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Ameer of the Mujahideen in Chechnya

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  • Ameer of the Mujahideen in Chechnya

    Profile: Ibn-ul-Khattab

    Nickname or 'nom de guerre': Ibn-ul-Khattab, also known as Khattab
    Real name: Undisclosed Position: Ameer (Leader) of the Foreign Mujahideen Forces in the Caucasus
    Born: 1970 Nationality: GCC Member State in the Arabian Gulf Languages spoken: Arabic, Russian, English, Pushto
    Birthplace: Arabian Gulf
    Experience in Jihad: 12 years Lands of Jihad
    visited: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya

    "If you would have told me in Afghanistan that a day will come when we will be fighting the Russians INSIDE Russia, I would never have believed you." [Ibn-ul-Khattab]

    Born in the Arabian Gulf, Khattab was brought up in a relatively wealthy and educated family. He grew up to be a brave and strong teenager, who was known to be daring and fearless. After mastering the English language, he obtained a place in an American High School in 1987.

    1987 was the peak of the Afghan Jihad against the invading army of the (then) Soviet Union. Youngsters from all over the Muslim world were flocking to Afghanistan after responding to the calls of Jihad made by Islamic personalities such as Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (assassinated 1989), Sheikh Tamim Adnani (died 1988) and Usama bin Ladin. Miraculous accounts of heroic feats and daring displays of valour against the World Superpower were reaching the ears of the Muslims. As the time approached for him to leave for a new life of education in the U.S., Khattab decided to follow many of his friends and relatives to Afghanistan for a short visit. Since the day he waved goodbye to his parents and family, at the end of 1987, he has never returned home since. One of the Mujahideen describes the young teenage Khattab who arrived at his first training camp in Jalalabad, Afghanistan: "The training camp near Jalalabad was full of brothers coming and leaving almost every day. We were preparing for a large operation against the Russians and those brothers who had completed their training were packing their bags and leaving the camp to go to the front-line. As we were preparing to leave for the front-line, a group of new recruits arrived. It was then that I noticed a young teenage boy amongst the new recruits: 16-17 years old, with long hair and a beard that had not yet begun to grow fully yet. Immediately, he went to the commanders of the training camp and starting pleading with them to let him go to the Front-Line. The commanders obviously refused to send a young untrained boy to the Front without any training. I went over, greeted him and asked him his name. He replied, 'Ibn-ul-Khattab'" Khattab completed his training and then went to the Front. One of his trainers was Hassan As-Sarehi, the Commander of the famous Lion's Den operation in Jaji, Afghanistan, 1987. [Hassan As-Sarehi has been imprisoned in Ar-Ruwais Concentration Camp, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia since 1996 on allegations of a crime whose accusees have already been executed.] Over the next six years, this young boy was to turn into one of the bravest and most formidable Mujahideen commanders that the world has known in the 20th Century. He was known for his refusal to duck from oncoming fire and his refusal to show pain after an injury. From ambushes to operations to raids, he fought the Soviet Regular and Special Forces, being present in all the major operations in the Afghan Jihad between 1988 and 1993, including the conquests of Jalalabad, Khost and Kabul. He escaped death on a number of occasions, as it his time had not yet arrived.

    One of the Mujahideen describes how Khattab was once shot in the stomach by a 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun bullet in Afghanistan. (12.7mm ammunition is used to pierce armour and to break through fortified positions: it makes mincemeat out of human flesh, as any military expert will testify.): "During one of the operations, we were sitting in the room of a small house in the Second Line. It was evening time and the fighting on the Front Line was very tough. A few moments later, Khattab entered the room; his face was looking pale, but other than that he seemed to act normal. He came in, walked very slowly to the other side of the room and sat down next to us. Khattab was unusually quiet, so the brothers sensed that something must be wrong, even though he did not even flinch once nor show any signs of pain. We asked him if he had got hurt; he replied that on the Front, he had received a light injury, nothing serious. One of the brothers then went over to him to see the injury. Khattab refused to let him see, adding that the injury was nothing serious. This brother forced Khattab to let him see and then felt his hand on Khattab's abdomen. He saw that his clothes were soaked with blood and he was bleeding heavily. We then immediately called a vehicle and rushed him to the nearest field hospital, during which he was complaining all the time that the injury was light and nothing serious."

    As the Soviet Army withdrew from Afghanistan and the Communists were defeated by the Mujahideen, Khattab and a small group of friends heard about the war against the same enemy, but this time in Tajikistan. He then packed his bags and went over to Tajikistan in 1993 with a small group of brothers. Two years they stayed there fighting the Russians in snowy, mountainous terrain with a lack of proper weapons and ammunition. It was in Tajikistan that Khattab lost two fingers of his right hand whilst attempting to throw a homemade grenade. The grenade exploded in his hand and two of his fingers were severed by the explosion. His fellow Mujahideen tried to persuade him to go to Peshawar for medical attention, but Khattab refused, insisting that putting some honey on the wound (like the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS) and bandaging it will do the job and that there is no need to go all the way to Peshawar. His fingers have remained in a similar bandage ever since that day.

    After two years in Tajikistan, Khattab returned with his small group to Afghanistan, early in 1995. It was at this time that the war in Chechnya had just begun and everyone was confused as to the religious inclinations of the Chechens and the religious significance of this war. Khattab describes his feelings when he saw the news about Chechnya on satellite television one evening in Afghanistan:

    "When I saw groups of Chechens wearing headbands with 'La ilaha illalah...' (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger) written on them, and shouting takbeers (Allahu-Akbar), I decided that there was a Jihad going on in Chechnya and I must go there."

    From Afghanistan, Khattab travelled with a group of eight of his fellow Mujahideen, direct to Chechnya, arriving there in the Spring of 1995. The next four years were to make Khattab's exploits in Afghanistan and Tajikistan look like games in a nursery playground. According to official Russian statistics, more Russian soldiers were killed in three years of the war in Chechnya than were killed in the entire ten-year Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Khattab was joined by a few more of his fellow Mujahideen from Afghanistan and they set about training the local Chechens in both military warfare and Islamic knowledge. They carried out a number of daring operations against the Russians inside Chechnya (Khartashoi, 1995; Shatoi, 1996; Yashmardy, 1996) and Russia itself (Dagestan, 1997 and now, 1999). One of his most daring operations was the Ambush of Shatoi on 16 April 1996, in which he led a group of 50 Mujahideen to annhiliate a convoy of 50 Russian vehicles leaving Chechnya. Official Russian military sources said that 223 Russian soldiers were killed (including 26 senior officers) and every single vehicle was destroyed. This operation led to the sacking of two or three senior Russian Generals in Moscow and Boris Yeltsin announced news of the operation to the Russian Parliament. Five of the Mujahideen were martyred in that operation. The entire operation was filmed and clips and photographs of it can be seen at
    in the Photo Library section. A few months after that, his group carried out a raid on a Russian Army barracks, destroying Russian helicopter gunships with AT-3 Sagger wire-guided anti-tank missiles. Again, this entire operation, including the destruction of the helicopters was filmed. A group of his fighters also participated in the famous Grozny offensive of August 1996, led by Shamil Basayev. He also came to the scene on 22 December 1997, in which he led a group of 100 Chechen and Foreign Mujahideen 100km inside Russian territory and attacked the headquarters of the 136 Motorised Rifle Brigade of the Russian Army. 300 Russian vehicles were destroyed and scores of Russian troops were killed. Two Mujahideen were killed in this operation, including one of Khattab's senior most commanders from Afghanistan, Commander Abu Bakr Aqeedah. After the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Chechnya in the Autumn of 1996, Khattab was proclaimed a national hero in Chechnya. He was presented with a medal of courage and bravery by the Chechen Government and assigned an official rank of General, in a ceremony attended by Shamil Basayev and Salman Raduyev, the most brilliant commanders of the Chechen war. Before General Jawhar Dudayev was killed, he held Khattab in the utmost respect.This was a respect earned by his actions, not by his words.

    Khattab believes in the Jihad of media. He was once reported as saying: "Allah orders us to fight the disbelievers as they fight us. They fight us with media and propaganda, so we should also fight them with our media."

    For this reason, he is insistent on filming each and every one of his operations. It is said that he possesses a library of hundreds of video cassettes from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Chechnya. He believes that words alone are not enough to answer false claims of the enemy's media: video footage must answer those claims. He has also taken extensive video footage of the destruction of the Russian forces in the recent Dagestan operation, August 1999, which shows over 400 Russian dead, ten times more than the 'official' Russian figure of 40 soldiers killed. Khattab has been likened by many Muslims as the 'Khalid bin Waleed of our times'. He firmly believes that his death will only come at the time written and appointed by Allah, not a minute earlier and not a minute later. He has escaped death and assassination attempts on many occasions, the closest of which was when he was driving a four tonne Russian truck, which was bombed by the Russians. The truck was blown to pieces as was his passenger, but Khattab survived without a scratch. He is intelligent, brave and has a strong personality. He is well-liked by his soldiers, but known as someone you cannot play games with. He regularly checks upon his soldiers, solving any personal problems they have and giving them money from his own pocket to go and spend in the shops. He has a team of highly-trained and experienced commanders, each one of whom is capable of taking over his role were he to be killed. In an advice to the Muslims around the world, he once said:

    "The main thing that prevents all of us from coming to Jihad is our families. All of us who came here, came without our family's permission. If we had listened to our families and gone back home, who would carry on this work that we are doing? Every time I telephone my mother, even now she asks me to come home, even though I have not seen her for the last 12 years. If I was to go back to visit my mother, who would continue this work?"

    Khattab's ambition is to carry on fighting the Russians until they leave every piece of Muslim land, from the Caucasus to the Central Asian Republics. He once said:

    "We know the Russians and we know their tactics. We know their weak points; and that is why it is easier for us to fight them than to fight other armies."

    False media propaganda has accused Khattab of carrying out terrorist acts around the world. Anyone who has read this article with an unbiased mind will know that Khattab's nature is to confront the enemy face to face. And if fighting soldiers and armies who destroy your peoples' lives, turn your women into widows and your children into orphans, amounts to terrorism, then let history bear witness that Khattab is a terrorist. In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Twenty years on, there is no Soviet Union, and what remains of it is being invaded by the Mujahideen forces created as a result of that invasion, which was perhaps the biggest mistake ever made by a Government in the 20th Century. "A small group. They are the ones who carry ambitions for the Muslim Ummah. And an even smaller group from this small group. They are the ones who sacrifice their personal worldly interests in order to act upon those ambitions. And an even smaller group from this elite. They are the ones who sacrifice their souls and their blood in order to bring victory to these ambitions and convictions. So, they are a small group within a small group within a small group." [Shaheed Dr Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, assassinated 1989]


    Khattab Martyred but the Jihad Continues 02 May 2002 "Muhammad (SAWS) is no more than a Messenger, and indeed (many) Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah, and Allah will give reward to those who are grateful." [Quran 3:144]

    Thus the Muslim Ummah bids farewell to one of its greatest heroes, Ibn-ul-Khattab, Ameer of the Mujahideen in Chechnya, but the Jihad continues and Islam lives on. He was not killed in battle because it is not possible to kill heroes face-to-face on the battlefield. Rather, he was stabbed in the back and poisoned in a cowardly manner on 19 March 2002, as confrmed in a statement by the Chairman of the Mujahideen Military Command Council, Shamil Basayev (may Allah preserve him). Khattab was expecting a letter from another commander and sent a Chechen messenger to retrieve the letter. This messenger was working with the Russians and they intercepted the letter, applying lethal poison to it together with Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), a commercial solvent which, when mixed with a substance (e.g. a poison), instantly dissolves that substance into the bloodstream when touched by human skin. After touching the letter, Khattab felt sick and his soul left his body within five minutes. He was buried in the mountains of Chechnya, the same mountains where he had led fearless fighters into numerous battles against Russian troops, killing thousands of them over the last seven years. A complete profile of Khattab can be found in the Profiles section of the Jihad in Chechnya section of

    A video of his body and burial was made but intercepted by the Russians when they ambushed and killed the one carrying it.

    There was no Janazah (Funeral) Prayer for him and his body was not washed because the Funeral Prayer and washing the body is only carried out for the dead, yet the martyrs are not dead as Allah says in the Quran:

    "Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allâh as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision."[Quran 3: 169]

    Rather, his weapons were removed and he was buried in the same combat clothing he fought in so that, insha-Allah, he will be raised up on the Day of Judgement wearing this same clothing, with his wounds spurting blood according to the following hadith of the Prophet (SAWS) narrated by Abu Hurairah (RA):

    "No-one is wounded in Allah's Cause, and Allah knows best who is wounded in His Cause, except that he will come on the Day of Judgement with his wound spurting blood. Its colour will be red like the colour of blood, but its smell with the smell of musk." [Reported by Al-Bukhari, Book 7, Hadith 441]

    However, the issue that should be concerning all, is that will Khattab's martyrdom end or affect the Jihad in Chechnya or Islam? The answer to this is indeed that Khattab's martyrdom will only increase the efforts of Jihad and give life to the Muslim Ummah. Whilst commenting on the above verse, "Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allâh as dead. Nay they are alive...", scholar said that martyrs are alive in two senses of the word. The first is that they are physically alive and their souls reside in the hearts of green birds that live under the Throne of Allah (SWT) and roam around Paradise as they please. The second is that they are considered alive because they give life to those around them, i.e. the dead Muslim Ummah and those with dead hearts. When the Prophet (SAWS) died, some refused to believe it and could not accept that the greatest personality of Islam and the greatest man that the World had known, had died. Amongst them was Umar bin Al-Khattab (RA), who went to the people and announced that whoever said that Muhammad had died, he would cut off his head because Muhammad had not died, but had only gone to the mountains like the Prophet Musa(SAWS) went, and he would return soon. After seeing the body of the Prophet (SAWS), Abu Bakr (RA) went infront of the people and announced:

    "Whosoever worships Muhammad (SAWS), then let him know that Muhammad (SAWS) is dead. But whosoever worships Allah (SWT), then let him that Allah is alive and dies not."

    Then he recited the verse from the Quran: "Muhammad (SAWS) is no more than a Messenger, and indeed (many) Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah, and Allah will give reward to those who are grateful." [Quran 3:144]

    It was then that Umar bin Al-Khattab realised the truth, that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) had died. However, when Islam lost its most famous personality, the Messenger (SAWS), did Islam die? On the contrary: Islam expanded more after the death of the Prophet (SAWS) than it had during his lifetime. History bears witness that no ideology has grown at such speed as Islam did in the first 100 years after the death of the Prophet (SAWS). By the year 732CE (approximately 100 years after the death of the Prophet (SAWS), the Muslim Empire had reached India in the East, Morocco in the West, Spain and Central Asia in the North and Africa in the South. Islam is a faith that is independent of personalities. Many Muslims, hundreds of times more significant than Khattab, have died, but Islam did not finish and nor did the Jihad cease. It only increased and expanded after the martyrdom of its heroes, as Muslims with dead hearts took inspiration from the martyrs and longed to follow in their footsteps. Khattab only achieved (insha-Allah) what he longed for, as he mentioned in an interview to in 2001: "All of us are in the hands of Allah. Here we are so - one without a leg, another without a hand, and the third without an eye, injured, and cripple ones. We are among Mujahideen. We participate in operations. We shoot from grenade-guns, machine-guns.... and we are on the forefront like other Mujahideen. Leaving for a fight, we ask Allah to grant us death in his path. When there is a fight, we, alhamdulilah, simply ask Allah to bestow us death in his way. All other things are mere chatters. Who wants to work in the way of Allah, let them come...." He spent half of his life in the battlefield, away from luxury and comforts, away from his family and loved ones, away from a life of subjugation and humiliation, until Allah bestowed with that which he desired (we ask Allah that it is so). He did his bit and carried the flag of Jihad, Honour and Victory, first in Afghanistan, then in Tajikistan, then in Chechnya, until he could carry it no more and passed it on to others. Maybe the ones he passed it onto, will carry it further than him. The blue-eyed, Field Commander Abul- Waleed Al-Ansari, from the Arabian Peninsula, who takes over Khattab's position as Ameer of the Mujahideen in Chechnya, is said to have more military and fighting experience than even Khattab himself, having preceded Khattab to Afghanistan by a few years. The loss of leadership is a necessary condition on the path of Jihad. As said by Abu Ziyaad An-Najdi, Commander of the Mujahideen in Bosnia, who was martyred in December 1995: "Allah takes martyrs from the Mujahideen at a time He sees fit, whilst others he leaves to battle His enemies. If all the Mujahideen were to be taken as martyrs, who would fight the enemies of Allah? If, on the other hand, none of the Mujahideen were to be martyred, how would they get the reward for their actions?" Yesterday, it was the great Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, but Jihad did not end with his martyrdom. Recently, it was the brave Sheikh Hamoud Al-Uqla Ash-Shuabi, but support of the Mujahideen from the scholars did not end with his death. Today, it is the fearsome Khattab, but Jihad has not ended with his martyrdom. Tomorrow, it will be Usama Bin Ladin, but the Jihad will live on without him, because Jihad in Allah's Path is not carried out for Abdullah Azzam, Khattab or Bin Ladin, but it is carried out to raise Allah's Word High. This is why America and all its disbelieving cronies and thugs are trying to win a losing battle. Jihad does not depend on personalities and it does not end with the killing of individuals. Jihad is a divine act of worship, whose participants are rewarded in this Life with Victory and the Hereafter with Martyrdom and an Eternal Life. The question, therefore, that the Muslims should be asking themselves is:

    "Where are the Khattab's of tomorrow?" Is the Khattab of tomorrow sitting and reading this article? Is he already in the land of Jihad? Is he studying the religion at an Islamic University? Is he at high school? Is he in the armed forces of any country? Khattab was a human being, an individual, a part of the Muslim Ummah. He was not an immortal being sent down from the sky. He was born as a baby into a normal household, played with other children whilst a kid, drove a GMC pickup with fat wheels, black windows and a loud exhaust, whilst a teenager. However, when he decided to take the first step towards Allah and travelled to Afghanistan, Allah made it easy for him and martyrdom is the manner (insha-Allah) that Allah takes a normal individual who is not a Prophet or a Messenger and transforms him into something great that is honoured by those in the Heavens and the Earth. Finally, the Muslims should understand something from his martyrdom, as said by the martyred Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (RA); "We Muslims are never defeated by others. Instead, we are defeated by our ownselves." Whenever the Muslims suffer defeats, it is not because of their apparent enemy, but by the hypocrites and apostates within their ranks, who lead the enemy to the Muslims and make it work easy.

    Allah commanded the believers to wage Jihad against both the disbelievers AND the hypocrites:

    "O Prophet (Muhammad SAWS)! Wage Jihad against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be harsh against them, their abode is Hell, - and worst indeed is that destination. [Quran 9:73]

    Therefore, the Muslims should not turn all their efforts and attention to the disbelieving enemy, but instead they should also apportion some of this to waging Jihad against the hypocrites, by their tongues, articles, sermons, speeches and physical strength. Let the Muslims seek out the hypocrites within their ranks and either destroy or expose them, whether they be leaders or commonfolk, whether they be in the land of Jihad or outside it. There is no place for hypocrites, agents and collaborators in Islam. The Muslims in Palestine and Afghanistan seem to understand this concept well, whereby agents and collaborators are killed in order to send a message to those around them that Islam does not tolerate collaborators in its ranks. Khattab was killed because of a hypocrite, who seemed to be a Muslim, but who was actually working for the disbelievers. The Taliban was overthrown because of hypocrites in Pakistan, who opened their arms to the disbelieving invaders. The Muslims in Palestine are massacred, not because of Sharon or Bush, but because of the apostates and hypocrites ruling the Muslim countries around Palestine. As long as hypocrites remain within the ranks of the Muslims, the Muslims will be prevented from a swift victory. Those Muslims who are unable to reach the lands of Jihad in order to wage Jihad against the disbelievers, let them begin by waging Jihad against the hypocrites within their ranks.

    We end with some quotes from Khattab:

    "When I saw groups of Chechens wearing headbands with 'La ilaha illalah...' (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger) written on them, and shouting takbeers (Allahu-Akbar),

    I decided that there was a Jihad going on in Chechnya and I must go there." "The main thing that prevents all of us from coming to Jihad is our families. All of us who came here, came without our family's permission. If we had listened to our families and gone back home, who would carry on this work that we are doing? Every time I telephone my mother, even now she asks me to come home, even though I have not seen her for the last 12 years. If I was to go back to visit my mother, who would continue this work?"

    "Allah orders us to fight the disbelievers as they fight us. They fight us with media and propaganda, so we should also fight them with our media." [Profile of Khattab, Azzam Publications, August 1999] "We are fully aware of our obligation and our target. We are faced with an Islamic obligation before a humanitarian concern and this obligation is to come to the support of our Muslim brothers in every place, in person and with wealth, as Allah (SWT) said:

    'And if they ask you for assistance in the religion, then you must go to their aid…' [Quran 8:72]." "As for the Muslim countries, especially the Arab countries, then I am sorry to say that their stance is nothing except fighting against those Muslims who stood by their Muslim brothers in the previous calamities to befall the Muslims." [Interview,, 20 November 1999] "The success of the Mujahideen in withstanding the Russian military machine and successfully defeating it in battle is attributed first and foremost to the will of Allah Most High. This is also attributed to the sincerity of the Mujahideen in fighting for their faith and their homeland – it is a fight that will continue until the oppression of the defeated Russian government is finished. Our most effective weapon is our faith in Allah Most High, and the reliance on none other than Allah. We also use stocks of weapons captured from the Russian army in the course of battle, like the Prophet Muhammad - Peace and Blessings be upon Him - said:

    'My provision has been made under the shade of my spear.' [Sahih]" "As far as we are concerned, any casualties cannot be considered losses, for we are fulfilling the great tenet of Jihad – the peak of Islam. We also recognise that living according to Allah’s laws and applying them does not come without being rigorously tested." "This is because all infidels are but one in their actions, as Allah Most High describes them: 'Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you unless you follow their form of religion..' [Quran 2:120]"

    "We thank Allah, Most High, the Most Powerful, the Almighty, who defeated the atheists and reversed their plots against them, and who bestowed victory upon the Mujahideen. We thank Him, for helping the Mujahideen prove to the world that no military machine and nothing material is capable of obstructing the power of Iman and absolute conviction in Allah. 'Allah will certainly aid those who aid his (cause), For verily Allah is full of strength, Exalted in Might ' [Quran 22:40]"

    [Interview,, 24 January 2000] May Allah accept Khattab amongst the ranks of the martyrs and give him the highest level of Paradise, in the company of the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs and the Righteous, and what an excellent fellowship are they. Ameen.
    .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
    نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
    دولة الإسلامية باقية

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    May Allah accept Khattab amongst the ranks of the martyrs and give him the highest level of Paradise, in the company of the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs and the Righteous, and what an excellent fellowship are they. Ameen.
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      Ameen thum Ameen


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          A sword for Shamil Basayev"

          Appeal by the Russian public English King George did not like the communists; however, he presented his sword to the defenders of Stalingrad, who had shown unprecedented courage and steadfastness for the defence of the city.

          After crossing the Terek in December of 1999, the Russian fascist invaders were met with courageous defenders of Grozny, those, who, according to simple logic, should have been in the mountains, but remained to defend the capital.

          The Chechens led by Shamil Basayev had been defending Grozny with might and main until Russian fascists razed the city with ground. However, even from this ruined and unsubdued city they flied out like the angels. They flied above the amazed Russian soldiers, threw them with the dust of American dollars and disappeared in the high mountains where they turned into invisible eagles.

          The Russian army failed to defeat them.

          We remember those ****bags shown by Dorenko, the riffraff mustered in all over the country. We remember a little KGB agent Putin who arrived to hand over daggers to them.

          We remember how Shamanov, standing in the trench, glared.

          We remember **** of the earth Budanov, firing cannon on the Chechen village and bellowing "Merry Christmas!"
          We remember all the vermin of Russia, cropping up in all parts of the country.

          We remember the slaughtered commandos.

          We remember the machine guns not placed in front of the Kremlin and laying over open sights. We remember our journalists working for the war, the degenerates "not cooked" in the boiling oil. We remember how Katya Andreeva has been turned into a dog. We remember Alexander Prokhanov with the inscription "Tanya", not launched into the space.

          But we are witnessing the feat of Shamil Basayev, the deeds of his fighters who withstood that HEROIC defence.

          So, let's present a sword to Shamil Basayev!

          He has defeated Russia.

          One-time enemies hardly ever become our friends, but very often they are the off-stage winners.

          As a matter of fact, what is an enemy? Is it a human being or some force that we are not able to defeat, for I doubt whether we will call an enemy who can be defeated at one stroke.
          The enemy that has been for decades. The enemy that has surpassed in time.

          The examples of such enemies are well known. That is anticommunism and Westernization that has been the enemy of the Soviet regime for almost thirty years. And at the end, they have nearly become the official ideology in our country!

          Let's consider the struggle against Islamic terrorism and Chechen recusancy from this point of view. We have been fighting against it for almost twenty years since the Afghan war, though, we have advanced not a whit. We have been slung out, although we surpassed the enemy in armament. Today, the same is taking place in Chechnya.

          We have repeatedly announced about Basayev's death. But he has not died, he is alive. He is more alive than anyone else is, because many others have become political corpses, including the man who was going to occupy Chechnya "in 24 hours", but Basayev is alive. He is the man who has defeated us by time. It should be admitted that the second war has been lost morally. No third war will ever be, to be more precise, it will be on our territory…

          I am afraid everything will be as it was with respect to anticommunism and Westernization in former times. Islam will gain by a time resource.

          And one fine day we will day-dream how a monument to Basayev is erected on the Red Square, and the President of Russia is uttering a Mohammedan prayer, and the Russian women begin to tie scarves on their heads in imitation of the Moslem women.

          ...I had a strange dream: Putin is sitting on the rug and yawning. Legendary Shamil steps up to him and says:

          - Vladimir Vladimich, Raise your pawn!

          And Putin raises his pawn…

          Andrei Novikov, Veronika Kote, "Confidence" Public Society, Ryabinsk (Yaroslavl Oblast), for Chechenpress, June 6 2004

          Wahhabis Refuted


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            Aslan Maskhadov: "The Victory will be ours!"

            We would like to note that the interview with President of CRI Maskhadov is dated 20 June, i.e. two days before the military action in Ingushetia. If we attentively listen to Maskhadov's speech and analyze the events in Ingushetia, it will not be difficult to realize who ordered about the effective and professionally carried out operation which resulted in great losses inflicted to the enemy. This analysis should give a serious cause for Russian leadership as well as for the leaders of Council of Europe and the USA to reflect on. Undoubtedly, the Chechen President's suggestions should be taken into consideration.

            The editors of Information and Analytical Centre

            Reporter: Aslan, Kadyrov is gone, enemy's efforts were defeated. Kadyrov, Jr. got the so-called "post of vice-premier". Those whose hands are stained with blood of the Chechen people have now been scattered throughout various puppet structures. Talks are now being heard about the coming 'elections'. What is the President's opinion on that?

            President Maskhadov: In the name of Allah, Gracious and Merciful! Praise Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings be to the Messenger of Allah, and then: Peace be upon you, and mercy of Allah be upon you, Chechen people and Mujahideen fighting on the way of Allah.

            I would like to touch on the situation today and on the goals for tomorrow. We will weigh it on the scale of justice.

            Leaders of Russia are dismayed, with no hopes or any specific plans. Their whole plan was to do the dirtiest job against the Chechen people and state by using Kadyrov's bloody hands.

            If Moscow has not totally lost its mind, they must understand that even if the war will be going on for decades, and if they find another Kadyrov or ten of the ones like him, they will never win a victory by war or by wiliness. There is only one way to end a war: armistice and agreements. And this is what we are offering.

            As far as the so-called 'elections' go, only slaves, traitors and degenerates will go to these elections. Oh well, let them 'elect'…

            Putin deceives his own self and others by calling puppets to the Kremlin, by listening to their lies and by hoping to have the situation in Chechnya changed by using their hands. This is how he makes himself and his policies look laughable to the entire world.

            Reporter: What can Putin get out of these 'elections'?

            President Maskhadov: If they do not seek peace, then they will develop a permanent headache. Putin is hoping to continue his prior tactics of kidnapping people. He will be trying to get the people intimidated by breaking centuries-old traditions and by provoking an internecine war inside the Chechen society. Certainly, he will be looking for the degenerates like Kadyrov to conduct these policies.

            Moscow will be appointing the ones of their own, like Zyazikov (in Ingushetia) and like the one that was here (Kadyrov - ed.). One picked by Putin will have to crush the traditions and make up new ones instead, which will be unacceptable and disgusting, and he will be trying to split the Chechen society.

            And here is what we will be doing in contrast to it: we will keep fighting against Russia with tripled energy. We will try to help the pro-Russian Chechens, who are still deluded, and we will explain to them the point of what is going on. But if they will be unwilling to understand this truth, then the retribution will be just and harsh.

            At the same time I would like to say firmly: however much would Moscow and local puppets desire, we will not let them provoke a real confrontation within our society.

            It's hard to find a replacement for Kadyrov. This world had not seen such a filthy scoundrel before. There are traitors, there are hypocrites, but that was filth from the inside: repulsing and disgusting. He was committing gravest evil deeds while using the Koran as a cover.

            Each one of these traitors sticks up for his own self, and they are all alike: they all are arrogant, totally uneducated, and having no respect whatsoever for themselves or for others.

            There is a chance that Moscow can use another option as well. The Kremlin might quite logically figure, "They're useless, they are thieves and robbers, who go over to Maskhadov whenever they feel like it". And then the Kremlin may use the 'soft option'. Putin has other puppets for that purpose: all sorts of lottery players and FSB agents. They will keep deceiving the starving people and promising them the earth but giving them only crumbs. Just like Kadyrov, they will be trying to deceive the Mujahideen too by promising them cars, salaries and amnesty in exchange for treason.

            But there is nothing new in it. It has been going on for hundreds of years already. Russians were making promises to Chechens: "Go back to your villages. We will let you have your weapons, your pistols, and your daggers. You can perform your prayers. We will not ban anything to you". Those who believed it relaxed and were killed.

            Everybody knows that millstones were located on the bank of the Sunzha River (old KGB building - ed.), which were grinding men, women, believers and scholars and turning them into bloody mash.

            Some Chechens have been expressing the idea to this day, like, "We're not going to be fighting with Russia yet; we won't be demanding freedom, we'll take a break and create the conditions for peace, and then we will summon new strength and resume the battle". But this is self-delusion. As long as the relations with Russia are not made clear, the genocide will continue and Russia will be claiming that Chechens are its citizens and will be doing whatever it wants to.

            Here, in the woods and in the mountains, it's hard to spot us. Hundreds and more warriors can be deployed here. We can give battle or we can withdraw if we do not wish to be fighting. Our enemies do not know where we are. They do not know about our routes, our re-deployments or where our bases are located.

            And if we believe Russians and get into automobiles, they all will see us, and it will be easier for them to kill us.

            I was talking to the Commanders of Mujahideen. Right now a session of State Defense Council 'Majlis al-Shura' is being prepared. We must force out Russians from our country. This is our duty. There should be no 'elections'. The people know this. There are sufficient forces under the CRI President to fight for another 20 years without us over-exerting ourselves.

            Our enemies know it as well. This is exactly why they were trying to divide us into tribes, sects, Jamaats, Tarikats, and Wahabists. These attempts are continuing to this day. Some people were unable to stand this ordeal and went over to the other side. Thus, the Most High sifts us by separating the faithful from the hypocrites. Our staff has been determined. The ones who remained can never be deceived or seduced! And we will never get tired.

            One more thing… Whoever occupies this puppet's chair - his days are numbered. He'll be in power only until the arm of the Mujahideen reaches him. Whoever wins elections next month: Aslakhanov, Khasbulatov, or even somebody distantly related to me. - his end will be the same if he comes to power with a Russian constitution and policy. Kadyrov got what he deserved, even though he had a motorcade of 100 to 200 cars and 3 to 4 thousand bodyguards when traveling from anywhere to Hosi-Yurt.

            Each one of the Fighters who joined us even a week ago knows how to handle a radio, a landmine, a remote control and virtually any weapon. The number of Fighters is growing each day every time our men, women or children get kidnapped or killed. After each time Russians or Kadyrov's collaborators commit a crime, there is a new person who blows himself and these ****bags up. And no one has an antidote for that. There is only one Truth of the Koran, the Word of God. No one has the power to stop them!

            This summer the Mujahideen are going to do a serious job. We are sure that we will oust the enemy and bring peace to the people, and then let the people elect their president. As far as Russia's proteges go, they have three powerful mines under them: they should be afraid of the Mujahideen, the blood avengers, and their Russian masters. It is virtually impossible to be safe in a situation like that.

            Reporter: Is there a way out of this situation?

            President Maskhadov: I have been saying the same thing since the first day of the war and until today: "Withdrawal of troops and negotiating table. The main right of the people is guarantee of security". But once Putin replaced Yeltsin, he started it all over again.

            For us it is essential to get guarantees of the people's safety, and anything else can always be agreed on. We will not deviate from this path. Our people have been facing danger for hundreds of years. As soon as Russians feel like it, they start blaming all deadly sins on us, they declare us to be their subjects and their enemies at the same time, and then they start wars against us, they start deporting us to Siberia and grinding us with millstones on the Sunzha River. Nobody has the right to be committing such atrocities against any nation.

            Reporter: Are there any prospects of international pressure on Russia? And how likely are other states to change their attitude towards Russia?

            President Maskhadov: You can talk about such changes by looking at the events in Georgia. Russia is being ousted. The Caucasus is being regarded with meticulous attention. The reasons for changes are Caspian resources. Let me tell you that there are some attempts being made to contact us. It is clear that changes in this situation will not pass us by. I cannot tell you all of it in detail, -- it's a state secret.

            One thing is clear: not a single state will force its way to the Caucasus without solving the Chechen problem. It's as simple as that!

            There are some improvements in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. PACE delegation was here in early June. Everybody knows how Russians were acting when accompanying them, and how they were trying to block any local information.

            But 'unplanned meetings' still did take place. So, PACE has the real information about the situation.

            We have Selim Beshayev, Umar Khanbiyev, Akhiad Idigov and others working in Strasbourg and Brussels. Some of them have met with NATO officials. This organization is hateful to Russians and is surrounding Russia from three directions. And they are not pleased with our contacts with the NATO. In July Netherlands are assuming the chairmanship in the European Union, and the Dutch leader is calling our representatives for the contacts. So they are not indifferent towards what is going on here.

            But sudden attacks by our Armed Forces, and multiplied number of dead bodies of Russian invaders, which makes Russia pretty nervous, are the main thing.

            Reporter: A year ago, you were saying that you were ready to bring the war to an end without interference of the third-party states, including the West, as long as Russia would go for real peace. Would you agree to it now?

            President Maskhadov: We have been saying to the West: "You did not help us in that war, and in this war you have not lifted a finger to stop it and to have the problem solved. But we will handle it ourselves, with our faith and with our strength. We have the power to go on with this war".

            The time of cringing before Russia is over, and there are other forces and states that have influence on the Caucasus. If the European Union helps stop this war, uses its peacekeeping troops and helps strengthen our State, then we will be developing our cooperation with them. And if not, then others will help us sooner or later. We have also been saying to Russia that if it pulls its troops out, then we are ready to consider the option of not allowing the influence of our countries in our region and not allowing them to fortify their positions in the Caucasus through Chechnya. But it will only happen if Russia understands us and helps us.

            I was taking about it with the Commanders at the State Defense Council. But if Russia is still thinking to bring it all to the end by using Kadyrov or Alkhanov, how else can I bring them to their senses?

            And if the West will say: "We have such and such interests here. What are our Chechnya's interests in the Caucasus?", we will answer that if the interests coincide, then there is no problem!

            In conclusion I would like to say that in the final analysis everything will be all right with the help from the Most High! There must be no doubts that Russia will withdraw its troops and that Chechens will get their freedom. Real men are working on it right now, and there are many of them.

            A little bit of patience, and the victory will be ours!

            Interview with President of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI),
            Commander-In-Chief of State Defense Council Aslan Maskhadov
            June 20, 2004

            Translated from the Chechen language by Kaysar Moro
            Information and Analytical Centre of the President of CRI, for Chechenpress, July 6 2004

            Wahhabis Refuted