on Sira from a current day perspective.

    Although the program is talking about the life and history of the Prophet of Islam, Amr Khaled uses it as a means by which to emotionally charge his audience during Ramadan in order to use such energy after Ramadan to work on several developmental projects across

    Development by Faith
    Amr Khaled is promoting community development and development in developing nations using what he terms "development using faith". The idea is to move people towards developing their communities and countries using faith as their motivator and guide for moving towards this development.

    The Amr Khaled School
    Mustafa Hosni is a rising preacher following in the same footsteps as those of Amr Khalid.

    His detractors often criticise him for being non-specialized in Islamic science, and therefore not qualified to preach. His reply is that he is only a 'preacher', who does not issue answers on matters of juristic fiqh; and on may 30th,2004 the british newspaper Sunday times published an article stating that Sir Andrew Turnbull, the cabinet secretary and one of Tony Blair’s closest aides, has intentions of seeking amr khalid's aid in fulfilling the British government’s agenda towards Muslims, which drastically blemished his name in front of many Muslims who are resentful of the attitude of current western governments towards Muslims.
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