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the truth about Sheikh Muhamad ibn AbdulWahab & refutation to all false labels on him

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  • the truth about Sheikh Muhamad ibn AbdulWahab & refutation to all false labels on him

    The eighteenth century was an era of Western colonial expansionism. The entire Muslim World was groaning under the iron heels of the European colonialists. The mighty Ottoman Empire was heading towards a collapse. Muslim society suffered from superstitions, pagan practices, heretical innovations and apostatical leanings. The concept of pure and uncompromising Tawhid (monotheism) got mixed up with polytheism. Hijaz, the land of two sanctuaries of Islam, was no exception. The whole of the Arabian Peninsula was under the grip of superstitions and Jahiliya practices. Najd, the central part of the Peninsula, had also lapsed into pre-Islamic heathenism. Despite such a gloomy picture, the reformative impulse was always active and operational.

    Religio-Cultural And Political Milieu Of Najd Before The ShaikhThe Advent Of The Shaikh:A Profile Of The Shaikh:The Da'wa In Action:The Wahhabi-Sa'udi Rule:
    Since there was no separation between religion and state in Islam and since the state was supposed to enforce the laws of Islam as ordained by Divine Revelation and the Hadith, the Sa'udi rulers of Dar'iya, accepted the call of the Shaikh in letter and spirit and the new state was in fact a Wahhabi-Sa'udi State, promoting justice, truth, righteousness and happiness for the people. The Shaikh himself did not assume any power. He merely motivated the Sa'udi rulers to enforce canonical law and guided them towards Islamic justice. He gave his judgements in disputes in regard to religio-political conflicts or treaties signed between States. He worked both as a religio-social reformer as well as a political leader with vision, insight and acumen. He did not live in isolation from the society or political affairs of the state. The Shaikh and Ibn-Sa'ud acted in perfect harmony because they were on the same wave length of ideas.The harmony reached to such an extent that the Sa'udi rulers could not decide anything without consulting the Shaikh. Even his decisions on war and peace were accepted by the rulers. Thus the government of Dar'iya - was the first Islamic state in the eighteenth century - that was run jointly by the Sa'udi and Wahhabi" leaders.

    The Da'wa of the Shaikh succeeded so rapidly because it had a political power and executive authority at its back. Despite hostile assaults, wars for decades, the Da'wa emerged triumphant and the Shaikh saw the fruits of his sacrifice during his own lifetime. The Shaikh, who started his Tawhi'd movement when he was only twenty years old or even less, was happy at heart for he had established the Islamic commonwealth at Dar'iya and had restored the Islamic life-style. After having achieved his mission, the Shaikh surrendered himself to the call of his Creator and passed away in 1792/1206. The news of his demise engulfed the souls of Muslims with sadness, sorrow and grief. Great 'Ulama' mourned the demise in elegiac odes. His message, however, reached Asia, Africa and Europe. One can see the hands of the Shaikh moving in the present resurgence of Islam throughout the Muslim World. It is, however, the saddest episode in the history of Islamic movement that the same Sa'udis who had promoted the call in the beginning have forgotten it today and have slipped into luxuries and are entrapped into the cobwebs of the Superpowers.

    Militant Crusade Launched By The 'Ulama':Disputes Disowned:Waves Of Allegations:From Hostility To Compromise:European Colonialists and Wahhabism:The European Travellers And Writers On Wahhabism:The Muslim Writers:
    Books written about Muhammad and his movement, by the Muslims merit brief mention here. Among the early Arab writers the noted ones are Shaikh 'Abd-al-Ghafur Attar, and Amin Sa'id. Among the writers of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent are Moulana Manzur Nu'mani and Moulana Mas'ud 'Alam Nadwiy. The latter's work, Muhammad ibn-Abd-al-Wahhab: Muslih, Mazlum and Muftara 'Alaih' (Arabic version Zamzam Press, 1977) is based on high scholarship and research. The author has exhausted all accessible material in Arabic, Urdu and Persian, in addition to European sources. Chapter one deals with the life and works of Muhammad while chapters two and three treat the rise of the Sa'ud family and the Turkish conquest of Hijaz and Najd respectively. The writings of Muhammad have been examined in the third chapter, while his Da 'wa and message have been analysed in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter exposes the falsehood that were forged against Muhammad by pioneer forgers. The last chapter, being the critique of sources, is most significant. The author analyses his Arabic, Urdu and Persian, as well as the European sources objectively.

    Writings Of Muhammad: A Critique Of His Critics:Extravagance Of Accusations And Slanders And Mutilation Of Historical Facts:
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    Assalaamalaikum Wa Rehmatullah!

    I am from another forum, and I have registered solely to ask you for the source of this excellent work on Sheikh Ibn Abdul Wahhab (Rahimuhullah). Please provide us with the source of this text or a bibliography in case this is your own work.

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      this kafirs brother wrote a book about him..and his father said he was insane

      and there is not one known scholar form his era that agreed with him..all the top scholars of his time, refuted him and looked down on him

      why is he a kafir?. beacsue he says allah has a body like us...and that Allah is sitting on the throne

      and that is not a lie...nor it is is taugh in detail in his tafseer..where is says (in his tafseer) that all ayyat are to be taken literaly

      when the quran itself says not all the ayyat have literal meansing

      this man also iopenly denies sufism, yet he quotes from sufi books, such as the 40 hadith

      anyone who follows him needs guidence

      this is utter blapshemy, and according to takes you OUT of islam

      this guy is prolly being tormented by the anegls in his grave right now
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        Perhaps you should do some research and verification before accusing a true servant of Allah of Kuffar. I hope you don't take this as a challenge or something that will belittle you, because what this is, is truth and it is the duty of the Muslims to find truth. I don't think you have even read the text posted above. Anyway, the following is a refutation of these ridiculous allegations made by his enemies, who are in fact the enemies of Tawheed and Sunnah -

        <hr width="75%">
        <big>It is not possible in this short article to discuss the topic from all aspects. I hope that readers will accept my apologies if they find any unintentional mistakes in this effort, and that they will pray for me to be granted strength and steadfastness if they gain any benefits from reading it. And Allaah is the Guide to the Straight Path. <O:P> </O:P></big>
        <big>Firstly: what was written in the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics
        <big>1- They affirm that Allaah has physical attributes, such as His Face, two Hands, etc.</big>
        <big>2- Reason plays no role in religious matters, which must be resolved in the light of the ahaadeeth.</big>
        <big>3- They do not accept (scholarly consensus).</big>
        <big>4- They reject qiyaas (analogy).</big>
        <big>5- They believe that the opinions of the madhhabs are not evidence, and that those who follow them are not Muslims.</big>
        <big>6- They think that everyone who does not join their group is a kaafir.</big>
        <big>8- Visiting tombs and shrines is haraam in their view.</big>
        <big>9- Swearing by anything other than Allaah is haraam.</big>
        <big> Let us look at these doubts one by one and comment briefly on each of them.</big>
        <big><O:P> </O:P></big>
        <big>[al-Shoora 42:11]<O:P> </O:P></big>
        <big>Their view concerning the attributes of Allaah is like their view concerning the Essence of Allaah, which does not resemble the essence of His created beings.</big><big> <O:P> </O:P></big>
        Taareekh al-Madhaahib al-Islamiyyah by Muhammad Abu Zahrah, p. 532)</big>
        Taareekh al-Madhaahib al-Islamiyyah by Muhammad Abu Zahrah, p. 532)</big>
        Kitaab al-Tawheed). <O:P></O:P></big>
        <big> If what the critic meant was tawassul
        Mansik al-Marwadhi al-Islam, 1/264)<O:P> </O:P></big>
        saheeh hadeeth)<O:P> </O:P></big>
        Kitaab al-Tawheed a chapter entitled Laa yudhbah Lillaahi fi makaan yudhbaah li ghayr Allaah (Sacrifices should not be offered to Allaah in places where sacrifices are offered to anyone other than Allaah). The following chapter is entitled, Min al-Shirk al-nadhr li ghayr Allaah
        Muslim Studies, p. 259)<O:P> </O:P></big>
        <big>(Ignaz Goldziher, Muslim Studies, p. 334-335)<O:P> </O:P></big>
        <big> The point is that this German orientalist has saved us the job of refuring the accusations made against the Wahhabis that they destroyed the domes on the shrines and stopped people from visiting graves to call upon the dead for help. Islam as brought by Muhammad <!--#include virtual="/saws.htm" -->(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) does not allow either of these things. <O:P> </O:P></big>
        <big> </big>
        <big><!--#include virtual="/navbar.htm" --></big>

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          again..the FACT that he BELIEVE Allah is a big man in jannah (which he openly admits to in his books) is ALL I NEED TO KNOW

          becasue that there is a kafir belief, and that's mattwer how much history you still won't change the fact he believes Allah resembles a man, and this is kafir

          GO READ HIS TAFSEER!!!!

          he says this..i am not lieing..he believe Allah resembles a man..and this is blasphemy

          good servant my arse!
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            crony it does not say what you accuse
            we are not anthromorphists
            we disagree with ta'weel, tamtheel, ta'aleel, tamfeedh, unless text tells us to do it
            do not make accusations little boy as you and your sect will be destroyed in a discussion
            sufi grave worshippers who like Allah swt to man
            and liken RasoolAllah to Allah swt
            and liken shaytaan to RAsoolAllah saw
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              <big><o =""></o></big>
              <big>[al-Shoora 42:11]<o =""></o></big>
              <big>Their view concerning the attributes of Allaah is like their view concerning the Essence of Allaah, which does not resemble the essence of His created beings.

              I think you missed the above part. Like I said, try to read before replying.
              </big><big> </big>
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                Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu!
                mashallah great revolutunist indeed!! may Allah reward him immensely for saddens me how his rivals tried to defame him and to make it worse the act of defaming was extremely successful atleast around me that i hardly find anyone who doesnt say that he had corrupt believes which make one exit islam etc ! and are not willing to give up these false assumptions easily ! its a shame!
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                  i don't see how saying Allah has a body [which is what ibn whahab does] makes him a good guy....but you go on your way and i'll go on mine

                  kafir or not..he attacked mecca and madinah...that is enough for me to know he isn't a muslim anymore

                  may Allah bring misery to those evil kafirs that try to currupt his religion.
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                    Re: the truth about Sheikh Muhamad ibn AbdulWahab &amp; refutation to all false labels on

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                      Re: the truth about Sheikh Muhamad ibn AbdulWahab &amp; refutation to all false labels on



                      His story is the same as all the people of Haq rahimuAllah




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