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Shabraat 2010?

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    Shabraat 2010?

    So I have been hearing different things about whether to celebrate shabraat or not. Some consider it a bida' while others don't.
    What is the significance of this night, if any? When is it in 2010? ARe there any hadith available on this issue?

    ON the Pakistani QTV, they were saying that the Prophet saw used to fast a lot during this month. When asked why by one of his companions, he replied, Shaban is in the middle of Rajab and Ramadan and many people forget about it. He continued, as per QTV, that during this month the angels carry one's Amal to Allah swt and if Allah swt were to decide to take his life, he'd prefer dying while he's fasting.

    Considering the above information, we should fast and do additional ibadat all month then, not just on one day of Shaban.
    What say you guys?