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Facts of Masjid Nabawi

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    Facts of Masjid Nabawi

    Masjid Nabawi has always enthralled me with its enormous charm. I have composed these lesser recognized information on Masjid Nabawi so that next time you trip it, you believe its attraction all the more. So let us brush up our details on Masjid Nabawi.

    Masjid Nabawi was the second masjid constructed in the past of Islam . It is the second-holiest place in Islam, after al-Masjid al-Haram in Makkah.

    Do you recognize that there are made-up stories about a body in the green arena of Masjid Nabawi? Read the fact of the “Body in the emerald dome”

    The Secret of the Green arena of Masjid Nabawi

    Masjid Nabawi has always unlocked, in spite of of date or time. Do you identify that Raudah Opens only for a short time for the ladies? Check information on Raudhah – Ladies Section-Here prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    Do You Know that the place of Masjid Nabawi was selected by the Camel of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? The Location of the Masjid was selected by Prophet Muhammad himself when he traveled on a camel called Qaswa . The land was owned by Sahal and Suhayl. The site was initially neighboring to Prophet Muhammad’s house; he established there after his Hijra (emigration) to MedinaH in 622 CE. He shared in the important work of building of Masjid Nabawi.[2]

    Do You Know that initially Masjid Nabawi was an open-air building completed with only palm trunks,beaten clay and palm leaves? The masjid served as a group of people center, a court, and a spiritual school. There was a raised platform for the people who educated the Quran.

    Masjid Nabawi was the first place in the Arabian neck of land to be provided with electrical lights(year 1909)[1]Madinah

    The masjid is under the manage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Masjid. The masjid is situated in what was usually the center of Medinah, with many hotels and old markets near.

    Do You identify that the Pulpit and mimbar of the Masjid are looked after by a unusual group of citizens who are called “guardians of Prophet’s Masjid?Read their inquisitive story here.

    It is a main pilgrimage place. Many pilgrims who do the Hajj go on to Medinah to visit the masjid owing to its connections to the life of Muhammad (PBUH).

    The masjid was built by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 622 after his entrance in the city of Medinah.[2] Riding on a camel called Qaswa he arrived at the rest where this masjid was built. The land was owned by Sahal and Suhayl

    There are two mihrabs in the maskid, one was built by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and another was built by the third Rashidun caliph Uthman. The one built by the latter was larger than that of Muhammad’s and act as the functional mihrab, whereas Muhammad’s mihrab is a “commemorative” mihrab.[3]

    Do you Know how to Identify Rawdatul Jannah ? Rawdah is floored with Green Carpet just to recognize it, and the complete Masjid is floored with red carpet.

    Do You Know that there is an Empty grave of Prophet Jesus?Rawdah holds the tomb of Muhammad (PBUH) and two of his companions and first Caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab. A fourth grave is kept for Prophet Jesus, as it is believed that he will go back and will be hidden at the site. The site is enclosed by the Green Dome. The Green Dome was constructed in 1817 C.E. During the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud IIand painted green in 1837 C.E.[4]

    Do You Know that Prayers are never discarded in Riad ul Jannah ?In the heart of the masjid houses a very extraordinary, but small area named Riad ul-Jannah (Gardens of Paradise). It makes longer from Muhammad’s tomb (Rawdah) to his pulpit (minbar). Pilgrims effort to visit the limits of the area, since there is a custom that prayers and uttered here are never rejected

    The Green Dome was constructed in 1817C.E. During the reign of Sultan Mahmud II. The dome was painted green in 1837 C.E. And came to be known as the “Green Dome”.