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    The Street Mimbar: Friday Khutbah On Corruption
    Jul 01, 2005
    Source: The Street Mimbar

    Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

    Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad, his Noble Companions and Family.

    Brothers and sisters whose Allegiance is to Allah, His Prophet and the Committed Muslims…

    One often wonders, what it’s going to take to have Muslims wake up to Allah’s guidance. It almost seems as though the more Allah tries to teach us, the more averse we are to learning. This khutbah is presented in an effort to align our thoughts, expectations and desires to the Will of Allah. Recently, we’ve seen a few high profile legal wrangles involving Muslims. The reactions, commentaries, analysis etc. regarding these cases have varied widely; some have been completely off the mark and others slightly off the mark. The question a believer should ask is whether these reactions, analysis, etc. were based on Islamic principles. One of the most apparent features of virtually all of these commentaries, analysis and reactions was the impregnation of what supposed to be an “Islamic” approach to these issues with traces of Jahilliyah and Kufr. Almost all of these statements carried within them the stench of Nationalism.

    One such statement anonymously distributed purporting to represent “CONCERNED” Muslims bore the following: “MUSLIMS, LET’S SUPPORT OUR LEADER! A thief in the name of ISMAIL AYOB, has deceived, swindled and betrayed our leader, the Honourable Nelson Mandela and disgraced the respected name of the Ummah. We call upon all Muslims and Muslim Organisations, The Muslim Youth Movement, Islamic Council of South Africa, the Ulema Council of South Africa, The Jamiatul Ulema of South Africa, The Memon Association, the World Memon Foundation to ostracise this arrogant larcenist. We the concerned Muslims of South Africa call upon: 1. All the Muslims, the Ulema to refrain from greeting or inviting the bandit Ismail Ayob the white collar fraud, double dealing charlatan. 2. We also call upon Abdul Sattar Dada, Dr Razaak Moti of the World Memon Foundation to expel this impostor. The Muslims must deal with these Iblisi forces amongst us. Excommunicate Ismail Ayob, his wife and family... CONCERNED MUSLIMS OF SOUTH AFRICA. There were also other such statements with a similar call and opinion, but the gist of the message was the same.

    There’s no condoning this type of behaviour, viz. theft, fraud, corruption and other such crimes- make no mistake about that. Let it further be said, that we are not standing in a position to defend nor condone the acts of Ismail Ayob, Schabir Shaik etc. Rather, this is an attempt to broaden the horizons of our minds and relieve ourselves of some of the garbage we knowingly or un-knowingly carry within our psyche.

    Does anyone bother anymore when it comes to Islamic priorities? Does anyone know which of these are the kabaa’ir ie. Which of these two is the major sin? Is the greater sin theft, fraud, corruption or is it to have ones allegiance to the kuffaar? Does anyone raise their thought to this level? It is because of this failure that gaps have opened up, resulting in the condition that we (Muslims) find ourselves in today. Remember, these nationalistic statements were being circulated from what is supposed to be “Islamic mouth-pieces” and from within Masaajid!

    Allah, Exalted and Supreme says to us in numerous ayaat in the Qur’an to have Allah, His Prophet and the committed Muslims as our allies and our authority, to whom our allegiance is due. In one ayah Allah says:

    And those who have as their authority or allies- Allah, His Messenger and those who are committed, then indeed, Allah’s Hizb(party) are triumphant (Surah Al-Maidah verse 56)

    In another ayah, Allah speaks to you and to me saying:

    Committed Muslims shall not have the kaafirs as their authority, allies and those they reciprocate allegiance with, to the exclusion of the other committed Muslims (Surah Ahl Imraan verse 28)

    In another ayah, and these are only samples of the many ayaat that drive home this point.

    Oh you who are divinely secure in your commitment to Allah, don’t take or designate My enemy, (Allah is speaking) and your enemy as authorities and allies and sources of allegiance. You present yourselves to them cheerfully, you greet them with cheers, while they are kaafirs in the Haqq that has been presented to you by Allah (Surah Mumtahanah verse 1).

    Allah’s Prophet (sallahau alaihi wa sallam) says:

    Whoever dies without an allegiance that he pays to Allah and His Prophet and the committed Muslims dies a death from the days of Jahiliyyah or on a branch of hypocrisy.

    And, in another hadith, he says:

    Whoever lives, fights and dies in the name of nationalism is not from amongst my Ummah!

    Now, you take these ayaat and these hadiths from the Prophet and use them as a measuring stick for this incident. In this statement, a call is being made to Muslims- “MUSLIMS, LET’S SUPPORT OUR LEADER” and “our leader, the Honourable Nelson Mandela” This is kufr and rebellion against Allah from within the Masaajid itself! Does anyone care to take issue with this type of sin. And then these despicable nationalistic Muslims want to speak about those despicables who have “disgraced the respected name of the Ummah.”

    The kettle calling the pot black! So what is all of this, if it is not disgraceful- Imagine, someone is saying to us with our eyes and ears open- “we are Muslims, but our leader is a kaafir. So let’s all support his Kufr.” All of this is happening because we are comfortable Muslims who go the Masjid to do some rituals, we go to the masjid to justify our conscience and then, it’s back to the dunya. Ugh-Who cares about Allegiance? What’s this Allegiance all about? Isn’t that the general trend amongst the Muslims?

    And then, the saga doesn’t end there. These despicable nationalistic Muslims call on their guardians, their sponsors and members of their social clubs: “We call upon all Muslims and Muslim Organisations, The Muslim Youth Movement, Islamic Council of South Africa, the Ulema Council of South Africa, The Jamiatul Ulema of South Africa, The Memon Association, the World Memon Foundation to ostracise this arrogant larcenist. We the concerned Muslims of South Africa call upon:

    1. All the Muslims, the Ulema to refrain from greeting or inviting the bandit Ismail Ayob the white collar fraud, double dealing charlatan.

    2. We also call upon Abdul Sattar Dada, Dr Razaak Moti of the World Memon Foundation to expel this impostor. The Muslims must deal with these Iblisi forces amongst us. Excommunicate Ismail Ayob, his wife and family...”They call on those who perpetuate this jahili mindset to echo their sentiments, and some of these “Muslim Organisations and Ulema Councils” obey the call. Why? Can’t they see the element of Jahiliyah in it?! Oh No, they’ve been trained to tow the line, to ensure the status quo prevails. All these “Muslim Organisations and Ulema Councils” need the blessing of their masters- The kaafirs in the government- so they condition my mind and your mind to accept that the corruption, theft and fraud is more serious than the kufr perpetuated through their allegiance to the mushriks and the kaafirs!

    Now, (away from the facts of these cases), when Abu Jahl wanted to perpetuate the status quo which Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) was challenging, Abu Jahl said to his sons, divorce the daughters of Muhammed. Have him and his family ostracised. Does this ring a bell? There’s no similarity between Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) and the types of criminals in question, but there certainly is a similarity in the attitude of those who want to perpetuate the status quo and those who want to follow Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) in order to change it. And then we can project this issue to a global level- don’t we have Muslim Organisations and governments and Kings and Princes etc. who ostracise and banish the followers of Muhammed (sallahu alaihi wa sallam) when these humble servants of Allah want to replace the Mushrik systems which are in their midst with an Islamic one?

    If these “Muslim Organisations and Ulema Councils” were sincere in their approach and consistent in their behaviour, then they would extend their range of activity and take on the corrupt family of Ahl-Saud who rules in the Hejaz, in Makkah and Al-Medinah.

    There’s really no difference between these petty thieves here and those Grand thieves in Makkah and Al-Medinah, who steal the resources of the ummah and siphon off huge benefits for themselves, whilst in the process they give financial and military power to the enemies of the committed Muslims ie. the Zionist Israeli Jews and the Imperialist Christians.

    Imagine, the wealth of King Fahd is estimated at around $400 billion, the king’s nephew who happens to be the Ambassador to the US, his wealth is estimated at around $20billion. What are they doing with this vast accumulation of wealth?

    And DARE any of these “Muslim Organisations and Ulema Councils” say a word. No- they’d prefer to remain in the good books of these rulers because they still need to beg for a visa to go to Hajj or Umrah or because they need some crumbs or worse still, they feel elated when they get invited as “Guests of the King.”

    As an after thought, Allah’s Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) says:

    A Committed Muslim is one who fore-sees events and is fine-tuned into them.

    Let us not forget, that “our leader, the Honourable Nelson Mandela” revoked martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yassin’s visa at the eleventh hour, yet war criminals who are spilling Muslim blood were welcomed here with open arms and kisses on both cheeks. With this government resurrecting past military co-operation agreements with the Zionist Israeli Jews which will see more innocent Muslim blood being spilled, courtesy of the complicity of this government, it is long overdue that Muslims begin to take notice of these developments and pay serious attention there-to. With all this adverse media publicity focused on the Muslims, these trials have added to the negative image that Muslims are carrying.

    Could these be the first steps towards defaming, degrading and vilifying Muslims here? First steps which will gradually lead to xenophobia, hate crimes and eventually ethnocide. With the South African government and the Zionist Israeli Jews, who are up to no good, standing shoulder to shoulder, don’t take your eye off the power pulse. This should not stretch anyone’s memory- the Muslims in Bosnia were totally integrated into the system, they were eating the filthy pig, drinking wine and doing all sorts of things not becoming of Muslims, and even with this level of tolerance and integration those Muslims had to be wiped out. It is time to wake up, before it is too late- these types of developments require counter-developments by the Muslims themselves.
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    FRIDAY KHUTBAH: Islam and Revolution
    Jul 15, 2005

    (Part 1 of 3)

    Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

    Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad, his Noble Companions and Family.

    Muslims who seek to live and to die for Allah …

    Before I begin this subject, I would like to refer to the state of nature of man before “Islam” and “Revolution” gained their modern day connotations. In the generations of Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, (may Allah’s eternal peace be upon them) etc., there was a serious difference between the content in of (for e.g.) Musa’s message and the pattern of life within which he lived. The nature of this difference was a life and death issue. If Musa insisted on pursuing his line of revolutionary thought and methodology until its end, he and those that followed him could not escape the inevitable encounter with the established power of the day. This generalisation is applicable to the other prophets and emissaries who were commissioned by Allah. At that time there was no “Islam” as we (the victims of the media) understand it today. By the media I mean books, newspapers, television, movies, orientalists, professors, teachers, etc. that have robbed Islam of its quant-essential qualities and equated its meaning with a deviant slant toward Wahabism, Shi’sm, Sunnism, Sufism, Black Africanism, etc. This is not to say that the above notions are correct or incorrect- some may be totally right or wrong and some may be partially right or wrong. The issue I want to refer to is the displacement of the Qur’anic meanings of Islam which encompassed a period of struggle beginning from the first days of Adam (alaih salaam). This is on one hand.

    On the other hand the word revolution has suffered from the same quarters. Due to the desires and interests of the media kingpins, the word revolution wobbles between radical change on one end and disruption and lawlessness on the other end. As was the case with the media’s connotations or suggestions concerning Islam, the same applies to revolution. We cannot find in the Qur'an a justification for these media connotations. Hence, we will deliberately avoid such general media implications as chaos, anarchy, pandemonium etc. However, the intention, will, purpose and ambition of the word revolution are to be found in the divine writ according to their unadulterated meanings and implications. Here, in passing, we may detect the virtue of those who preserved the meanings of the Qur’an and kept them alive viz. the Mujahideen.

    To the awakening but still immature Muslim, revolution was synonymous with Atheism, Marxism, Socialism, Nationalism, Muammar Gaddafi, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Fidel Castro, etc. But amongst committed Muslims, the word revolution is associated with Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), Ahl Bait, Sahaba, Hassan al Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Ruhullah Khomeini, Mohamed Asi, Usama bin Laden, etc. Here, we are talking about the sons of the general Islamic Movement. At this juncture, I cannot but recall what Malik ibn Nabi had cautioned against ie. the stigmatising of revolution in the Muslim mind. He was afraid of what is now the policy of some decision-makers who call themselves Muslim, viz. those liberals who subscribe to the notion of negating the status quo via the modern translation of revolution. These liberals are subjecting their postulates not to Qur’an and Sunnah but to the postulates of the counter civilisation. As an example, the word colonialism was translated by these pseudo-Muslims as Isti’mar. If we search for this word in the Qur’an, we would find it to have a positive meaning.

    It is He (meaning Allah) who has produced you from the earth and settled you there-in (Surah Hud verse 61)

    Therefore, the action of colonialism which is tyranny, humiliation and injustice does not blend in with the aromatic sense of Isti’mar as rendered in the Qur’an. This matter of manipulating words and jargon to alienate the revolutionary spirit is yet another field that is wide open for those sincere and committed Muslims who can readily recognise the discrepancy between the revolutionary language of the Qur’an and the phraseology of the establishment.

    Since our medium of communication is English and for a lack of a better word but at the same time devoid of its connotations, I will use the word revolution and its derivatives to explain the idea of

    • realistic rejection,
    • practical objection and
    • defiance of Taghut and Jahiliyya plus
    • the constructive alternative (Islam) that cannot co-exist with its opposite.

    The Muslims article of faith begins with a denial. The word “la” indicates a break from the prevailing anti-Islamic condition and circumstances. It is not a theoretical vote of no confidence, rather, it is a word that follows, not precedes the attitude and intention to destroy the overall structure of Taghut, as well as Taghut itself.

    Whoever rejects Taghut, i.e. A totalitarian government that is intoxicated with the excessive concentration of excessive power and believes in Allah is on firm grounds (Surah Al-Baqarah verse 256)

    It was this determination to abolish the material manifestation of Taghut in its political, economic, military, cultural, social, psychological etc. forms that highlights the discourses and instructions of the Qur’an and Sunnah. War was waged against this resolute determination throughout history. Musa was not on the Pharoanic establishments wanted list because he was a person with an alternative set of tenets. He was wanted by the King of Egypt because the laws he had were the only system sanctioned by Allah. Ibrahim was not a transcendental guru, hopping from one land to another to win over spiritual weaklings. He wasn’t thrown into the execution chamber of the day because he wanted the people to be pious and righteous citizens of the powers that be. He was to be incinerated because he was a threat to the national security of Nimrud. As did all the emissaries of Allah, Ibrahim carried within him the unyielding determination to topple the Taghut. This uncompromising, revolutionary and daring spirit motivated and oriented all the prophets. It was this divine revolutionary drive that forced them into execution chambers, exile, political refuge, poverty, excommunication, banishment, alienation, prison, ridicule, assassination attempts, a crucifixion bid, etc. In today’s political and intelligence climate, where do we find the monks, gurus, evangelists, popes, cardinals, priests and rabbis on the wanted lists of their respective governments? Where do we find qadis, mullahs, muftis, shaikhs, dervishes, etc. on the wanted list of their respective governments? You will not! Simply because they do not have the revolutionary impetus of Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa and Muhammed (as).

    Let me now demonstrate some revolutionary decisions by the beloved Messenger and let us see whether we have the revolutionary manhood to follow the Sunnah and Seerah of the last prophetic model.

    There can be no doubt that among the first political decisions taken by the Prophet was to organise his followers into what is today called a party. This massing of members was never a political leverage which the Prophet used to gain power, popularity or privilege. The rejection of the establishment was an all out, hardcore and confident one, which did not break down into negotiations or accommodations half way through the struggle. On the contrary, the more the leadership of Muhammed’s revolutionary purity persisted in its opposition and relentless struggle to seize the power and legitimacy from the forces of shirk and Taghut, the more these kaafir leaders tried to persuade the Islamic leadership to negotiate, compromise and accommodate.

    Their desire is that you should accommodate and compromise so they would accommodate and compromise (Surah Al-Qalam verse 9)

    The clashes led by Quraish against the Islamic political and military emergence was natural because Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) was intent on popularising the divine doctrinal belief, and he was for all practical purposes declaring a war against the Quraishi establishment. The belief expounded by Muhammed was by its very nature the anti-thesis of a multi-power; multi-master and multi-divine Mecca. The war initiated by the Prophet was a revolt against the value system and its legal system simultaneously. The revolutionary spirit did not spare the royalty and the majesty of Quraish. This revolutionary commitment denigrated Quraish’s futuristic vision, it vilified their lords and repudiated their cheap life. The revolutionary language of the Qur’an is unmistakable. It frankly and as a revolutionary guide is assails them by saying:

    Verily you kaafirs and the false gods that you worship besides Allah are but fuel for Hell; to it will you surely come (Surah Al-Ambiya verse 98)

    Then the revolutionary spirit in the Qur’an goes on to fiercely assail usury which was the oppressive money generating mechanism of the Quraishi power structure:

    That which you lay out for increase through the property of other people will have no increase with Allah (Surah Ar-Rum verse 39)

    The revolutionary justice in the following ayaat threatens those mercantile elements:

    Condemnation to those who deal in fraud; Those who when they have to receive from men exact full measure; But when they have to give by measure or weight to men give less than due (Al Mutaffifeen verse 1-3)

    Was it prudent for the divine script to antagonise the financial typhoons, the multi-national merchants and the religious establishment within the Quraishi power structure all at once? Our present day liberals who are enjoying the claim that they are the true Muslims and thus causing a spurious commotion in the Muslim rank and file are the same ones who are attacking other Muslims because they are following this policy of the beloved Messenger. The consequence of these divine revolutionary guidelines was an increase in the persecution of Muslims. The revolutionary students and companions of Muhammad were tortured, but they did not leave their torture chambers convinced that the only way to power is by joining the Quraishi power structure and changing it from within. They did not depart their torture sessions and incarceration cells convinced that they had to align themselves with the devil to undermine the aristocracy of Quraish. Instead, they graduated from their torture chambers with a fervent revolutionary conviction that Allah will deliver them either to worldly power or heavenly peace, and this is represented by the statement of Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam)

    Endure with patience Oh family of Yasir, verily your promise is Jannah.

    Quraish instigated policies of boycotts and embargoes, it activated its mouth-pieces and media against the revolutionary impulse of the emissary and his deen but Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) continued to criticise them and he continued his struggle to undermine the prevailing Meccan order. He made no bones about it. Remember, he was one individual, unarmed, unassisted and unsupported by any secular power.

    O You (Muhammed) who is enshrouded; arise and deliver the warning; and Magnify your Lord ; and keep your garments free from stain; and shun all abominations; nor expect in giving any increase for thy self; but for your Lords cause be patient and be constant (Surah Mudatthir verse 1-7)

    Indeed the obedient revolutionary follows the orders of the only sovereignty in mans life and he calls for an assembly of people- who are anxious to hear what the truthful has to say. At 40, they knew him only to be honest and sincere. After they assemble, he asks them “Have you ever known me to make a false statement,” their answer was no, they never heard him lie to them. Then he asks them “What if I had to tell you that there was an impending enemy beyond this mount, would you believe me?” They said, yes they would. So he in the best of revolutionary candidness communicated to them the message of Allah, that he is appointed by Allah as a Messenger and that they should denounce the power and lordship over everyone and everything and ascribe these attributes to Allah. Upon catching the intent of this revolutionary statement, Abu Lahab the Prophets uncle viciously reacted as anyone with an invested interest in the status quo would. Abu Lahab said to his nephew:

    May you perish O Muhammed for this! Did you only summon us here for this?

    Now if we were to think that the Qur’an is passive, neutral, apologetic or in any sense a non-revolutionary text, then a statement such as Abu Lahabs would not invoke an eternal divine reply. But subsequent to that Abu Lahabi statement, the Qur’an responded in its revolutionary tone:

    Perish the hands of the father of flame, perish he; He will not profit from all his wealth and all his gains; Soon will he be burnt in a fire of blazing flame; his wife shall carry the crackling wood as fuel; a twisted rope of palm leaf fibre will be around her own neck (111)

    What is significant beside the fact that the dignity of the Prophet and Islam did not go unnoticed by divine attention is the second sentence. This sentence cuts down the Abu Lahabs to their size. The money and possessions of this capitalist will be of no value and comfort. Certainly, Abu Lahab could have been denounced for his harsh words, shirk and kufr, but the Qur’ans revolutionary cadence marches to the core of the issue, in this case, the wealth and affluence of this capitalist.

    End Part 1
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      FRIDAY KHUTBAR: Islam and Revolution
      Jul 23, 2005
      Source: The Street Mimbar

      Part 2 of 3

      Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

      Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad, his Noble Companions and Family.

      Muslims who follow a divine order…

      Let us take another revolutionary example from the Prophet (alaih salaam)’s Sunnah. The decision-makers of Quraish pleaded with his uncle to talk some sense into his nephew’s head on behalf of the Quraishi power hierarchy. His uncle approaches the Prophet with these propositions:

      • If it an issue of position and status that you want, the chiefs of Quraish are willing to elevate you to the most luxurious and comfortable status that you wish;

      • If it is an issue of being in-charge of the whole Meccan order, they will appoint you as its supreme leader;

      • If it is a matter of you being possessed by uncontrollable powers and spirits, then Quraish is willing to provide you with the best physicians there are.

      The first two proposals are a dream come true. Any of the conformist Islamists and their superiors from the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia would jump at the opportunity of the Islamic end justifying the kaafir means. But was this the Sunnah of our political leader par excellence. Was he a fanatic not to accept an Islamisation process in Mecca, whereby he and a negotiated few of his partisans could join Quraish and then gradually change the kaafir system into a Muslim one? Was he politically naïve not to accept the highest office in the Meccan Republic, or was he reacting to years and years of persecution, torture and malignment that he could not “objectively” decide. All of these accusations are thrown at the revolutionary Muslims who are struggling to implement the policies of this Prophet (alaih salaam). In those circumstances, and under those conditions, what were the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam)’s clarion reply for our Muslims to hear throughout the ages and years?

      “By Allah, O my uncle, if they were to place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand on condition that I abandon this business, I would still not leave it until Allah makes it victorious or I die doing it”

      This prophetic statement has to be the epitome of revolutionary immunity for the manoeuvre of containment and vacillation. But containment and vacillation are the order of the day for the grand Quraish of today. Whatever happened to the Sunnah of these Sunnah-less leaders? Or should the Sunnah dare not have a political much less revolutionary meaning? It was this firm Prophetic revolutionary will that was liberated from all forms of fears. It did not fear the fortunes or misfortunes of the future and an uncertain tomorrow.

      No harm could afflict them except by Allah’s permission (Surah Al-Baqarah verse102)

      If Allah most gracious should intend some adversity for me, of no use whatsoever will be their intercession (Surah Yasin verse 23)

      Say: Do you then take as protectors other than Allah; such who have no power to benefit or harm themselves? (Surah Ar-Rad verse16)

      Say: Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us (Surah Taubah verse 51)

      And many other ayahs in the Qur’an which free the mind of any reservations as far as any cost-benefit approach is concerned, and add to this the divine instructions which liberate the psycho-political desire of potential deprivation and a consequent relapse into poverty and need.

      The thing that you adapt to, serve and worship besides Allah has no power to give you sustenance (Surah Al-Ankabut verse 17)

      Say: Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth, Say it is Allah (Surah Saba verse 24)

      Truly such will be our provision to you, it will never fail (Surah Saad verse54)

      And finally, the Qur’an’s revolutionary force conquers death itself. A Muslim does not fear dying. This is not to imply that a Muslim is obsessed with killing and being killed. Rather, a Muslim welcomes death when it becomes an act of worship and devotion. The quiescent attitude of government sponsored Islam dreads death. This inactive and secularly supported Islam flees in the face of these death challenging verses from the Qur’an:

      Verily it is We that give life and death and to Us is the final goal (Surah Qaaf verse 43)

      And verily it is Us who gives life and who gives death. It is Us who remain inheritors after all else passes away (Surah Al-Hijr verse 23)

      It is We who gave you life, will cause you to die, and will again give you life (Surah Al-Hajj verse 66)

      It is Allah who grants laughter and tears, and it is Allah who grants death and life (Surah Najm verse 43-44)

      We have decreed death to be your common lot, and We are not to be frustrated (Surah Al-Waqiah verse 60)

      It can only be a revolutionary mood in the dear book that erodes all elements and factors of fear. Thus the stage is set for the military assault against the forces of shirk and kufr. Only after being equipped with this revolutionary fervour can Muslims be ready for the military campaigns awaiting them. It was upon this revolutionary foundation that ayaat such as the following were revealed:

      Muster your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of Allah’s enemies and your enemies (Surah Al-Anfal verse 60)

      Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure (Surah As-Saff verse 4)

      But if the kaafirs turn renegade or return to enmity, seize them and slay them wherever you find them (Surah An-Nisa verse 89)

      Fight the Mushriks and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame and help you to victory over them (Surah Taubah verse 14)

      Fight those who don’t believe in Allah or in the last day nor hold as forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and His Prophet (Surah Taubah verse 29)

      And fight the Mushriks in an all out manner the way they fight you in an all out manner (Surah Taubah verse 36)

      You will find people who desire security from you and their own folk. Whenever they are tempted to hostility, they are plunged there-in. But, if there is hostility, they are plunged there-in. If they don’t withdraw from you, nor offer you peace, nor restrain themselves against you. Then seize them and kill them wherever you find them (Surah An-Nisa verse 91)

      Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you (Surah Al-Baqarah verse 190)

      And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and Deen is for Allah (Surah Al-Baqarah verse 193)

      The divine revolutionary was ordered by Allah to arouse the Mu’min to do combat.

      O Apostle, arouse the believers to the fight (Surah Al-Anfal verse 65)

      Those who compromise their revolutionary and military momentum during combat are warned and threatened. This is their ultimatum

      O you who are committed to Allah, when you meet the kaafirs in battle positions, never turn your backs to them. If any of you turns your back on this enemy, and it is not as part of a strategy of war or a retreat to join another battalion of your own, then you draw on yourself the wrath of Allah and your abode is hell an evil refuge indeed (Surah Al-Anfal verse 15-16)

      These ayahs and many more in the Qur’an are enough to shatter the static, dormant. inactive, dull figure image that today’s moderates want to make Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam). This revolutionary example for all Muslims participated in 27 military battles and expeditions. Let us take a glimpse of this revolutionary model on the day of Uhud. The Prophet’s tooth was broken on the day of Uhud, his face was cut and blood was running there-from. He was wiping his blood and saying “How can these people (the kaafirs) succeed when they shed the blood and stain the face of an envoy calling them to their lord.”

      The serious and assertive Prophetic mentality ordered the execution of 400 counter revolutionaries belonging to Bani Quraida. Revolutionary integrity in the beloved heart of our leader made it possible for him to personally eliminate a kaafir by the name of Ubaiy Bin Khalaf. The Prophet’s policy to his commanders on the conquest of Mecca was that they should not kill anyone unless the others were intent on killing the Muslims. But there were several who the Prophet wanted to execute even if they were found within the sanctuary of the Kaa’ba. Among them were Abdulla bin Saad, Abdulla bin Khattal and two of his women singers who often sang songs of rhythmic diatribe against the Prophet. The Prophet ordered them killed in addition to others. His words still ring in the justice seeking and struggling revolutionaries:

      Kill Them Even If You Find Them Hiding Behind The Curtains Of The Kaa’ba

      All of the above policies and actions taken by the beloved are subject to the outcry of international organisations, human rights associations etc. Even the conventional minds of ritualistic Islam would question the revolutionary portrait of the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) in the Qur’an

      Muhammed is the messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are strong and firm and ferocious against the kaafirs but compassionate amongst one another (Surah Al-Fath verse 29)

      And that is precisely the issue. The revolutionary figure of the Prophet has faded away. His revolutionary and combatant nature does not exist in the minds and hearts of the bulk of those who purport to follow him. Here lies the task of rehabilitating the revolutionary character of our supreme guide and teacher.
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        Friday Khutbah: Islam And Revolution
        Jul 29, 2005

        (Part 3 Of 3)

        Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Er-Raheem.

        Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad, his Noble Companions and Family.

        Muslims who do not consider the Deen of Allah in jest…

        And every time the revolutionary determination went into a higher gear, the anti-Islamic forces stepped up their dual stick and carrot approach. One of the carrots some Islamists are nibbling on today is a formula for sharing power. This is not new! What is new is the departure from the Prophet’s policy. The Kingdom of Quraishi Arabia offered the Prophet to rule and apply Islam for one or two years in their stay, and they would apply their system and regulations for one or two years. Some present day Muslims would celebrate for such an opportunity. Their argument would go as follows: Islam is intrinsically superior to the other ideologies and systems. The people are in dire need of Islam and they know it not.

        Some people are even Muslims and the only thing lacking in their lives is the implementation of the Islamic penal code and law. If we are given the opportunity to present people with the excellent qualities of Islam, then we should do so, because once they have tasted Islam, they will not settle for anything less. This abridged argument contains at least a couple of fallacies. First of all, it accepts the good faith of Taghut, and it assumes that Taghut is going to honour its word. So there is an element of reliance upon Taghut to establish Islam. The other false assumption is that Islam is capable of winning over adherents who will en masse make a difference simply by granting Islam a stage appearance. Besides, Allah Most High and Most Knowledgeable answered this Taghuti offer with a policy from above seven heavens:

        Say: O you who reject Allah, His Messenger, His ayaat, His Power, I don’t conform to that which you conform to, nor will you conform to that which I conform to, and I will not conform to that which you want me to conform to, nor will you conform to that which I conform to, to you be your way and to me mine (Surah Al-Kaafirun)

        Muhammad’s lifelong struggle to destroy Taghut in the sphere of reality has to be resuscitated. Absolutely no-one in the history of mankind demolished in so short a period of time as many Taghuts as did this unique revolutionary. When we review twenty-three years of liberation and revolution led by Muhammed, we cannot but submit to the fact that this revolutionary was inspired by revelation. Virtually alone, and unsupported by any secular power, he managed to cause a radical change in the spiritual, social, economic, military, political and cultural activities of man. He was a revolutionary against the contorted concepts of God which cleansed the human mind and soul of false images and ideas of God and brought home the pristine oneness of Allah.

        His was an all out war against bias in all its manifestations, especially racist and nationalist bigotry. This revolution anchored the policies of a single human family, thereby crushing the narrow mindedness of racial supremacy. Taqwa was to replace all other dogmatic criterion. There is revolutionary value, justice and law in the following Qur’anic principles:

        O Mankind, We created you male and female and made you derivatives of other peoples so that you may know each other, not that you may despise each other. Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is he who is constantly on guard against Allah’s Power presence (Surah Hujurat verse 13)

        O Mankind, revere your guardian Lord who created you out of a single nafs, created of like nature his mate and from them twain scattered like seeds countless men and women (Surah An-Nisa verse 1)

        The Prophet says:

        Not among us are those who live, fight and die in the name of Nationalism.

        It was and still is a revolution against social and class discrimination. At that time, when the Quraishi feelings of superiority was at their peak, and when Quraish in the days of Hajj use to stand at Muzdalifa, and proceed from there while the rest of the pilgrims stood at Arafat, and proceeded from there. The revolutionary defiance and directives were revealed as Muhammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) who belonged to the Quraishi citizenry stood with the rest of non-Quraishis at Arafat, and with the Qur’an addressing Quraish:

        Then pass on quickly from the place from where the multitude do so (Surah Al-Baqarah verse 199)

        This was a revolutionary method and measure which equalised all people. The Quraishi pomp and pride could not accept or see a Quraishi daughter or sister married to an average Arab or commoner. Then, along comes the Prophet who was from the best stock in Quraish and he adjoins his cousin Zainab bin Jahash in marriage to the socially inferior Zaid. Today, the daughters and sisters of Saudi Quraish are not wedded to the other Muslims, unless it may be out of some interest. Today, Quraish reincarnated as the royal family of Saudi Arabia performs its Tawaaf, after vacating the immediate vicinity of the Ka’ba from the presence of the other Muslims, and there are no Muslim scholars, many of whom are swarming into the petro-domain of quick wealth, who have displayed the will to rehearse these meanings to the contemporaneous lords of the Saudi clan.

        Today there are heated debates in certain Islamic circles pertaining to the Islamic legality of revolutionary change in the regimes and dictatorships that have come into existence in Muslim lands. Menacingly, these establishmentarian sponsored Islamists don’t favour a rupture with the Taghuti system. But, as a matter of Prophetic revolutionary discipline, we do not have a choice but to take issue with the established Taghuts, especially those that are mattressed by the affluence of petro-riches while their brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity are subjected to a general condition of oppression and injustice throughout Asia, Africa and the World at large.

        The reasons for any Islamic Movement’s hostility towards the autocratic regimes are the following:
        Then We put you on the right way, so follow that way, and don’t follow the desires of those who know not (Surah Jaathiyah verse 18)

        We have sent down to you the book in truth that you might judge between men as guided by Allah (Surah An-Nisa verse 105)

        If any do fail to judge by the light of what Allah has revealed, they are no better than the kaafirs (Surah Maidah verse 47)

        So judge between them by what Allah has revealed (Surah An-Nisa verse 48)

        And this He commands: judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and follow not their vain desires, but beware of them lest they beguile you from that which Allah has sent down to you (Surah Maidah verse 49)

        Do they then seek a judgement from the days of ignorance, but who can give better judgement than Allah (Surah Maidah verse 50)

        And, there are other hadiths from the Prophet (alaih salaam), that demand and suggest rebellion against the established Taghuts travelling in our Muslim lands. Today, there is no excuse, nor alibi for the Muslims to ignore or neglect this effort that belongs to the Muslim Ummah, and the mustadafin (oppressed peoples) of Allah’s creation. Striving to achieve an Islamic Revolution is an embodiment of the revolutionary impulse of Muhammed (alaih salaam).

        It has become obvious, even to non-Muslims, that the super and regional powers, (the US, the SU, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Zionist occupiers of Palestine, Egypt, and virtually all the Taghuts in the world,) are involved directly more than indirectly against the revolutionary stance of certain Muslims, but let not the sons of the Islamic Movement take the side of the kuffaar as some moderates would like us to see.

        Throughout this khutbah, I tried to demonstrate the affinity between Islam and revolution. It should be clear by now, that the two are synonymous and inseparable. Whoever the implementers of the Prophets revolutionary concepts are, be they the Ulema, the combatants, and the oppressed and committed sons of the Islamic Revolution, they are on the side of Allah’s Messengers:

        •On Shuaib (alaih salaam)’s side against mercantilism, financial exploitation and money monopoly;

        •On Musa (alai salaam)’s side against political corruption and super power arrogance;

        •On Lut (alaih salaam)’s side against moral degeneration and ethical degradation.

        These are the most chronic problems of our times, and if the leaders of Islamic associations, parties, organisations and local movements want to take the side of this historic procession, then the only step they have to take is the revolutionary march into the future as is outlined in the Qur’an, implemented by the Prophet and preserved by the Mujahideen.

        And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, the sufficient is Allah for him (Surah At-Talaq verse 3)
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          FRIDAY KHUTBAH: Muslims Whose Responsibilities Are Defined By Allah
          Aug 19, 2005
          The Street Mimbar

          Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Er-Raheem

          Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad, his Noble Companions and Family.

          Muslims Whose Responsibilities Are Defined By Allah And Whose Direction Is Outlined By Allah

          Allah speaks to us closely, carefully and intimately, and the times that we are going through make it more necessary for us to dwell on His guiding words. In a world that has been polluted with every idea that is counter to the purpose of our presence and creation, He says as He said hundreds of years ago:

          Allah offers evidence or Allah testifies to the fact that there is no Divinity or no Deity besides Him, and so do the Angels and so do those who are endowed with knowledge, that He is the upholder of justice or equity. There is no deity save Him, the Impregnable the Truly Wise. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 18

          These words were not meant only for rhythmic and melodic voices. They were meant for the human mind and the practical world. What is outstanding about this ayah, besides the theological or theoretical fact that there is only one Divine Being? What is pertinent to this theoretical or theological fact which is undisputed is the fact that He in His capacity as the one Godly Authority is the Upholder of Justice- or else it’s just a theoretical issue. The point of contention between those who place rivals with Allah is its practical extension to the real world and life that we are in wherein those who think or claim that there are other deities besides Allah go off on a tangent of rationalizing injustice in the world. But to us, our belief and our commitment and our devotion to Allah means that He is a Just God who wants to see to it that justice is done in mans life- there should not be other Demi-Gods or Pseudo-Divinities that get away with rationalizing injustice in human life. But, we have a real world that has an argument with this. They say “If you want to believe in God, we don’t care what type of God you believe in, if it’s one God or a million Gods, you have the freedom to believe any type of God you want to, but don’t let the effects of your belief in that one God become a social reality in the world. But equity and justice are precisely a social reality in this world, hence, Allah’s presence has to be a social reality in this world, or else the Qur’an is a book for recitations with beautiful voices, but with empty minds and vacant hearts because no one wants to pursue the characteristic of Allah being the Upholder of justice, and that is why the ayah that follows addresses any type of questions that may arise in this regard.

          Certainly, the deen that is recognized by Allah is mans self-yielding to Allah. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 19

          This is what Islam is. It’s not one of these proper-nouns like Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism and these other proper-nouns around. Islam is that simple relationship of becoming the underling of Allah- that is our status in this world, we surrender ourselves voluntarily and willingly to the power, will, determination and wisdom of Allah. What does that mean? Does that mean in-activity, or neutrality, or indifference? No, to the contrary, it means activity, involvement, action, movement, sacrifices, jihad and ultimately giving ones life for Allah. This is what Allah is going to accept from human beings- their surrender, their ceding themselves, their resignation to Allah. But what happens to the larger world around?

          The next sentence in the Qur’an has to be mentally processed and digested by all Muslims, especially now, in our days where there are many Muslims who think the only thing Al-Yahud and An-Nasara need to know is the truth and then they will be guided. You know, there’s an immediate circle around Muslims in this world- those who say that they are followers of earlier scripture, Al-Yahud and An-Nasara, who also lay claim, and for that matter, a monopolistic claim on Allah.

          The only reason for these so-called people of scripture, the only reason for their divergent views, their disputes, their discrepancies and their differences is that they were presented with knowledge and because of a penchant for transgression and aggression among them Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 19

          Well, the truth has come to them, it was presented to them by Musa, Isa and Muhammad peace be on them all- it was presented to them by Allah’s Prophets and Messengers, but what happened? Were they guided? Listen to that and think about it in the world today in which we have these so-called Muslim da’ees around thinking that it is the ignorance of Islam that is generating the hostility against the Muslims. That’s what they think, and they’re convinced of that! But where’s Allah? Don’t they listen to Allah and what He is saying? The reason that these people who say that they cling on to scripture are divided is because Allah has given them knowledge of the truth and because of a penchant for transgression and aggression among them. Are these da’ees going to remedy all of this by presenting a hocus-pocus image of Islam? That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have to present them with these facts! It’s an absolute must! We have to present them with these facts, but to anticipate that presenting them with these facts is going to solve their tendencies for hostility and animosity and belligerency towards us is wrong by the words of this ayah.

          You can look at these differences that they’ve had all along in their history- every time Allah presents them with the truth, they turn around and make issues of dispute, warfare and bloodshed because of it. Look at- before this Qur’an was revealed- when they were given the Injeel. When Isa, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him came to these people, they turned around and made a mockery out of the issue. They said that there is no one God there are three Gods; and on the other side, Yahud- the other part of Ahl-Kitaab said there is one God, but He is our God and not the God of the rest of the peoples. When Allah presents them with these facts, they want to claim Allah, monopolize His words and then they want to ride rough-shot over those who don’t agree with their fallacies, lies and fabrications. You see, in the previous ayah, it was a difference among them because on their internal proclivity to hostilities and aggression, dissension, dispute, division, hostilities and aggression- all of this becomes that kufr and that denial of Allah’s presence in human affairs- this is the seeding of secularism in today’s world, where they rip Allah away from human societies, lively affairs and vital issues and they say He’s up there in Heaven, He’s not down here on Earth. This is a major practical difference between those who have gone off on satanic tendencies and tangents and those who remain committed to Allah on Siraat-il-Mustaqim. We’re not going to run away from this statement, we’re not going to make excuses for it and we’re not going to turn apologetic because of it, because Allah is present in mans affairs on Earth and this is a major divide between us who affirm Allah and those who negate Him. And yeah, we expect them to come around with their loud mouths taking issue with the words of Allah and those who are committed to Allah and His words, if we go this length and distance in affirming Allah’s presence in human affairs.

          When you look at some of the areas of the United States that are burning- is this untimely? At a time when that government declares war against Islam in the world- this is not a war against terrorism, this is a war against Islamic self-determination. Let them mind their own business and leave Muslim lands and territories and let us settle these issues ourselves. But they don’t want to do that, because they have regimes, client rulers and traitors at their service- they don’t want to give that up, and we have Allah in this world and we don’t want to give him up, and the twain shall not meet.

          If they come to you O Prophet of Allah, (and to us by extension because we are on his path, in his direction and with him all the way) and they want to argue this issue to death, or dispute this issue or if they want to turn quarrelsome with you concerning this issue- Allah’s upholding justice in the affairs of man- then say to them, “I have surrendered my whole lively orientation to Allah. I have surrendered my whole life to Him, and so did those who are with me. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 20

          The Muslims at the time of Allah’s Prophet in Arabia fourteen-hundred years ago and the Muslims today, wherever they are in the world, who are in the company of Allah and following his Prophet heed:

          We have to make a statement here to those who were vouchsafed revelation before us and to those who are un-educated about this whole affair. We should say to them, this is what self-surrender is all about. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 20

          Look at the affairs of the Muslims today who place their confidence in Allah and take their lives to the front-line- these are the ones who characterize the meanings of justice in Allah’s book and who stand up for the fact that Allah upholds justice in mans affairs. Or else, how’s that going to be? Is Allah personally going to come down to earth, sit on a throne somewhere and then dispense justice via departments and regulatory systems around the world? Is that the way justice is going to be done? Or are we responsible for this feature of Allah so that justice is done with our own hands? We ask them, “Are you willing to self-surrender or yield to Allah?”

          If they self-surrender themselves to Allah, then they are on a direction of guidance. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 20

          Where do you see that? Look around you, who are these people who are surrendering their policies, their minds, their best plans, their military orders, their economic projects? They’re seeping throughout all the areas of the world, are they doing this because they are subservient or sub-ordinate to Allah, or because they are on a war path with Allah?

          If they turn the other way, you continue to present this issue and these facts to them Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 20

          Not only verbally, but in your actions which count more, and:

          Allah has a watchful eye on what they are doing. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 20

          Don’t they see it? The United States is being battered by unusual weather; areas around that country are burning. Are these natural developments dislocated from the social developments? Or do they go together? We say in our commitment and knowledge and presence with Allah that they go together. They should understand that none of this would be happening on this scale if we were these Uncle Tom Muslims or the royal Saudi-type of Muslims going to the Masjid and saying virtually nothing from the Mimbar. What do they say when we have wars in the offing against Muslims dedicated to Allah? But Allah is Watchful over all that they are doing.

          Listen to Allah, and then, He says:

          And those who deny Allahs ayaat, those who are objecting to Allah’s power manifestations in human affairs, then Allah is quick to reckon with them. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 19

          How do they object to Allah’s Power presence in this world? Allah’s ayaat is His embedded presence in human affairs. How do they take issue with that? They secularize life, they demean God, they separate church from state, they do everything that they’ve been doing to try to have the regular you and I believe that God is up there in Heaven somewhere, un-involved with what is going on in this world.

          Indeed, those who kill Prophets. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 21

          There’s a segment of human society that can rationalize killing Allah’s Prophets. Is this something new to you? Don’t you know that Allah dispatched Prophets, Messengers and Apostles to mankind aforetime and they were killed by real people in this world? These killers of Prophets- have they gone away? If you are listening to those who are indoctrinated by the dead-heads in Saudi Arabia, you would think they’ve gone away? Do you want this demonstrated to you? The foreign ministers of these turn-coats in Muslim lands come to the White House, one of them even attired in the clothes of the first generation and the Prophet and his family- these people who are controlling Makkah and Al-Medinah seek justice at the Pharaohs court, and we have some Muslims who honour them, who want to pray with them and who want to receive their permission to go to Makkah and Al-Medinah to go for Hajj or for Umrah; and some people consider themselves fortunate enough if they become their guests to go to Makkah and al-Medinah. Who’s the Muslim of principle and conscience who can say to them “NO! We question whether Hajj is valid within your type of administration that is not subservient to Allah as the Upholder of Justice but is subservient to the enemy of Allah who is shedding Muslim blood and with whom you have a session and ask for justice for other Muslims in the Holy Land.” There’s no-one around who’s left to say it? Who are these people who were killing Prophets? And, there’s no justification or grounds for killing Prophets. They are Yahud. Why don’t our respected Muslim scholars have the mental strength and the emotional fortitude to step up and say this is what the ayah means? Yahud are the ones who are responsible for killing Allahs Prophets.

          And these same deniers of Allahs Power presence in human life also kill people who are focused and centered on justice- who reinforce, demand and order that justice become the central feature in human life. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 21

          This irritates them so much. Have you seen them going around and killing a person who offered one-million rak’at in one month. Never has it happened! If these rak’at and sajdaat and prayers are meaningless, then they will finance this type of understanding of Islam. But if anyone wants to take a closer look at what Allah is saying and relate it to the central issue of justice, which Allah says in abbreviating Prophetic history.

          Certainly, We have sent our Messengers with evidence and We have vouchsafed unto them, we have revealed to them the book and the criterion so that people have justice as their point of gravity in life and as their central issue in their societies. Surah Al-Hadid Verse 25

          Why has this central issue been deleted from the presentations of Islam from almost all the Mimbars around? Because the spokespersons for Islam have become the court-clergy of the Kaafirs and the Tawagheet! What’s the problem with the militaries around the world that are taking issue with committed Muslims around the world? The higher ranks of their echelon are so infuriated and so upset that there’s a new generation of Muslims that is willing to place the vital meanings of Allah’s words in the real life of today’s human beings- that upsets them so much that they declare war against terrorism. Legally they don’t declare the war and practically they don’t define it. If they were going by their own laws and regulations, they’d go to congress and say “According to the law of the United States, we want to declare war against these Muslims.” But they didn’t do that, they violated the laws of their own land, and then they go around and they want look for Muslims who are violating the laws. What laws!? We challenge them, if they wanted to take a survey of the most law abiding religious community in the United States or in the West, it would be the Muslims. They don’t want us to think about Allah’s words and if we do, we would demand that justice be done. They don’t want that because we are the last hope that humanity has, there’s no other piece of ideology or philosophy that has the potential of bringing back world-wide justice into our lives except this book of Allah that they want to smother, suffocate and choke to death in our minds. They do this by occupying Allah’s Masaajid and they think they can get away with it- NO! We believe Allah is with us, He’s not a remote deity billions of light years away, beyond the cosmos, we don’t believe that, we believe He is in the thick and thin of this conspiratorial scheming of theirs.

          Give them the Glad tidings of a tormenting punishment. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 21

          Brothers and Sisters don’t let these words escape you. There are people in this world who are justice cantered, who are pursued just like the Prophets were pursued, they are wanted dead or alive, these are not nameless individuals, these are not Muslims without families, these are not human beings unlike yourself and me, these are real blood and flesh Muslims who are centred and focused around justice.

          These kaafirs, It is they who have inflated deeds in this world and in the one to come, but these inflated deeds are diseased. Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 22

          They think the more inflated acts they put out, the more progress they are making- NO- it is a disease that is going to spell the end of their empire and of their aggression:

          ..and neither in this world nor in the world to come will they have anyone to support them, Surah Ahl-Imran Verse 22

          Allah is here and He is there, He is in this life and He is in the one anticipated.

          The deficiency in today’s routine or the cultural Muslims is that many of us don’t factor in the presence of Allah into what we are doing. Some of us want quick results, and we want to achieve these quick results by going to Allah’s enemies. This is what is practically happening in many parts of the world. But, we are not left to our own instincts in trying to figure out how to have justice done. There is Allah and there is His Prophet, and we have demonstrated in our past how we can make justice a fact of life. If this book of Allah is abandoned by whom-ever, then the results are going to be bitter. Don’t think that by reaching some accommodation with the enemies of Allah, you are going to get somewhere? You’re not! If anyone prefers to isolate themselves from the sacrificing and the jihadi line of Islam, it is their choice and we will meet in front of Allah in the world to come.

          Let us remind you:

          A reminder has its effect upon those who are committed to Allah Surah Az-Zaariyat Verse 55

          Let us remind you:

          If you retreat from this responsibility, if you give your backs to this trust from Allah, He will replace you with another people who will not duplicate your behaviour, your attitude and your policies. Surah Muhammad Verse 38
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            FRIDAY KHUTBAH: Muslims Whose Reference Is The Qur’an And The Prophet
            Aug 26, 2005
            The Street Mimbar

            Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

            Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad, his Noble Companions and Family.

            It is during these times that we recall the bounties and sponsorship of Allah to His obeying subjects and servants. As the days and years go by, our certainty and assurance of Allahs promise and His words increase. If we look at the Muslim condition in todays world, there are two ways to simplify things. You can look at it with the materialistic mind and physical calculations, and the image of the Muslims would appear dismal. The descriptions and images have been reproduced via many channels too numerous to count, but the result is that Muslim blood is flowing, and this to a physical, materialistic mind is pathetic. But there’s another way of looking at the Islamic condition in the world- and that is to look at it through the vision of Allahs words and the unflinching will of His subjects on earth. When we look at this condition through the course of the last couple of decades we realise that the Muslims determination has not been eroded. We take stock of the fact that they are taking on the illegitimate and illegal governments that are imposed upon them. When we take a further scrutinising observation of this condition, we find that it is not attributable to the Muslims, (those that have been the strugglers of Allahs course), but more to the point, it is attributable to the presence of Allah amongst them. When we look at the momentum of the Muslims and the measures being taken by them, we find that it is not the Muslims themselves that are opposed to the systematic form of injustice and tyranny, but it is the presence of Allah in this life and world Who is against it. That is why they are so terrified by this Islam.

            As these years have been accumulating, we notice that as the Muslims have been increasing their momentum, the kafirs seem to be diminishing their momentum, with all the noise that they have aside. They make a lot of noise about many issues, but these are high decibels that mean nothing. They thought some unpredictable event took place a few years ago that would have no repercussions and that they would contain it with their agents and through the generations that they had brainwashed through the media that is at their disposal. They thought that with all of this and many other gadgets in their arsenal they would be able to stifle the military, political, ideological, philosophical- the world view- expression of Islam, but they have not been able to do that. In the course of the past couple of weeks, we saw the ill-equipped and materially inferior Mujahidin in Palestine register a victory over the heavily equipped and materially superior invaders in Occupied Palestine. Just as we witnessed how not so long ago the Hezbollah inflicted a humiliating defeat over the Zionist enemy, we see that unfolding before our eyes all over again. Do you know how ominous this is? When people in the four corners of the earth find out what has happened to an intruding military foreign presence of Israelis where they don’t belong, they will entertain the same ideas. And so, not only are the Israelis going to have to beef up security in the Occupied territories, they are going to have to beef up security wherever they are in the world. They are, building protection physically, but becoming vulnerable in every other sense of the word. They can throw walls around themselves, reinforce it with concrete, steel barriers and with all the latest material technology available to them- but is that going to protect them? The revenge of Allah will come to those who are in violation of the principles of justice and the values and ideals of peace in the world, and, in the meantime, we will continue to fulfil our obligations to our Maker and our Creator, and let the politicians look for security in false quarters of the earth. Allah says:

            We will bait them from an area, from a direction that they are not aware of, and dictate to them, that my (meaning Allahs) revenge is a revenge of steel. Surah A’raf verse 182-183

            We have seen in these few years, a world of change, and what we have seen is only the “opening shop”, it is only the introduction to a new world that belongs to Allah, a world that is centred, motivated and oriented around Allah and not to their super-power arrogance. And even though there was a time, when these yahud said that Allah’s hands are tied, now, they waking up to the overwhelming reality that Allah is able to do all things. They would prefer to go on crushing the powerless, but Gods preference is something else. And they want to make believe they don’t hear, but when Allah speaks everyone listens.

            What has been the Israeli response to all of this? They try to camouflage this defeat and try to make it seem as if this is a voluntary withdrawal because they have peace at heart. But we know and they know that this is a lie. Had it not been for the relentless Jihad waged by the Mujahidin, we would not be seeing these developments and these results. Without negating the effects of the passive demonstrations and the economic boycotts and without amplifying them, had it not been for the armed resistance, the Zionist enemy would not have been forced out of Gaza- this is a fact that stares us in the eyes. The position of the committed Muslims regarding the Occupation of the Holy Land, viz. “that we will not give up the armed resistance as long as even one inch of Palestine is under occupation” is a position that no Muslim can dispute. Any one who is of the opinion that the armed struggle must be abandoned has to be out of their mind. Besides, if these utopian ideas, such as giving the diplomatic route a chance in the absence of being in a position of independence and power or looking at other forms of struggle at this stage to the exclusion or minimization of the armed struggle could bring the required results, then Allahs Prophet would have chosen that route. But we know and Allah has said:

            You will find yahud the most attached to life, even more than the Mushriks Surah Baqarah verse 96

            As long as there is an occupation, it remains the duty of every Muslim to repel this occupation! Even if, due to the military pressure placed on these yahud, they try to circumvent justice by becoming Muslims, unless the Palestinians agree to have them remain in the Holy Land, and it will still remain our obligation to oppose them, because even as Muslims, no Muslim may rob, steal and occupy the land of another Muslim.

            Unfortunately we have a short memory, but for those who can remember, about twelve years ago, the religious scholars in the family Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued fatwa saying that peace with the Israelis is permissible and as usual, they quoted the Qur’an out of context, they said:

            And if the enemies opt for peace, then your choice should be the choice of peace. Surah Anfal Verse 61

            This is taking the Muslims for granted. Imagine if we were to understand and interpret this ayah like the establishmentarian scholars in the Arabian Peninsula, the enemies would know that anytime they wanted what they would say is a “peace”, the Muslims would trail because there’s this ayah in the Qur’an that imposes on them to trail whenever there are gestures for peace. But it is not that simple. Muslims are not going to be fooled that easily, even though Ibn Baaz and his establishment issued so called fatwas for peace. Ibn Baaz and his religious establishment ought to know very well that Yahud are the enemies of Allah.

            You will find those most intense in hostility to Alladhina amanu, those who are Jews and those who are Mushriks. (Surah Ma’ida verse 85

            But if they are short sighted and can’t understand the Qur’an, let us take a look at what Israel continues to do. Zionist Israel refuses to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Nuclear powers in the world are signatory to this treaty, what’s wrong with this state, that it doesn’t sign a treaty like that to prove to the others that it has peaceful intentions? What type of interpretation or understanding are we supposed to have when a state that has hundreds of nuclear bombs warheads refuses to sign a nuclear non-proliferation agreement. They have strategic military co-operation agreements with the United States. Is this a state that is looking for peace or is this a state that is looking for war? They have the extremist, the terrorist in their parliament- the one’s who want war. Just the other day they shot innocent Palestinians. Some trigger happy Zionist Jew opened fire and killed innocent people, the day before they did the same, is this an indication that they want peace, or is it an indication that they want war? Let’s not be fooled by what they are saying? That’s not a state that has peace on its mind? To the contrary, if it is talking peace through its mouthpieces etc. but in fact it is working night and day on developing its war industry, what are you going to believe? Are you going to believe what they are saying through their media or what their generals, diplomats and politicians are doing on the ground? The guilt that is growing in the Jewish psyche is so serious, that they may wander into adventurous areas either in the Holy land or in a neighbouring country. They are setting the stage to either directly or indirectly bomb other places in neighbouring countries, in Iran and wherever they feel a threat. This is how strategically they are thinking. Do you hear about this in this media? I guess those who write the news have turned sick in their bellies by contravening the facts! They lied about the Muslims one thousand years ago and they continue lying about Muslims. The argument is bounced back and forth- should they build a wall around the Occupied territories to protect their invading thieves or not? How do they treat other human beings? Do they accept them as equals or not? The issue of race, as much as they don’t want to speak about it, and as much as everyone wants to conceal it, is alive and kicking. They need to dive deep down inside of their selves and see if they can accept other human beings because of the way God created them or they can’t? And if they can’t, they need to begin to ask serious questions. They look around, they’re very conscious of their security. Security has become a key word in their lives. They’re obsessed with security. Why? Because they’ve done much harm to human beings. The Zionist Israeli Jews deserve to feel un-secure because of their own acts. In the meantime, we have no gripes and no qualms with individuals who are seeking the truth.

            We remember the way they used to refer to Muslims in the course of the past years. Now, we watch and listen to the way they refer to their own selves. The Israelis are disturbed, so, obviously, with all the resources and power they have, they will try to channel the outcome of this “withdrawal” (read defeat) to their advantage. That is to be expected, but what is also to be expected is that Allah is going to be in control of the outcome whatever it is and the repercussions of that outcome, whatever they are. They want to fixate and exercise the attention of the public in an area that they can control, and so they create this artificial conflict between their usurping settlers and their murdering military, to try and create an atmosphere which would indicate that they are serious about peace and in the process bring the free Muslims and other people into their cage. No! Muslims and common sense people have had enough of their cages- mental and physical. The Muslims and common sense people are not going to be suckered into this artificial conflict that they have in store and thereby be divided because of it. Their veneer of protection is becoming very thin. The Muslims and the common sense people can see through it.

            Throughout these years, Committed Muslims who are sincere and dedicated to Islam have been pointing their fingers at those who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes, and victimising many people in the process. With Allahs assistance, and with Allahs help, we will continue to do so, relying utterly and totally upon Allah, who sees and who knows each action and each move that they take even though we ourselves may not be privy to it. Right now, we see the Qur’anic description of their historical character all over again. These yahudis thought that they were well fortified, that their defences could not be penetrated and that they were in a superior military position, Allah says regarding that type of calculation:

            It is He who has caused the deniers of truth from Ahl-al Kitaab, (in this instance yahud), to be expelled from their fortifications, they thought they were well guarded and well protected, but Allah approached them from a direction un-beknownst to them and He threw terror in their hearts. They ruined their own homes with their own hands and the hands of the committed Muslims. Take notice of this, those of you who have an insight and a foresight for these types of issues. (Surah Al-Hashr verse 2

            At the first occasion of their assembly, when the mass murderer Ariel Sharon set his filthy foot into the precincts which Allah had blessed, they did not think that they would be expelled from Gaza. They thought that their munafiq connection and their military might were going to work. But Allah terrorised them. It seems like when Muslims have this connection to Allah, it generates terror in the hearts of the enemies. Strangely, some Muslims are afraid of this terror that is generated in the hearts of the enemies- instead of the enemies being afraid, some Muslims are afraid. Do you think this is a historical ayah, speaking about the jewish community in Al-Medinah over fourteen centuries ago and not applicable to the current jewish community in the Holy Land?

            The Prime Ministers and Presidents, (we say this without apology and without any malice- we state this as a fact) who are going to be either directly or indirectly hunting down and killing Muslims are hypocrites par excellance. They don’t serve their own people. They serve their sponsors and their masters in the west. What are these poodles doing except whitewashing forthcoming policies of attrition against innocent people in their millions, using their military at this time, not against the avowed enemies of Allah, but against the servants of Allah. We have the Palestinian Authority, who only have the authority to collect garbage and hunt down committed Muslims gearing up to once again fulfil their role as a sentry and security guard for the Israelis. They come out and make statements conciliatory and acknowledging of the Occupiers “withdrawal” from Gaza, to make the broader Muslim populace believe that the Israelis are sincere about peace. The hypocrites have come together to try to fool the rest of the people, but the rest of the people are not going to be fooled. The Islamic momentum is growing at a pace that it has become immune from their deceptions, tactics, propaganda and ploys. We are not going to be deceived by their charades and their parades. The time and the age of deception are behind us.

            The Jews, especially those who have developed their Judaism around Zionism and the Israeli illegal nation state are going to come under closer scrutiny, not only from the Muslims, but also from those who are not Muslims, but who have come under their influence. Reading the newspapers is one thing, reading reality is something else. When you read their media, and when you listen to their media, you would think that their hearts are torn, that they have bleeding hearts for the Palestinians, but the fact and reality is that they are bleeding that community dry. But, they see the backlash and the expanding scale of Jihad in the making. You have to be blind not to see the expanding war in the making. And the Jews need protection, so they try to gain any type of protection they can get. And if it is to hide behind a withdrawal to indicate they want peace, and if it means they go in front of the cameras and verbalise some supportive statement concerning this issue to drum up support, they will do that, but when it comes to real life, it’s business as usual, they will kill, they will rob and they will steal these oppressed segments of society and they could care less about it. And then, finally, they want people to make believe nothing is happening. It can’t be! People will not make believe nothing is happening.

            Condemned! By the tongue of Dawud and Isa (alaih salaam) are the deniers of Bani Israel, because of their disobedience and aggression. They never sought council in opposing that aggression, vile acts indeed is what they commit. Surah Ma’idah verse 78-79

            These critical times need critical thinking. Times in which many quarters are in offensive positions against us, we cannot afford to be in defensive positions against them. There are policies that are being thought out to draw Muslims into wars among themselves. The Israelis were kicked out of Gaza only a couple of weeks ago and now we are beginning to see the tension flare up among the Muslims, low-level war-like statements are beginning to get louder and louder- courtesy of their agent, the Palestinian Authority. They think offensively. Before running with their tails between their legs, they were planning for this tension and this potential war. They were not waiting for Hamas or Islamic Jihad to come to power, but were trying to pre-empt Hamas and Islamic Jihad from entering into the corridors of power. This is how they act, and this is how they strategize. We can’t afford to sit back, watch these events, in the best of conditions, and then, after they occur analyse what happened.
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