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Some help needed: Qadianis And Islam

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  • Some help needed: Qadianis And Islam

    Qadianis claim to be Muslims but to do believe in one of its fundamental beliefs - that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet sent by Allah.

    I have heard that because they believe this, Muslims can kill them?

    They are Wajib-ul-Qitaal as they say?

    Is there any truth in this?

    Kindly do cite your sources and your reasons. I'll be most grateful for your help. May the AlMighty too reward you for your efforts to teach others our true religion.
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    Iam sorry i cant help you in this specific question. has alot of info on them.
    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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      JazakAllah brother!
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        BarakAllah fee bro, please share and pass on the link to your friends.

        I think if we were to kill em all, it would take far too long, and the misison would be difficult to accomplish. So giving these ppl guidence is a better idea. and warning muslims against their kufr too.

        This first link is from a Hardcore Salafi site. But the page is good, it has a multilingual links on the Kufr of quadiannies too, if u scroll down.

        The other 2 links are from a site called where i did a search on this issue, and ppl were just discussing them. It does not answer your question though.
        "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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          Originally posted by King Aragorn
          Qadianis claim to be Muslims but to do believe in one of its fundamental beliefs - that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet sent by Allah.

          I have heard that because they believe this, Muslims can kill them?

          They are Wajib-ul-Qitaal as they say?

          Is there any truth in this?

          Kindly do cite your sources and your reasons. I'll be most grateful for your help. May the AlMighty too reward you for your efforts to teach others our true religion.
          Qadianis have been decalred Kafir unanimously around the worlds by all Muslim scholars, which is also the official position of all Muslim countires. However, killing them is as illegal as killing any other human.
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            Name of group - Qaadiyaaniyyah, also known as the Ahmadiyyah
            Adherent to group - Qaadiyaanee, plural - Qaadiyaaniyyoon. Also known as an Ahmadee or

            By the concensus of the scholars, the Qaadiyaaniyyah are a kaafir sect which assumes the name of Islaam to cover up its real evil aims and goals, and its corrupted 'aqeedah, of which the most dangerous aspect being the calling to and belief in the prophethood of their founder; In addition to changing the text of the Noble Qur.aan, and denying jihaad and making takfeer (render someone a kaafir) of the Muslims and displaying loyalty to the enemies of the Muslims.

            It's founder was a man by the name of Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad al-Qaadiyaanee who was born in the 19th century (C.E.) in the city of Qaadiyaan in the province of Panjab in India in 1839 C.E. at the time of the British rule there. Hence this sect assumes its name from the birthplace of its founder. He came from a family who were well-known for their deviousness in their religious affairs, and as such Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad grew up in such surroundings.

            Whilst India was still under British rule, the Qaadiyaaniyyah movement was founded in 1900 C.E. with the aim of distancing the Muslims from their true religion from such obligations as jihaad as was propogated in the English language magazine at that time called ((The Religions)).

            Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad claimed that revelation descended upon him via dreams, and he then claimed that he was the reviver of Islaam of that time, and that he resembled the prophet 'Eesaa ('alayhis-salaam). Later, in 1901 C.E. he claimed he was actually the prophet 'Eesaa ('alayhis-salaam), and in 1904 C.E. he claimed prophethood for himself by saying he was "Krishna" who was the idol worshipped by the Hindus. The British rulers in India did their best to promote this movement and as such acknowledged its support for them, and they in turn acknowledged allegiance to them.

            Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad was known by his followers to be a narcomaniac (drug-addict), bad-tempered and suffering from many illnesses.

            From those who stood to refute him was Shaykh Abul-Wafaa. Thanaa.-ullaah al-Amar Tisree who was the leader of the Ahlul-Hadeeth movement in India. He revealed Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad's true and evil nature and established proof upon him as to his path of falsehood. After this, when Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad refused to correct his ways and accept the truth Shaykh Abul-Wafaa. beseeched Allaah to cause death to anyone of the two who were lying. And as such not many days passed until Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad died in 1908 C.E.

            So the final proof as to his deceit was that, if he was indeed a prophet as he and his followers claimed (even to this day), then he should have been buried in the toilet where he actually died. Instead, he was taken back to Qaadiyaan to be buried there.

            He left behind him over 50 books and other publications, amongst the main ones being:
            1) Izaalatul-Awhaam;
            2) I'jaaz Ahmadee;
            3) Baraaheen Ahmadiyyah;
            4) Anwaar al-Islaam;
            5) I'jaaz al-Maseeh;
            6) at-Tableegh;
            7) Tajalliyyaat Ilaahiyyah.

            Further reading
            al-Qaadiyaaniyyah - Ihsaan Elahe Zaheer;
            al-Qaadiyaaniyyah - Abul-Hasan 'Alee al-Husnee an-Nadawee et al;
            Taareekh al-Qaadiyaaniyyah - Abul-Wafaa. Thanaa.-ullaah Tisree;
            Sowdaa.-ul-Qaadiyaaniyyah - Muhammad 'Alee al-Amar Tisree;
            Fitnah al-Qaadiyaaniyyah - 'Ateeq ar-Rahmaan 'Ateeq (previously a Qaadiyaanee).

            "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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              He was a pretty funny guy that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. Read about his death, its very interesting (and disgusting).
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                They are also known as Lahori/Lahoris, it is yet another offshoot of them with slight variation but same aqidah.
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                  The Problem Of Qadiyanism

                  The Problem Of Qadiyanism

                  by Sayid Abu'l Ala Mawdudi
                  (may Allah have mercy upon him)


                  Muslims scholars representing various Muslim organizations and parties from all parts of East and West Pakistan held a conference in Karachi to discuss government suggestions and recommendations for the new constitution presented to parliament. The meeting ended with many suggestions and reforms one of which was "... we demand that the government should consider all those who believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a religious leader a minority equal to many non-Muslim minorities in the country and give them one seat in Punjab's parliament".

                  Other suggestions were so reasonable and clear that enemies were unable to attack them, and when some invective writers did, their influence was null among the educated.

                  A great number of educated Pakistanis were not convinced that the suggestion which demanded the separation of Qadiyanis was reasonable and necessary. But here I am going to explain quite clearly why all Muslim scholars agreed to stand by this suggestion.

                  Being an independent non-Muslim minority is a natural and reasonable result of all that Qadiyanis chose for themselves. They caused and urged everything that result in making them a non-Muslim community.

                  The first of which is their fabrication of the meaning of "the Last of Allah's apostles" by which they differed from all Muslims who believe in Mohammad (peace be upon him) as the Last Apostle and that there will be no apostles after him until the day of judgment takes place. This is the meaning which the Apostle's companions understood and derived from the following verse "Mohammad in not the father of any of your men, but the Apostle of Allah and the Last Apostle" (Sura Al-Ahzab verse40 ). The Apostle's companions fought all those who pretended being apostles after the death of Mohammad (peace be upon him). And this was the meaning which Muslims understood from all the sources, and thus they did not and do not accept any one who pretends to be an apostle.

                  Qadiyanis only, and for the first time in the history of Muslims, interpreted the Quranic phrase "The Last of the Apostles" (*Malfuzal Ahmadiya by M.Manzur Ilahi pp.290*) to mean that Mohammad is the Apostle's stamp which certifies and signs other Apostle's Messages. What we have said can be proved by the texts quoted here from Qadiyanis books and essays. Here are three quotations.

                  --"The promised Christ (peace be upon him) said in his interpretation of `Khatamu Nabiyeen': what is meant is that no Prophet's message can be authorized and certified except by Mohammad's stamp. As every document is not accepted unless affirmed or confirmed by stamp and signature, so every message that is not confirmed by Mohammad's stamp is not true. (Malfuzal Ahmadiya edited by M.Manzur Ilahi pp.290)
                  --"We do not deny that Mohammad (peace be upon him) was the seal of prophets, but what the majority of people understand contradicts the greatness of the prophet (peace be upon him) since it leads to the conviction that the prophet had bereft his nation from Allah's greatest favour - prophets. What is meant by this phrase is that the prophet is the seal which confirms messages after his, so there will be no prophet if not affirmed by the holy prophet Mohammad. In this meaning only we do believe". (Al-Fadl,22 Sept1939 )

                  --"The seal is the stamp, and if the holy prophet is the stamp, how can he be a stamp and no prophets to be confirmed". (Al-Fadl, 22 Sept1923 )

                  The differences between all Muslim and Qadiyanis are not limited to the explanation or the fabrication of one word "Khatem", but differences went to extremes since Qadiyanism claimed openly and frankly that not only one prophet is likely to appear after Mohammad (peace be upon him) but thousands of prophets. This is to be found in Qadiyani texts, some of which are the following "The rise of many new prophets is as clear a fact as the sun in midday". (The Reality Of Qadiyanism by Mirza Bashir Mahmud pp.228)

                  --"Muslims falsely claim that the sources of Allah ran out and no more prophets will appear. They do not justly estimate God. As for me, I say that not only one prophet may appear but thousands". (Anwar Khilafat by Mirza Bashir Mahmud pp.62 )

                  --"If a man sharpened swords close by my neck threateningly asking me to say that no prophet will appear after Mohammad(peace be upon him) I would say to him, you are a liar, it is right, there must be prophets after him". (Ibid. pp.65)

                  After Ghulam Ahmad had opened the way of messages and prophets, he pretended he was a prophet. Qadiyanis believed his pretense and accepted it completely. We quote here some of their declarations and sayings to witness to their deviations and fabrications as well as can be.

                  --"The promised Christ declared his claim to a Message and to be a prophet, as he wrote `I am a prophet and an apostle' (Al-Badr 5 Mar1908 ), or as he also wrote `I am a prophet according to Allah's orders. If I deny this I am sinful. And If Allah calls me thus how can I deny it. I will stand by this claim until my death' (Letter to Akhbar Am by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad written three days before his death and published on his date of death i.e., 26 May1908 ).

                  --"The characteristics Islam gives of the promised Christ means that is truly a prophet". (The Reality Of The Message by Mirza Bashir pp.174)
                  An essential element in all the persons who pretend to be prophets, is to charge those who do not believe in him with disbelief and refection of faith. This is exactly what Qadiyanis do in their congregational speeches and publications against Muslims who deny their pretense. I quote the following from their speeches:

                  --"All Muslims who do not swear fealty to Ghulam Ahmad are disbelievers, even if they have not heard his name". (Ayina Sadakat by Mirza Bashir Eddin pp.35 )

                  --"Every man who believes in Moses but not in Jesus Christ, in Mohammad but not in Ghulam Ahmad is not only a disbeliever, but in the deepest levels of rejection of faith". (Word Of Demarcation by Bashir Ahmad pp110 ).

                  --"Since we believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, and all non-Ahmadis diebelieve in him, we consider non-Ahmadis disbelievers according to the Quranic verse which says that in one prophet is a rejection of the whole prophets".(Mirza Bashir Ahmad's article in Al-Fadl, 26 May1922 ).

                  Qadiyanis not only say they are anti_muslim in Ghulam Ahmad's message but say that there are nothing to connect them with Muslims since their God, Islam, Quran prayer and fasting are unlike the Muslims.
                  Qadiyani caliph's speech published in Al-Fadl on 21 Aug 1927, under the title of `Advice for Students' explains to his followers the differences between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis. He says "... Since the promised Christ said that their Islam, their God, and their pilgrimage are unlike ours, we always differ from them in every thing".

                  In Jul30 , 1931 Al-Fadl published another speech by the Qadiyani caliph in which he mentioned a dispute that ensued between two groups of Qadiyanis. One reasoned that since differences between Qadiyanis and Muslims are known, and the promised Christ has clarified them there is no need to establish independent Qadiyani schools: we can learn all undisputed matters in Muslim schools. The other group disagreed. While they were still arguing, the promised Christ himself entered and listened to their dispute. Then he gave his judgment saying: "It is wrong to say that we differ from Muslims only in the matter of Christ's death. We disagree with them in the wholeness of God, in the prophet, (peace be upon him), in the Quran, in prayer, in pilgrimage and in Al-Zakat. In short, he explained to them that we disagree quite completely with Muslims concerning all religious matters".

                  Qadiyanis themselves broke relations with Muslims in accordance with the great gap they had dug between them and Muslims. They organized themselves independently as if they were a non-Muslim minority as affirmed by their own writings.

                  --"The promised Christ made it clear that Ahmadis should not be led in prayer by a Muslim. Many letters come questioning this matter. My answer to them all is that no matter how many times you repeat the question I will answer that it is not right, not right, not right to be led in prayer by a non-Ahmadiyan". (Anwar Khilafat by Mirza Bashir Mahmud pp.89 )

                  --"We must neither believe in non-Ahmadiyan Islam, nor be led by them in prayer because in our opinion they are disbelievers in one of Allah's prophets". (Ibid. pp.90 )

                  --"If a non-Ahmadi's son died why we do not pray for him though he does not disbelieve in Ghulam Ahmad as the promised Christ! I myself ask those who have questioned me why we do not pray for the son of a Hindu or a Christian when they die....The non-Ahmadi's son is one of the non-Ahmadis and for this reason prayer for them is not right". (Ibid. pp.93)

                  --"The promised Christ was loathsome of an Ahmadiyan who wanted to let his daughter a non-Ahmadiyan. The man asked him many times but the promised Christ ordered him not to do so. Then the man allowed his daughter marriage after the death of the promised Christ so the caliph drove him away from his religious position and did not accept his penitence though the man repeated it many times until six years elapsed". (Ibid. pp.93 -94)

                  --"The promised Christ did not allow any transaction with Muslims except those permitted to be so with Christians and Jews. He distinguished us from Muslims in prayer, prohibited intermarriage with them, and prayer for their dead, so what is left to connect us with them? Interactions between people depend on two things and have two forms; a religious and a worldly transactions. The greatest means of religious transactions is to pray together and to intermarry. These two kinds are prohibited in our religion, and if you say that we are allowed to marry Muslim girls, I say that this applies to Christians, too. And if you question me why it is right to greet non-Ahmadis, my answer will be that according to a true prophet's Hadith he returned the greetings of Jews". (Word Of Demarcation published in Rioy av Religinter, pp.69 )
                  Not only did Qadiyanis broke relations and transactions with Muslims in their speeches and writings, but they did so in practice as hundreds of thousands of Muslims had reported. They made an independent nation of themselves refusing to pray or intermarry with Muslims.
                  The problem being so, it is unreasonable that Qadiyanis remain a part of the Muslim community. It is not necessary that their independence should be legally enacted since this had been a fact during the last fifty years.

                  By their attitude, Qadiyanis have proved what was difficult to prove before this time concerning the wisdom and practical benefits of the cessation of Allah's messages. In the past one used to wonder why Allah's revelation and inspiration and Apostles cease to come.
                  Nowadays, experience has proved the great wisdom and beautiful benefits of this good favor from Allah. The belief that Mohammad was the last prophet united all monotheists in following only one prophet, and thus endowed them with what strengthened and ensured their unity and interactions. The renewal of a doctrine by many prophets separate the nation into many communities. If we expel Qadiyanis none will dare to rise among us and pretend a new message to destroy our unity and solidarity. But if we overlook Qadiyanism we will help and encourage many pretenders to rise and feign, and thus we participate in harming Muslim solidarity. And if we neglect this danger, our example will be followed by our sons, and thus the destruction will not stop and our society will face a new kind of danger everyday; dangers which split the Muslim nation.

                  This is our true argument on which we base our demands of making Qadiyanis a minority which has the rights of any non-Muslims minority. In fact, the argument that reaches home is with us and no other reasonable argument can be brought against our demand. Those who oppose our demand want to divert people from it with pretexts and objections that have nothing to do with the matter under question. They say, for instance, that various Muslim groups are still charging each other with disbelief. And if we go on separating group after another the nation will vanish. Moreover, they say there are independent Muslim sects, as Qadiyanism, though they do not differ with Muslims in doctrines. Thus they ask us whether we still intend to break relations with them or whether we chose to treat Qadiyanis a such out of hatred and wrath.

                  Many others were deceived by Qadiyanis' call to Islam. "Qadiyanis are defending Islam against Christian and Aryan attacks, and spreading it all over the world so, it is right to treat them as you do" they used to say. But we are going to discuss each of these points to answer any possible question.

                  1. It is lamentable true that Muslims' various groups are still charging each other with disbelief but it is wrong to make this a pretext for Qadiyanism as a true Muslim sect; that is because:

                  a- It is unreasonable to give examples of bad charges and judge that any charge is unacceptable, and that charging anyone with disbelief is not right. In fact, it is as wrong to charge people with disbelief for trivial differences as to accept clear and certified deviations from the fundamental principles of Islam. Those who conclude from false charges against some scholars that all kinds of charges are not right are requested to answer whether a Muslim remains a believer if he pretends to be God or a prophet, or if he deviates from Islam's fundamental doctrines.

                  b- Muslim groups and sects whose charges against each other are being utilized held a conference in Karachi and agreed on the fundamental principles of the Muslim state. They agreed on the same principles because each considers the other a Muslim group or sect. None of them charged the other of being out of pale though there were minor differences among them. Thus to think that separating Qadiyanism from the Muslim nation will be a cause for separating many others is an illusion.

                  c- The Muslim nation's charge of Qadiyanis with disbelief is unlike any charge against others. Qadiyanis falsely pretended the existence of a new prophet who considers those who believe in him a separate nation and those who do not as disbelievers. Thus all Qadiyanis agree on charging Muslims with rejection of faith, and Muslims have judged Qadiyanis as disbelievers, too.

                  Thus it becomes quite clear that this is a fundamental difference that cannot be considered as trivial as minor differences - among various Muslim sects.

                  2. No doubt there are some sects other than Qadiyani who have withstood Muslims and broken their relationship with them, and organized their sects independently, but the wrong these have done is quite different from that done by Qadiyanis in many respects.

                  a- These sects have completely separated themselves from the Muslim nation to the extent that they have become like slag lying by the road which is neither harmful nor harmed. Their existence is bearable. Qadiyanis mix with Muslims, pretending to believe in their doctrines, discuss them with others, and to argue in the name of Islam seeding, in fact, to split members off the Muslim community and win them to their side. A great tumult, disgraceful disunity, and oppressive occupations befell Muslims from Qadiyanis agency to foreign countries. For this and many other reasons we cannot abide with them.

                  b- The sects that have differences with the Muslim community are judged by Islamic jurisprudence. It decides whether their private beliefs drive them out of pale. And even if we suppose that they are not followers of Islam, their beliefs will not endanger Muslims and will not cause any social, economic, and political problems. But Qadiyanis' fabrication do endanger the faith of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and cause a social problem in every Muslim family that is influenced by them to the extent that husband forsakes his wife, and father abandons his son, and an enmity rises between two brothers. Moreover, other non-Qadiyani sects do not have any political trends that can be considered a danger to our national life. Qadiyanis do have some dangerous political tendencies that cannot be overlooked.

                  Qadiyanis were quite certain that in an independent free Muslim society, a pretended message could not grow up or achieve its aims. They know that the Muslim nation abhors such pretenses as these which disperse Muslims, destroy Islamic laws, and split Muslim society.

                  Being aware of the attitude of the prophet's companions towards pretenders of holy messages, and of the fact that whenever Muslims take power in any country they will never admit new and false pretenses, Qadiyanis chose to connect themselves with disbeliever government because under no other shelter they can destroy Islam by feigning it.

                  They have made the Muslim nation their prey since they call to their doctrines in the name of Islam. They know so well that it is in their interest to support foreign occupation because it suffocates Muslims and helps them to achieve gains an to destroy Islam. An independent and free Muslim nation is a hateful unfruitful land which they abhor greatly.
                  We can quote many texts taken from Mirza Ghulam {Ahmad's assertions and from his followers' declarations, but it suffices us to quote some and without commentary.

                  --"The English Government has bountifully rewarded, helped, and favored us to the extent that if we leave this country neither Mecca, nor Istanbul would shelter us. So how came you to doubt its goodness". (Ahmadiyan Talks, vol 1 pp.146)

                  --"I am unable to perform what I wish in Mecca, Medina, Domascus, Persia, Kabul or Rome except under this government's protection for whose glory and victory I do pray God". (Conveying the Message by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, vol VI pp.69 )

                  --"Oh, just think a little which land all over the world will shelter you if you leave this country. Mention one government that will welcome and shelter you. All Muslim countries detest you and wish to kill you because, in their opinion, you are disbelievers. So estimate well the heavenly favor (the favor of British occupation) and be aware that Allah had not brought the British into this country except for your welfare and interests. If catastrophes befall the British you will not escape their dire effect. And if you demand a proof of what I say, go and find shelter under any other regime and when you do this you will see what happens to you. The British are Allah's mercy and blessing, and a citadel for your protection. Estimate the British well and love them dearly because they are a thousand times better than Muslims who oppose you. It is sufficient to convince you with only one thing: the British do not wish to humiliate or slaughter you". (Ghulam Ahmad's valuable advice in conveying the message vol1 , pp.123 )

                  --"It is well known to all those who study the history of nations how the persian government maltreated Merza Ali Mohammad Bab, the founder of Babism and his followers. It destroyed Babism for nothing else than religious disputes. It is as well known how the Turkish government ill-treated Bhah'Allah, the founder of Baha'ism and his followers between 1863-1893. It imprisoned them in Istanbul first then in Edranovel and Acca. We also not know any other three countries which demonstrated religious fanaticism and narrowness and which do not cope with the age of civilization and culture. Our knowledge of these three countries leads us to the conviction that the freedom of Ahmadis is closely related to the British throne.

                  All true Ahmadis who believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a holy prophet sent by Allah to people do believe, without any little bit of flattery, that the British Government is Allah's favor and the shade of His mercy. They also believe that the life of the British Government is theirs". (Al Fadl13 Sept1914 )

                  These above mentioned assertions quite clearly certify to the fact that this gang of pretenders are aware of the benefits of disbelievers' occupation of Muslim counties because under the protection of occupation they can achieve their aims. If Muslim got power into their hands, these pretenders will be crashed because free Muslims will not abide with those who destroy their religion and split their society.
                  More dangerous still is Qadiyanis tendencies to establish an independent state in Pakistan. One year after the rise of Pakistan the Qadiyani caliph made a speech in Ku'ta in Jul23 ,1948 , published in Al Fadl in Aug13 ,1948 . He said "British Plukhistan is allotted to you. (Now part of Pakistani Plukhistan). Its population is five or six hundred thousand inhabitants. Though less populated than other districts, it has a great importance. As individuals are valuable in our world, this district is as valuable as any part of Pakistan. An example from the American constitution will clarify its importance. Each state has an equal number of representatives no matter how big or populated it is. Now if we add British Plukhistan to Blukhistan district, the inhabitants will number a million. I think you realize the difficulty of converting the people of a big district. But don't you see that we can convert the people of a small district? If we take care we will spread Ahmadiyan banners over it all. Our doctrine will not succeed unless its roots are deep in the ground. Thus work and spread your doctrines and make them solidly rooted. Establish it in a place first and then if we succeed in converting people we will be proud of our district. As for converting people it is not an easy matter".

                  After all this talk I wish to ask those who want us to abide with Qadiyanis and their deeds and who cling to the pretext that there are many sects in Islam whether there are such dangerous tendencies and policies as those of Qadiyanis. Does any sect find Islam harmful, and anti Islamic system beneficial? Is any sect going to abhor Muslims and prepare to establish an independent state in the heart of an Islamic regime? It appears that there is no sect that behaves as Qadiyanism and thus we ask why they want us to treat Qadiyanism as other sects?
                  This minor sect faces with another problem; it demands independence from us. Is it not right that we should expel it out of pale?

                  It has been said that necessity drives man to demand anything. The truthfulness of his demand depends on the acuteness of his necessity. Qadiyanis' existence among the Muslim majority harms Muslims greatly, for this the majority demands the legal separation of this harmful minority from its community. Qadiyanis are, in practice, independent from the Muslim majority and utilize their independence to organize their sect and destroy Islam's principles according to a pre-plotted methods. They also hide behind Islam and throw the seeds of split and differences among Muslims. By their cunning method of pretending Islam they gain more administrative positions and employments. This harms the community and thus what pretext remains for any to let the minority persecute the majority or to refuse our demand of legal separation of Qadiyanis from the Muslim nation.

                  The majority did not create cause for separation but the minority did when they established independent societies and broke social and religious relations with Muslims. This refusal to be legally separated from Muslims makes Qadiyanis utterly responsible for their refusal.
                  Allah had endowed you, readers, with mind and insight so look how they refuse to accept the results of their deeds. If they want to deceive, harm, and mar the unity of Muslims how do you let the majority, while you are its representatives, fall a prey to the cunning of this deceitful minority.

                  Let us deal with the last problem which claims that since Qadiyanis defend Islam and spread it, it is not right to treat them as we do.
                  In fact, this is a groundless argument which tempted some newly educated people. We ask them to study and contemplate what we are going to quote from the writings from Ghulam Ahmad himself which will strip the aims of this pretender's defense of Islam. He says "I have been publishing books in English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu, out of my own enthusiasm to convince Muslims that their duty is to be faithful to the British Government that they should leave the notion of the holy strive and shun waiting for the Mehdi who sheds blood and all other trivial illusions which cannot be verified by the Quran. If they still adhere to these mistakes they must not, at least, deny the favors of this generous government or they will be sinners of disloyalty by Allah's laws". (Tiryak Al Kuloub 28 Oct 1902pp.307)

                  In this same petition to the British Government he writes "It is time I proudly say to my charitable government that this is my twenty year service to you. No Muslim family in British India can do as mine did. It is quite clear that twenty-year-long continuos effort to convince people with the above mentioned teachings cannot possible be the work of a hypocrite. It is the work of a man who feels faithfulness and sincerity towards this government. I confess that I discuss religious matters with other priests but with honest intentions. I have published many arguments about Christianity, but I also confess that when some missionaries wrote invective against Islam like the impolite wording of the mischievous argument in Nur Afshan in which the missionary charged our prophet with robbery, lust, adultry with his daughter, lies, and bloodshed, I feared lest these writings irritate Muslims who are quickly angered so I found it a good policy to write against these books in order to extinguish the fire of Muslims' wrath and lessen the consequent general abhorrence and to deaden the anger of people who may react and cause disturbances that threaten the national security. It is clear that I only wrote against these invective books because I found that writing was the only way to extinguish the flame of wrath among Muslim enthusiasts". (pp.308 -309) Then he goes on to say "All I wrote against missionaries was motivated by a wish to control Muslims with wisdom and entertain them and deaden their monstrous rebellious minds. I declare I am the most faithful and the most helpful Muslim to the British Government. There are three causes which brought me up to this first rate loyalty to the British; the first is my father's influence, the second is the great favors of this government, Allah's revelation". (pp.309 -310)

                  Mirza also wrote the same in the annex of his book Shahadatu'l Quran entitled a request worthy of the government's favor "My religion which I declare once and again is that Islam is divided into two parts. The first is to obey God, the second is to obey the government which ensures the nation's security, shelters us, and protects us from oppressors. This government that we should all obey is the British government".
                  We also find in his Conveying The Message vol. VII; a petition to his majesty the district ruler in which he assured the ruler of his family's sincerity to the British Government. He reported the letters Mirza Ghulam Murat Khan had received from Lahore's ruler and Punjabi financial advisor as well as other British rulers who witnessed to his great services which denote his sincerity, faithfulness, loyalty, and love to the British, and enumerated the most important members of his family who served the British. Then he said "The most important work to which I was and still devoted to is to divert the hearts of Muslims from Islam towards sincerity, love, loyalty and truthful gratitude to the British government, and to get rid of wrong illusions such as the holy war and other silly beliefs which impair sincere relations with the British (pp.10 ).

                  I did not only concentrate on filling the hearts of Indian Muslims with sincere obedience to the British, but also wrote many books in Arabic, Persian and Urdu in which I clarified to the inhabitants of Muslim countries how we spend the days of our life in security, happiness, prosperity, and freedom under the British Government's sheltering care". (pp.10 ) Then he gave a long list of his books which certify to his sincere love and great loyalty to the British. Then he wrote "The government should verify whether those thousands of Muslims who call me a disbeliever, swear at me and at my followers, and harm us because I wrote thousands of declarations which were full of my grateful thanks to the government dictated by myself and out of my conscience, heart, and utter conviction and published them in all the Arab countries. Are not these matters clear? I assert that my sect has a first-rate loyalty to the British government and that it is the most sincere, faithful and loyal Muslim sect because it declares its readiness to sacrifice everything for the British. The principles of the British do not, in any sense, endanger ours". Then he wrote "I am certain that so long as my followers increase, those who believe in the holy war against occupation decrease. Belief in me is a denial of the existence of a holy war". (pp.17 )

                  Disregarding whether this language and these expressions are worthy of a prophet, we wish to attract the reader's attention to the fact that these are the aims of the founder of this religion and these are the purposes for which he exerted himself, defended Islam, and spread its teachings. Is this service to 'Islam' still worthy of thanks and respect after all that we have seen of its stimuli and aims? And if it is still difficult for some people to know the reality of this service to Islam, we ask them to contemplate what we are going to quote from Qadiyanis' confessions.

                  -- "We came across a book by an Italian engineer who held an important position in Afghanistan. The book was once published and by mere chance only that we got this rare copy. In it the author says that Sahib Zadeh Abdullatif, a Qadiyani, was killed in Afghanistan because he was urging people to shun 'the holy war'. The government feared lest his call weakens the passion for freedom in the hearts of Afghanis and thus enslave them to the British. We deduce from this fact that Afghanistani regime did not kill that Qadiyani except because he called people to shun 'the holy war'. (Mirza Bashir's speech on a Friday Al-Fadl 6 Aug1935 ).

                  -- Afghanistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs issued the following declaration. "After Mulla Abdulhalim Jihar Asiyanis and Mulla Nur Ali Hanuti had become Qadiyanis, they began to teach their fabricated doctrines in the name of reform.....After some time they were arrested for another matter and tried. Letters from some foreigners were confiscated which prove their agency and conspiracy against the interests of Afghanistan. The letters reveal quite clearly how far they went in selling themselves up to the enemies of Afghanistan". (Al-Fadl, 3 Mar1925 )

                  -- "Though I went to Russia to call people to Qadiyanism, I always did and served the British Government at the same time because our interests and British Government's are in complete harmony with each other". (Mohammad Amin, a Qadiyani preacher in his essay published in Al-Fadl 28Sep1922 )

                  --"The world considers us British agents. When a German minister participated in the opening of Ahmadiyan center in Germany, his government blamed him and asked him 'why did you participate in a special occasion related to people who are British agents'". (A speech by Qadiyani's caliph Nov1934 )

                  --"We hope that with the increase of British empire, the chances for more converts from Muslims and non-Muslims will increase". (Opinions concerning Lord Harding's tour in Iraq published in Al-Fadl, 11 Feb1910 )

                  --"The British Government is like paradise to us. Ahmadis are going on well under the shelter of this paradise. If you leave it you will see what frightening shower of poisonous arrows will come down upon you heads. So why don't you thank this government's favors when you all know what its interests are united with ours, its desolation means ours, and its prosperity affects ours. Wherever this government wins a new country to its domain we win a new field for our doctrines". (Al-Fadl 19 Oct1915 )

                  --"The relations between Qadiyanis and the British Government are unlike any other; that is because our interested demand this. What benefits the British Government enriches us, and as the British empire increases our chances for progress increase, if it is harmed - God forbid - we will not be able to live safely. (Qadiyanis caliph's declaration Al-Fadl 27 Jul1918 )

                  Thus we have clarified the reality of Qadiyanism, uncovering its doctrines, trends, and deeds. And now we are going to explain the rise of this sect.

                  1. Half a century elapsed and Muslims were still living the worst kind of life under British occupation. Then suddenly a man pretended he was a prophet. He claimed that it was insufficient for Muslims to believe in Muhammad (PBUH), but they should, if they wanted true faith and the right Islam, believe in him, too. Disbelievers in him are out of the Islamic pale. Thus, a pretender rises among the unified Muslim nation to say he is a prophet.

                  2. According to his false pretense, this man established a new community and an independent society which opposed Muslims as Hindus and Christians do, and disagreed with Muslim beliefs, habits, hopes, and sufferings.

                  3. The founder of this new community felt, since the beginning of his pretense, that Muslims society cannot bear to be destroyed, so he and his gang chose to be loyal, sincere, and loving servants of the British occupation. This was not only a practical policy, but also in awareness of the fact that his interest are consistent with the victory of the British not only in India but also in the other Muslim countries in order to spread his poison and fabrications.

                  4. This sect, according to a conspiracy with the British disappointed all Muslims' efforts during the past fifty years to separate it from the Muslim community. The government continued to insist on the sect being considered part and parcel of Muslims despite all differences. Muslims were harmed greatly by these measures while Qadiyanism won great benefits.

                  The government, despite all scholars' efforts, continued to convince Muslims that Qadiyanis are one of the sects of Islam to enable Qadiyanis to spread their doctrines among Muslims. A Muslim will not abstain from following Qadiyanism if it is legally considered a Muslim sect, and this benefits Qadiyanis greatly because they are increasing their numbers and power. Muslims are harmed because a new community which opposed them was growing up like cancer in their body.

                  The plight of Qadiyanism appeared in Punjab; harmed and destroyed it so it was natural that the most wrathful Muslims against Qadiyanis are the Punjabis.

                  This sect won all the favors of the British Government and the most army, police, justice, and administrative posts in the country. It is strange that this sect won all these posts from those assigned to Muslims because the government considers it one of the Muslim sects and continues to convince Muslims that these posts are assigned to them only. Muslims are treated as such in economy, trade, industry, and agriculture.
                  "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


                  • #10
                    Subject: ACTIVITIES OF THE QADIANIS


                    The followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian are called Qadianis or
                    Abmadis, whether they may regard him as a real Prophet; or a ‘Zilli or
                    Buroozi’ (through rebirth according to Hindus’ reincarnation) Prophet; as
                    the ‘Masih Mau’ud; a reformer; (Muhaddas) (one who talks with God),
                    Hazrat Ibrahim, Sri Krishna, even God. Whatever may they regard him, they
                    are invariably non-Muslims, rather traitors, both to Islam and to the
                    Millat-e-Islamiyah. But they fraudulently claim to be one of the Muslim
                    sects like the Hanafis, the Malikis, the Shafies and the Hanbalis, who
                    are undoubtedly pristine and puritan Muslims. There is not an iota of
                    truth in the Qadianis’ such fraudulent claims. This is a worst type of
                    fraud on their part, motivated to misguide the simple-minded Muslims.
                    The Qadianis are unanimously held by the recognised authorities of Islam
                    to be non-Muslims, and not a Muslim sect, whether they may belong to
                    the ‘Rabwa group or to the ‘Lahore’ group. Both groups are non-Muslims.
                    [In the 19th Century] Indian Muslims rallied in thousands under the
                    banner of revolt [Jehad] raised by the great Syed [Ahmed Shaheed]. Not
                    unduly, the British masters were perturbed by the upsurge. In Sudan,
                    Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad gave the call of Jehad and Mehdism which rattled the
                    Western imperialists. They knew that if the spark was allowed to blaze
                    forth it would become uncontrollable. And, then, they saw the
                    Pan-Islamic movement of Syed Jamaluddin Afghani gaining in popularity. The threat
                    that all this spelt for their colonial structure was too obvious to be
                    ignored. The only way to hold them [Muslims] in check was, thus, to
                    make use of their religious susceptibilities... Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was
                    a victim of frustration and mental unrest and wanted very much to be
                    the founder of a new faith so that he, too, may have devotees and
                    followers and his name, also went down in history like that of the Prophet
                    Mohammad (Peace be on him), was picked up by the British Government to
                    fulfill the mission. No one could be more suited to work among the
                    Muslims towards that objective.

                    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad launched his endeavour with great alacrity. At first
                    he laid claim to the station of a Renovators - then promoted himself
                    and declared that he was Imam Mehdi, after some time the glad tidings of
                    being the Promised Messiah reached him and, finally, he was the
                    Prophet. The design of the British masters had been put into effect. It had
                    been carried out admirably! The Mirza played his part very well and
                    nothing was left wanting by way of British patronage also. His security and
                    protection was looked after with care and diligence and all sorts of
                    facilities were made available to him. The Qadiani, on his side, was not
                    an ungrateful soul. He never forgot the favours conferred by the
                    Government nor tired of proclaiming that his advancement was solely due to
                    its benevolence. In one of his articles he declares himself to be a
                    “seedling of the British Government,” and makes a display of his unswerving
                    faithfulness in these words:

                    “The greater part of my life has been spent in supporting and defending
                    the British Government. I have written so many books regarding the
                    prohibition of Jehad and loyalty to the British that, were they to be
                    gathered together, they would fill fifty almirahs. I have distributed these
                    books in all countries: Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Kabul and Rum.’

                    At another place, the Mirza writes:

                    “From my early age till now when I am about sixty years old, I have
                    been engaged with my pen and tongue in an important task: to turn the
                    hearts of Muslims towards true love, goodwill and sympathy for the British
                    Government, and to obliterate the idea of Jehad from the hearts of the
                    less wise among them, since these stand in the way of sincerity and
                    frank and honest mutual relations”

                    The movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad furnished excellent spies, faithful
                    friends and sell-sacrificing agents to the British Government. Some of
                    his followers did yeomen service to it, both in India and abroad, and
                    did not hesitate even to shed their blood for its sake, such as Abdul
                    Latif Qadiani who was an enthusiastic preacher of the Qadiani faith in
                    Afghanistan and [who] also did his best to refute the concept of Jehad.
                    He was executed by the Afghan Government because it was feared that the
                    kind of preaching he indulged in would drive out from the Afghans the
                    spirit of valour for which they were known all over the world. In the
                    same way, Mulla Abdul Halim Qadiani and Mulla Nur Ali Qadiani were
                    executed in Afghanistan, for certain papers were found in their possession
                    which proved that they were the agents and spies of the British and their
                    job was to conspire against the Afghan Government, as is apparent from
                    the statement issued by the Minister of Interior of Afghanistan in
                    and the official organ of the Qadiani movement, Al-Fazl, too, has
                    published this statement in its issue of March 3, 1925, and displayed this
                    event as an act of glowing self-sacrifice!

                    The Qadiani community, in sum, kept strictly away from all nationalist
                    movements, from its inception. It took no part in the struggle for
                    freedom, neither during the lifetime of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, nor after his
                    death. What is more, it took pleasure in the injustices and atrocities
                    perpetrated by the Western Imperialists on the Islamic World. The
                    Qadianis remained completely indifferent to all-popular endeavours of the
                    Muslims, and to the problems and movements which sprang from Islamic
                    consciousness. Their sole concern was to engage in religious polemics and
                    make minute distinctions in argument or issues like the death of the
                    Messiah, the life of the Messiah, the descension of the Messiah and the
                    Apostleship of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
                    [Brief extracts from “Qadianism - A Critique”, by S. Abul Hasan Ali
                    Nadwi, published by Young Mens ‘s Muslim Association, P. O.Box 18594,
                    Actonville, 1506, South Africa.]A Tale of the Underground Activities of the
                    As the 2nd half of the 20th century passed, rays of hope dawned for the
                    Muslim world. Islam in the last was set free from the shackles of
                    colonial administration. Along with it, ahead of a deep religious
                    consciousness, the wave of cultural and intellectual alertness flowed (emerged).
                    But immediately, weapons were checked anew from the other side and new
                    snares were laid for the Muslims. Conspiracies were made. Extraordinary
                    dexterities (measures) were adopted, so much so that, now, after
                    approximately 50 years, at the end of the century, Muslims are surrounded by
                    trials and tests from all sides.

                    A trial from amongst these very frightful trials is the infidelistic
                    movement of Qadianism, which our society has become the running target
                    of. This evil (of Qadianism) is spreading very rapidly in most of the
                    countries of the world. The manner in which this movement is being
                    propagated, is also astonishing. On the other hand, the simplicity with which
                    efforts are being made to confront it, leaves one’s mind and intellect
                    compelled to say,

                    ‘Look at your own simplicity
                    But look at the craftiness of others too. Yahya Nu’mani’

                    After adjudging the Qadianis as non-Muslims, the Muslim World has
                    resolved to relieve themselves from the incumbent responsibility of casting
                    a watchful eye over the external and secret activities of the Qadianis,
                    whereas, after the historical decision of 1974, the responsibilities of
                    Muslim organizations — Islamic governments in particular -had
                    increased. The duty of keeping a strict observation of the underground
                    activities of the Qadianis and to render unsuccessful their plans against
                    Islamic governments ought to have continued, but sadly, that has not happened
                    and the severe consequences thereof are now surfacing.

                    According to some reports, an organized and arranged network of the
                    Qadianis is existent in approximately 150 countries of the world. In fact,
                    Mirza Tahir Ahmed has received a VIP protocol (status) in all
                    non-Islamic countries which (in certain countries, is no less than a Protocol
                    which some Heads of State receive). In 1989, the Ahmadiyya sect
                    celebrated their centenary festival in Pakistan and all over the world, during
                    which their objectives throughout the world were surveyed and their
                    goals for the next 25 years were ascertained.

                    …In 1983/84, when a detailed report regarding the activities of the
                    Qadianis was presented to General Zia-ul-Haq, he discreetly began an
                    urgent move (covert operation), the aim of which was to remove Qadiani
                    appointments from the army, secret institutions, bureaucracy, NGO’s,
                    embassies, communications, Foreign Department, television, radio and other key
                    posts. A few members were removed from the army on the basis of
                    contravening the disciplinary code, but after a list of the remaining persons
                    was prepared, it was unable to be executed. According to some reports,
                    currently (too) there are Qadianis present in all the mentioned
                    departments (stated earlier). In the meanwhile, a group, “the Movement to
                    preserve the finality of Prophethood” had also prepared an agenda, but due
                    to various reasons, even a minimal percentage of that was not acted

                    Included amongst the designs, aims and objectives of the “Movement to
                    preserve the finality of Prophethood” — as recorded in their booklet -
                    are these two important points too (which are probably in the grade of
                    not having been acted upon):

                    • Along new lines, utilizing the electronic and print media in future,
                    to forestall the activities of the Qadianis against Islam and the
                    • Setting up centers in different cities to keep a watchful eye over
                    the Qadianis.

                    It is also necessary to mention here, this bitter fact, that when the
                    previous Pakistani Government had to encounter (confront) the worst and
                    most menacing sectarian revolution in history in the first few months
                    of coming into power, the secretariat of the Inspector General of the
                    police, along with all secret and sensitive institutions, submitted
                    written reports to the government that several Qadiani organizations too
                    have a hand in further fanning the religious sectarian revolution in
                    Pakistan. Doubts were even raised about the existence of Qadiani persons in
                    the Prime Minister’s office, secretariat. Foreign Ministry, Interior
                    Ministry, the close circles and aides of the Prime Minister and their
                    important officers, which was a security risk. Those who had the power to
                    submit a report, pointed out the basic cause of the mutiny and discord,
                    but those who had the power to enforce the report, remained advisedly
                    silent and the matter was squashed. These are the very same expediencies
                    which are harming Pakistan.

                    In 1989, on the occasion of the centenary celebrations, with reference
                    to the good work of the century, the Qadianis distributed a voluminous
                    magazine amongst their members, wherein was recorded important Qadiani
                    centers in 120 countries and details of their network of propagation
                    (tabligh). According to recent reports, formal fixed centers and lower
                    constitutional institutions are found in 150 countries, to which have
                    been entrusted the responsibility of different continents.

                    Under the supervision of Mirza Tahir Ahmed, included amongst the
                    countries wherein important centers of the Qadianis are in operation, are -
                    in particular - countries like, Liberia, Ghana, Gambia, Indonesia,
                    Techiman, Fiji, Ivory Coast, London, Glasgow, Frankfurt (Germany), Senegal,
                    Sweden, Amsterdam (Holland), Bangladesh, New York, Japan, West Java,
                    Malaysia, Singapore, Rosehill (Mauritius), Norway, Sierra Leone and

                    On the 12th of September 1983, a hail was booked in the Paramount Hotel
                    of Singapore for a meeting under the chairmanship of Mirza Tahir Ahmed,
                    the leader of the “Ahmedia Movement’. Dynamic members of functioning
                    Qadiani organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Saba and Singapore,
                    attended this meeting. Propagatory matters of the “Qadiani Movement” were
                    surveyed, and upon culmination of the meeting, Mirza Tahir Ahmed issued
                    instructions to all participants in his key address. Upon completion of
                    the first sitting, Mirza Tahir Ahmed had a three hour-long meeting in a
                    separate room of the very same Paramount Hotel with a few people who had
                    arrived from Germany, Britain, Pakistan and India.

                    According to the report of a non-governmental Islamic organization
                    monitoring the Qadianis, close attention was paid in this meeting to
                    disrupt and undermine those Islamic madrasahs and Islamic centers which were
                    in operation in different countries of the world — in particular, those
                    which were being run under the management of individuals of the
                    Deobandi and AhleHadith school of thought. Further meetings of the series of
                    this very meeting continue taking place in “Islamabad”, a place in
                    London. Regarding them, some important sources reveal that there is a joint
                    mission of Qadiani organizations upon this agenda, that a watchful eye
                    should be kept on such religious institutions and universities in
                    India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Maldives, which belong to the
                    Deobandi school of thought, viz. what program do the Qadiani organizations
                    have against Deobandi Madrasahs in particular, in the mentioned

                    The most important Qadiani centers are located in West Java, Senegal,
                    Sweden, Germany and Britain. The Jungles of West Java are reckoned as
                    the safest place to provide military and espionage training for the
                    Qadianis. Training camps are set up in the Jungles of West Java for several
                    weeks, where trained individuals from organizations of non-Islamic
                    countries train the Qadianis. A number of Muslims arriving from Britain,
                    America and Germany, who are Qadianis in reality, depart on different
                    missions — though they do not reveal themselves as Qadianis.

                    According to one report, important meetings of the Qadianis are held in
                    a building known as Nasir Mosken in Sweden. Mirza Tahir Ahmed has
                    chosen such countries and places in the world, where according to his
                    thoughts, all meetings, training courses and his series of meetings with
                    non-Islamic organizations would remain guarded against the secret
                    intelligence of Islamic countries. According to one report, all expenses of the
                    annual gatherings of the Qadianis in Germany and Britain, which run up
                    to millions of dollars, are settled by the non-Muslims. According to
                    some reports, hundreds of villages of African countries have accepted the
                    Qadiani school of thought. Under the name of Islam people of these
                    villages are being lured into Qadianism.

                    Non-Muslims regard Mirza Tahir Ahmed as the Pope John Paul of Muslims.
                    In some reports, this fear is expressed, that copies of the Holy Qur’an
                    which the Qadianis are distributing in different countries, are altered
                    or tampered with.

                    This much is not hidden from anyone now, that Qadiani and Christian
                    missionary organizations are engaged in joint plans of propaganda against
                    Islam and Islamic countries through the agency of private channels of
                    special broadcasting companies of the world. Regarding Muslims,
                    misleading propaganda is aired at specific times on special frequencies.
                    Muslims are branded as extremists and Islamic penalties (penal codes) are
                    labeled (viewed) as contravening human rights.

                    According to certain reports received regarding Mirza Tahir Ahmed, the
                    Qadianis have enlisted the services of some such lobbying firms in
                    America and Britain, which are lobbying against Pakistan in institutions
                    like the United Nations, the American Foreign Office and International
                    Monetary Fund. With the permission of the respective governments, Mirza
                    Tahir Ahmed and thousands of Qadianis lecture to Muslim children in the
                    colleges, universities and schools of Muslim communities in Europe and
                    Africa, portraying Qadianism as the true Islam.

                    According to certain reports received from Britain, several dinners
                    (functions) are held under the chairmanship of Mirza Tahir Ahmed in
                    different cities of Britain, where, together with Qadiani men and women,
                    English men and women are present too. During this dinner, wine and other
                    essentials are offered to the guests. On these occasions, the Qadianis
                    present Islam as a liberal and secular religion, due to which important
                    personalities and parliamentarians of Britain generally attend such
                    dinner parties too.

                    Meetings at the Islamic center of the Ahmadiyya’s in Rosehill
                    (Mauritius), the Nasir Baagh area in Germany and Mission House in Norway, are
                    such places, where, along with Mirza Tahir Ahmed, the representatives of
                    International non-Islamic Missionary Institutions attend. Acquiring a
                    German or British visa is not too difficult for any Qadiani.

                    In the Dar-us-Salaam university of Tanzania too, Mirza Tahir Ahmed
                    continues lecturing on the subject of Islam. Under the supervision of
                    “Majlis-e-Khuddam-ul-Ahmediyyah”, the local governments of Britain and
                    Germany provide special aid for their annual meetings. In the past fifteen
                    years, meeting high-ranking officials of over 100 states, Mirza Tahir
                    Ahmed has acquired aid for the propagation of Qadianism. In the
                    above-mentioned period, along with the Governor General of Mauritius, Sir Dave
                    Amawami Rangado, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Sir An’rod Jagnath,
                    the Prime Minister of Tanzania, Joseph Ari Uba and the Premier of the
                    Ivory Coast, he continued meeting other important personalities. In
                    Freetown, Sierra Leone too, there are training centers of the Ahmadiyya.

                    Under the name of Qadianism, the International Ahmadiyya Association is
                    causing great harm to Islam. In Britain, their special place (abode) is
                    Baitul Fadhl, where different personalities departing from Pakistan

                    In January 1998, in Islamabad, London, the representatives of three
                    important NGO’s of Pakistan attended the senior leadership meeting of the
                    Qadianis. According to sources, in this meeting, the good work of the
                    NGO’s in Pakistan was adjudged to be satisfactory. According to some
                    reports, thousands of Muslim youth from Pakistan were successful in
                    leaving for Britain and Germany with the help of the Qadianis, where they
                    married into Qadiani homes. Currently, many of these youth are rendering
                    propagatory services in different countries as supporters of the

                    It has come to light regarding Mirza Tahir Ahmed, that he has splendid
                    mansions in America, Britain, Germany, and Singapore. Moreover, the
                    value of his properties run into hundreds of million dollars. Along with
                    the four mentioned mansions, there is a modern satellite system, from
                    where, including Pakistan and India, he directly addresses approximately
                    50 countries via satellite. Thereafter, hundreds of thousands of audio
                    and videocassettes of his discourses are circulated in different
                    countries of the world.

                    Besides Pakistan, in approximately 100 countries, according to a
                    regular schedule, tours are arranged for Mirza Tahir Ahmed to such schools
                    where there is a majority of Muslim children. There, under the patronage
                    of Mirza Tahir Ahmed, along with gifts, such Islamic booklets are
                    distributed wherein Mirza Goolam Ahmed Qadiani is recognized as the final
                    Nabi and the holiest personality of the Muslims. There is also an
                    arrangement prevalent for Muslim families to take the oath of allegiance on
                    the hands of Mirza Tahir Ahmed.

                    The activities of the Qadianis and the growing succession of their
                    propaganda in 150 countries of the world in association with non-Islamic
                    Institutions, is a matter of concern for Islamic countries. Under such
                    circumstances, Muslims need to caution and inform their new offspring
                    (i.e. the future generation) about the true background of the existence of
                    Qadianis and the reality of Mirza Goolam Ahmed Qadiani.

                    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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                      Can Ahmadis Answer???

                      Bismillah al-Rehman al-Rehman
                      Truth came and falsehood perish; falsehood was bound to perish

                      Any Qadiani/Ahmadi who prove these quotations wrong
                      a Reward of Rs. 500,000
                      is offered by
                      Dr. Syed Rashid Ali &
                      (Ex-Ahmadi) Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari of
                      Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

                      Can Ahmadis Answer PART1
                      Can Ahmadis Answer PART2
                      Can Ahmadis Answer PART3
                      Can Ahmadis Answer PART4

                      by Illias Sattar


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                        Defending- Islam , great stuff there bro¬ jazakALlah khair

                        The Finnality of Prophethood
                        is a fundamental part of the islamic belief. Wars were faught against the false prophets and their apostate followers that arose even in the Prophets saw time who claimed revelation for themseves and their followers were defeated intellectually and phyiscally and banished from the fold of Islam for the open disbelief in the finnality of prophethood and inventing "false revealtion" for themselves.

                        Make no mistake this issue is major importaance to the strength of the Ummah, and those who dont hold this belief by the consensus of the schoalrs past and present do not belong to this ummah. This is not MY opinion , but the knowledge and guidence of the Ulema of Shias and Sunnis too.

                        Often you see the quadiannies resting a significant arguement of theres on a saying of hazrat Ayesha RA , saying. This saying has been refuted in many places in a rational and logical manner.

                        1 This is not the saying of the Prophet saw
                        2 it has missing links in the Isnad ( chain of narration )
                        3 it is a one off saying
                        4 it is incompatable with the other AUTHENTIC and mutawatir hadith of the Prophet saw and more importantly with the QURAN

                        Furthermore whose word are you going to give precedence to The Prophet saw or Ayesha (ra ) ??? Obviously the former, as he is who the message of religion has been revealed too.

                        This refutation is the shortest i have read:

                        La Nabi ya Baadi [No Prophet after me]

                        I have read a "hadith" related to Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa (Razi Allahu Anha) that she said "o people! call The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Khatam Al Nabiyin [the seal of the prophets], but do not say that no Prophet will come after him" (Tafsir Dur-e-Manshoor)

                        Wa `alaykum as-Salam,

                        This is narrated by Ibn Abi Shayba in his Musannaf with a broken chain between `A'isha and the narrator that reports it from her, with up to three missing links.

                        The report that says: "No Prophet will come after me" is mass-transmitted (mutawatir).

                        Ibn Abi Shayba also narrates with a somewhat weak chain that al-Mughira ibn Shu`ba said: "It is enough to say 'Khatam al-Anbiya' for it was narrated to us that `Isa, upon him peace, would come out, so if he comes out, he would be both before and after him."

                        So these reports are meant as a reminder that the descent of `Isa, upon him peace, at the end of time is established, not that there will be any another Prophet after the Prophet, upon him peace, since `Isa will be a follower of the Shari`a and not of his own dispensation nor of the Mosaic Law which he followed in his own time. And Allah knows best.

                        Hajj Gibril

                        "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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                          The Dictionary Meaning of the Word 'Khatam-al-Nabiyyin'

                          It is evident that the text can bear one meaning and it is that Khatam-al-Nabiyyin stands for the Finality of Prophethood with a clear implication that the prophethood has been culminated and finalized in Muhammad (PBUH). It is not only the context that supports this interpretation but also the lexicography.

                          According to Arabic lexicon and the linguistic usage Khatam means to affix seal; to close, to come to an end; and to carry something to its ultimate end.

                          Khatama al-'Amala is equivalent to 'Faragha min al-'Amali' which means 'to get over with the task.' 'Khatama al-Ina' bears the meaning 'The vessel has been closed and sealed so that nothing can go into it, nor can its contents spill out.'

                          'Khatam-al-kitab' conveys the meaning 'The letter has been enclosed and sealed so that it is finally secured.'

                          'Khatama-'Ala-al-Qalb' means 'The heart has been sealed so that it cannot perceive anything new nor can it forswear what it has already imbibed.'

                          'Khitamu-Kulli-Mashrubin' implies 'the final taste that is left in the mouth when the drink is over.'

                          Katimatu Kulli Shaiinn 'Aqibatuhu wa Akhiratuhu means "The end in the case of everything denotes its doom and ultimate finish." Khatm-ul-Shaii Balagha Akhirahu conveys the sense, "To end a thing means to carry it to its ultimate limit."
                          "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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                            Originally posted by King Aragorn
                            Qadianis claim to be Muslims but to do believe in one of its fundamental beliefs - that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet sent by Allah.

                            I have heard that because they believe this, Muslims can kill them?

                            They are Wajib-ul-Qitaal as they say?

                            Is there any truth in this?

                            Kindly do cite your sources and your reasons. I'll be most grateful for your help. May the AlMighty too reward you for your efforts to teach others our true religion.
                            Having met a few, I can tell you that they are the nicest of all muslims, no arrogance, believe in the Koarn and by far the most peace loving sect within the muslim sects. Long may they live and prosper, Subhanallah. For it is Allah (swt) job to judge and not yours my dear mortal.
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                              they may be "nice" but how is it acceptable within Islam to believ in another prophet after Mohammed salallahu alayhi wa salam who is clearly shown within Islam to be the seal of the prophethood??
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                              “People praise you for what they suppose is in you,
                              but you must blame your soul for what you know is in you.”
                              ~ Ibn Atallah

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