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So let the competitors compete for the Hereafter!

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    So let the competitors compete for the Hereafter!

    So let the competitors compete for the Hereafter!

    Oh Slaves of Allah! Let us compete and rush towards the forgiveness of Allah and Paradise which is as wide as the heavens and Earth for we must not slacken in doing so lest we are taken all of a sudden by death.

    The Prophet (Sallallahu `alaihi wasallam) said: “Being laid-back is best in every matter except for good deeds" (Abu Daawood & Al-Haakim).

    So let us not compete for who has bigger houses or more suceess and money in this world but let us compete for the highest ranks in the next world:

    “… So for this let the competitors compete" (Al Mutaffifeen:26) and also, “.. So race to (all that is) good… (Al-Baqarah:148).

    So let us begin NOW to compete NOT for this temporary existence but for eternity in the hereafter, for there will only be regret for those of us who wasted our precious few seconds in this life without doing much good:

    Ibn Masood said: “I have never regretted anything as a day spent of my life without doing good deeds.”

    May Allah enable us to spend each and every second from now until death doing everything to please him and refraining from anything which angers or displeases him. Ameen
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