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Nikah Misyar ?

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    Re: Nikah Misyar ?

    In most of the cases, It is a temporary relationship between men and women for sexual pleasure. In this relationship the woman relinquishes all her rights that are available to her in an Islamic marriage. It is claimed that several Salafi scholars, including Saudi Grand Mufti Shaikh Abdulaziz al-Shaikh HA endorsed Misyar relationship between men and women in their fatawa.

    In Misyaar, man and woman need not live together under the same roof. They can meet whenever the man demands and spend a few hours together in privacy for sex and go to their homes quietly.

    Generally, It is a tourism marriage practiced by rich people of Gulf countries who go on vacation to other countries where they take advantage of poor Muslim families by fake marriages with young, rather very young girls between the ages of 9 to 16 years in collusion with local middlemen and agents who are paid for these services.

    There are two types of fake marriages:

    (I) The woman is made aware that the fake marriage is being perpetrated for a short time to have sex with her. In this case, she bargains and gets paid an agreed amount in advance.
    (II) The woman and her parents are not made aware of the intentions of rich-visitors. Poor parents and the young girl consider that it is a regular Islamic marriage and that after marriage she will go with her husband. These fake marriages are carried out with the knowledge and collusion of middlemen and agents. In these deceptive marriages, people from rich Gulf countries spend 15 days to one month with these poor hapless young girls in hotels. At the end of their vacation, they disappear in thin air leaving behind the devastated young girl and her parents. There are thousands of young Muslim girls who have become victim to this practice. These girls later get involved in prostitution in their countries.

    Fatwa of Shaikh Ibn Adam HA:

    With due respect to him and all other knowledgeable people, I want to put my words as hereunder.

    1: Theoretically if all the conditions of nikah are taken care of, then nikah is valid but here, as aforesaid, these conditions arent applied.

    2: Example of Hazrat Sawda rz.a's request doesn't apply in this case because the said proposal came after a certain period from her; and not at the time of nikah which is the condition of misyar to be valid along with other conditions.

    3: I would like to know if any nikah-misyar was held during Khairlquroon.

    Allah swt knows best
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      Re: Nikah Misyar ?

      I do not support this type of marriage.

      But I feel it necessary to clear up some mis information people spread when they try to compare it to the Shia practice of Muta. Disagreeing with a practice is one thing, but not presenting the facts and making people believe it to be equivalent to something it is not to impose one's view is not ethical Islamic ally.

      Unfortunately, some people are so attached to their views that they go to any length to prove the other position wrong with any means available - fair or foul.

      First, unlike Muta', Misyaar is not a marriage contracted simply for sexual pleasure. Muta' is a timed marriage whereas Misyaar is not. In Muta' there is an agreement among the husband and wife that they will separate after a specified period of time. This is not the case in Misyaar.

      Second, in Muta' the wife does not have any of the affects of marriage applied to her such as necessity of expenditure, divorce, housing, completing the 'Idah - period after divorce, and right to inheritance. This is not the case in Misyaar. The only rights she gives up are expenditure and housing. If she divorces she has to complete the 'Idah. Unlike Muta' since Misyaar is not a timed marraige, divorce has to take place and the marriage does not just end. Finally, if her husband dies she is entitled to inheritance unlike in Muta'.

      Third, there is no divorce in Muta'. The separation takes place upon an agreed upon time. This is not the case in Misyaar. Divorce does not take place on a stipulated time. The spouse actually get married in an attempt to remain married.

      Fourth, in Muta' Wali and Witnesses are not from the conditions of marriage whereas in Misyaar there presence is a must.

      As can be clearly seen that Muta' and Misyaar are two totally different forms of marriage. Muta' is solely for the purpose of sex whereas Misyaar is not. It is a marriage which does not have a stipulated time period for end.

      I hope people understand this. You can disagree with Misyaar, as I do, but please present the facts as they are.



      Difference between Misyaar and Muta'
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        Re: Nikah Misyar ?

        (O.k. I've deleted this part)

        Indeed, theoretically misyaar and muta are different but practically- both are similar if only se* is intended for a certain period (whether or not- predefined)

        I didn't find dalil behind this type of nikah. Plz enlighten me
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          Re: Nikah Misyar ?

          We have had a lot women come to masjid over the years requesting these kind of marriages to be conducted by our imam but alhamdulilah our teacher does not conduct these kind of marriages out of a strong discomft he feels.

          A lot of the woman have kids and good careers but seemingly don't want or need a man to support them. Hence our shaykh may allah preseve him has called the men they marry weekend husbands lol


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            Re: Nikah Misyar ?

            ^that wouldnt count as nikah misyar or would it?



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