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The seven gates of hell

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    Re: Seven Levels of Hell

    Allah Subhana T'Allah has given every human being the freedom of will, which includes things like:

    - The freedom to speak (be it ill mannered or well mannered)
    - The freedom to think (be it positive or negative)
    - The freedom to see, hear, smell, taste, walk, talk, etc

    Human beings are responsible for their own actions, if one human being decideds to drink alcohol, fornicate, eat haram etc etc then that his decision BUT he may do one good deed which Allah may see fit for such a person to be forgiven for his sins and enter Heaven.

    The point is only Allah and Allah alone will judge EVERYONE based on their actions in life, be they Muslim or not.

    Surely a person who commits murder, rape, paedophillia, genocide deserves eternal damnation? especially if they get away with in this duniya, as many evil people do.

    Allah is the master and creator of this duniya, if this life was meant to be perfect then why would he have created Heaven?

    Nobody knows Allahs plans for the people of this earth, only he knows who will be forgiven and who won't. Our job is to the best we can with the time we are given.

    If a person chooses to be a Hindu, Sikh, Atheist, Buddhist, Scientologist, etc etc then that is there is freedom to do so, if a Muslim decides to leave Islam and follow a different path then again that is that individuals freedom to do so, only Allah knows what punishtment (if any) awaits them.

    Allah sent many messengers and sent his word through them to assist and guide us through this duniya, how we choose to interperate that information is vital as that will determine how we get through this journey.

    Some people will go through such hard trials that none of us can even imagine but yet they will keep their faith intact and Inshallah will be rewarded for their patience.

    May Allah guide us all towards the right path and may he make our test easier, Ameen.
    He who loses money, loses much.

    He who loses a friend, loses more.

    He who loses faith, loses ALL.



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