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Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib-Lion Of Islam

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  • Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib-Lion Of Islam

    Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutalib Ibn Hashim Ibn Manaf. He was born in Mecca before the Prophet's birth in two years so he was very close to the Prophet . He was also the brother of the Prophet by feeding; (the same woman had feed them both, she was Halima Al-Saadiya). He took the right path and become Muslim in the second year of the Prophet's message after his story with Abu Jahal:

    It is recorded that the Prophet was one day seated on Safa when Abu Jahl happened to pass by and attacked the religion preached by him. The prophet Mohammed, however, kept silent and did not utter a single word. Abu Jahl went on unchecked, took a stone and cracked the Prophet’s head, which began to bleed. The aggressor then went to join the Qurai****es in their assembly place.

    It so happened shortly after that, Hamza, while returning from a hunting expedition, passed by the same way, his bow hanging by his shoulder. A slave-girl belonging to ‘Abdullah bin Jada‘an, who had noted the rudeness of Abu Jahl, told him the whole story of the attack on the Prophet . On hearing that, Hamza was deeply offended and hurried to Al-Ka‘bah and there, in the courtyard of the Holy Sanctuary, found Abu Jahl sitting with a company of Qurai****es. Hamza rushed upon him and struck his bow upon his head violently and said: "Ah! You have been abusing Mohammed ; I too follow his religion and profess what he preaches." The men of Bani Makhzum came to his help, and men of Bani Hashim wanted to render help, but Abu Jahl sent them away saying: "Let Abu ‘Ummarah alone, by Allah I did revile his nephew shamelessly."

    This story tells us that Hamza was one of the bravest men in Mecca and many people feared him. He was so close to the Prophet and it was reported that the first army leading was handed to Hamza to attack a trading group by Abu Jahal in the way Mecca . Abu Jahal escaped Hamza so no killing happened. Also the Prophet have handed the flag of the Muslims during three of the Prophet's wars: Bouat, Al-Abwa'a and Bany Gainga'a. Also in the fight of Bader, Hamza was one of its heroes; he has killed a huge group of Quraish greatest and strongest men. He was killed in the war of O'hood: After Hamza had killed tons of non-believers in Bader; many Quraish people wanted to get revenge on him. One of these people was a woman called Hind Ibn Abi Otba. This woman had had her father and brother killed by Hamza in Bader so she wanted revenge. So she ordered an Ethiopian slave called Wahshi who was a great spear thrower to kill Hamza with his spear.

    Assassination of Asadullah (the Lion of Allah ) Hamza bin ‘Abdul Muttalib:

    Hamza’s assassin described how he killed Hamza. He said: "I was a slave working to Jubair bin Mut‘im, whose paternal uncle Tu‘aimah bin ‘Adi was injured at Badr Battle. So when Quraish marched to Uhud, Jubair said to me: ‘If you kill Hamza, the uncle of Mohammed , stealthily you shall be freed.’ "

    "So I marched with the people to Uhud…when the two parties fought, I set out seeking Hamza. I saw him amidst people fighting. He was like a white and black striped camel, striking severely with his sword and no one could stand on his way. By Allah ! When I was getting ready and trying to seize the fit opportunity to spear him, hiding sometimes behind a tree or a rock hoping that he might draw nearer and be within range — at that moment I caught sight of Siba‘ bin ‘Abd Al-‘Uzza going closer towards him. When Hamza observed him, he said: ‘Come on! O son of the ‘clitoris-cutter.’ — for his mother used to be a circumciser. Then he struck one strong stroke that could hardly miss his head."

    Wahshi said: "Then I balanced my spear and shook it till I was content with it, then I speared him and it went down into his stomach and issued out between his legs. He attempted moving towards me but his wound overcame him. I left him there with the spear till he died. Then I came to him, pulled out my spear and returned to the encampment place. I stayed there and did not go out, for he was the only one I sought. I only killed him to free myself. So as soon as I got back to Makkah, I became a free man."

    Hind bin ‘Utbah ripped open the liver of Hamza and chewed it; but finding it unpleasant, she spat it out. She even made the ears and noses of Muslims into anklets and necklaces.

    When the Messenger of Allah saw how his uncle and foster brother, Hamza, was mutilated, he was extremely grieved. When his aunt Safiyah came to see her brother Hamza, the Messenger of Allah ordered her son Az-Zubair to dismiss her in order not to see what happened to her brother. She refused and said, "But why should I go away. I have been informed that they have mutilated him. But so long as it is in the way of Allah , whatever happens to him satisfies us. I say: Allah is Sufficient and I will be patient if Allah wills." She approached, looked at him and supplicated Allah for him and said: "To Allah we all belong and to Him we will verily return." and she implored Allah to forgive him. Then the Messenger of Allah ordered that he should be buried with ‘Abdullah bin Jahsh — who was his nephew as well as his foster brother.

    Ibn Mas‘ud said: We have never seen the Messenger of Allah weeping so much as he was for Hamza bin ‘Abdul Muttalib. He directed him towards Al-Qiblah, then he stood at his funeral and sobbed his heart out.

    The sight of the martyrs was extremely horrible and heart-breaking. Describing Hamza’s funeral, Khabbab said: "No shroud long enough was available for Hamza except a white-darkish garment. When they covered his head with it, it was too short to cover his feet. Similarly if they covered his feet his head would be revealed. Finally they covered his head with it and put some plant called ‘Al-Idhkhir’ to cover his feet."
    The enforcement of Muslim Brotherhood is the greatest social ideal of Islam. On it was based the Prophet's (SAW) sermon on his last pilgrimage, and Islam cannot be completely realized until this ideal is achieved. '
    (Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Yusuf)
    In Lam Takun Ghaadiban Annee Falaa Ubaalee...

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    Re: Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib-Lion Of Islam

    Radiya Allahu 3anhu

    JAzakallah khair.


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      Re: Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib-Lion Of Islam

      Radiallahu anhu, waradu an.


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        Re: Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib-Lion Of Islam

        Radiya Allahu 3anhu, Jazakallah khair

        subhanallah the whole family were Lions of Islam.

        Safiyyah (Radhiallaho anha) sister of (Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutalb Radhiallaho anhu) - Kills a jew.

        And look at who Safiyyah Ibn Abdul Mutalb (Radhiallaho anha) son was.

        Zubair ibn al-Awam Radiya Allahu 3anhu, one of the ten promissed Jannah, and his son Abdullah bin Zubair Radiya Allahu 3anhu, may allah raise such people among this ummah, ameen.
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          Re: Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib-Lion Of Islam

          Radiya Allahu anhu, Jazakallah khair

          no doubght that hz. hamza ra was brave he ra was to close to prophet pbuh.

          also we should use "ra" after hz. hind ra and hz. washi ra since they both accept islam and forgived by our beloved prophet pbuh after fatha-e-makkah.

          Syed Alijan Jaffery Isphani (Ex.Shia)