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The Elements of Success

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  • The Elements of Success

    What follows is a transcript from a speech by Shaykh Hamza called Elements of Success. It is quite relevant to us in our time, as we Muslims need to strive to succeed in all fields of endeavour and be the role models of mankind. Our aims in this life are clear, but sometimes our vision is blurred by trivialities and fancies. We can overcome our desires for this Dunya if we pay careful attention to what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam gave importance to, that is the Hereafter.

    He himself says in a Hadith: "What have I to do woth this world? As regards this world, I am like a rider who rests under the shade of a tree, and then continues his journey and leaves it".

    True success comes only by exhortation, and effort. This exhorting must be that which is good... I leave you with the beatiful wisdom that our predecessors, our Illustrious predecessors gave:

    Ammar ibn Yasir radi'Allahu 'anhum said: "Death is Teacher enough, True Faith is Wealth enough, and Worship is action enough".

    And as Imam Ghazali rahimahullah said to his student in 'Dear Beloved Son', "Live as long as you may, for verily you must die. Love whoever you wish, for one day you shall taste its separation, and do what you will, you will be rewarded accordingly""When perfection is reached then it has to diminish, So once something is called perfect, expect it to perish."
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    Hadith: 10 Things
    Assalamo alaykum,

    Number 14:

    Narrated Mu'adh ibn Jabal:Allah's Messenger (salla llahu alayhi wa
    sallam) instructed me to do ten things saying:

    1. Do not associate anything with Allah even if you are killed and
    burnt on that account.

    2. Don't be disobedient to your parents even if they command you to
    abandon your family and your property.

    3. Do not deliberately neglect to observe a prescribed prayer for he
    who neglects the prescribed prayer deliberately will become out of
    the protection of Allah.

    4. Do not drink wine for it is the height of every obscenity.

    5. Shun evil, for with evil there descends the wrath of Allah.

    6. Beware of running away from the battle-field even if the people

    7. And when the death overtakes the people (in a plague or disaster)
    and you are one amongst them, show steadfastness.

    8. Spend on your children according to your means.

    9. Do not refrain from using pressure (of punishment) with a view to
    training them.

    10. Inculcate in them the fear of Allah.

    Transmitted by Ahmad.


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