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50 Signs of the Day of Judgment

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    Re: Project

    Originally posted by AbuMubarak View Post
    we should all remember that our day of judgment is the day the angel of death takes our soul
    Correct, that is our personal day of judgement, but it's more like 'results day' where we find out about whether or not Allah is pleased with us, however it does not compare to the real Day of Judgement where the sinners will be humiliated most terribly, and the torment most severe.


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      Re: 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment

      one of the sign also says that times goes very fast, and i am feeling its happening, surely what Allah thinks that would happen.


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        Re: Project

        yes, and we should try maximum to be a true Muslim as it's affect our future, the more taqwa we show now to Allah the good result will come in future if we act oppsite it will result bad for future
        May Allah save us from the fire of hell and bless us with Heaven Ameen


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          Re: 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment

          Originally posted by Hassan25 View Post
          * The destruction of the Ka'ba and the recovery of its treasures;

          What is meant by the above? Can somebody explain.


          I think that it is the treasure that is dug under the Kabah, and that the people would go to dig it, the 3 khalifah leading armies. I think that is what it is... Please don't take this as a fatwah, I am no one to have the rights to give fatwah, yet I believe it is that.


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            Re: 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment

            The Terrors of the Day of Resurrection - I

            Evidence of the enormity of the terrors of that day
            The Day of Resurrection will be a Day of tremendous significance and immense horror, the like of which mankind will never have seen. Allah Almighty clarified the enormity of its terrors in many verses.
            1) Allah, the Most Exalted, described that Day as being great. His description of it as such is sufficient for us to know that it is more serious than we can ever imagine. Allah Almighty Says (what means):
            [Quran 83: 4-6]
            In another verse, Allah, The Almighty, describes it as being heavy and hard; Allah Says (what means):
            {Indeed, these [disbelievers] love the immediate and leave behind them a grave Day.} [Quran76: 27]
            Allaah also Says (what means):
            [Quran74: 9-10]
            2) The fear and terror which will befall mankind on that Day will be so great that the mother, who would readily sacrifice herself for her infant will, on that Day, be heedless of him. Pregnant women will miscarry, and people will be like drunkards who have lost their senses; Allah Says (what means):
            {O mankind, fear your Lord. Indeed, the convulsion of the [final] Hour is a terrible thing. On the Day you see it every nursing mother will be distracted from that [child] she was nursing, and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy, and you will see the people [appearing] intoxicated while they are not intoxicated; but the punishment of Allah is severe.} [Quran 22: 1-2]

            {And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them [i.e. their account] for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror]. Racing ahead, their heads raised up, their glance does not come back to them, and their hearts are void.} [Quran 14: 42-43]
            Because of their extreme terror, the hearts of the evildoers will rise to their throats, but they will not come out, neither will they settle back into their places, this is made clear in the following verse in which Allah Says (what means):
            {And warn them, [O Muhammad ], of the Approaching Day, when hearts are at the throats, filled [with distress]. For the wrongdoers there will be no devoted friend and no intercessor [who is] obeyed.} [Quran 40: 18]

            {... They fear a Day in which the hearts and eyes will [fearfully] turn about.} [Quran 24: 37]
            Allaah also Says (what means):
            {Hearts, that Day, will tremble. Their eyes humbled.} [Quran79: 8-9]
            It suffices to know that the hair of the child who has never committed sins will turn grey because of the intense horror of what he will be seeing. This is mentioned in the Quran, in the verses (which mean):
            {Then how can you fear, if you disbelieve, a Day that will make the children white-haired? The heaven will break apart therefrom; ever is His promise fulfilled.} [Quran73: 17-18]
            3) Blood-ties (bonds of kinship) will be severed on the Day of Resurrection, as Allah, the Exalted, Says (what means):

            [Quran 23: 101]

            On that Day, each person will care only about himself, and will not think of anyone else.
            Indeed, a man will run away from those who are dearest to him, from his brother, his mother, his father, his wife and his sons. Ponder Allah's Words (which mean):
            {But when there comes the Deafening Blast. On the Day a man will flee from his brother. And his mother and his father. And his wife and his children. For every man, that Day, will be a matter adequate for him.} [Quran 80: 33-37]
            In another verse, Allah Almighty Says (what means):
            [Quran 31: 33]
            Allaah also Says (what means):
            {And fear a Day when no soul will suffice for another soul at all, nor will intercession be accepted from it, nor will compensation be taken from it, nor will they be aided.} [Quran 2: 48]
            4) On the Day of Resurrection, the disbelievers will be prepared to give up everything to save themselves from the punishment. If they possessed everything on earth, they would try to ransom themselves with it.
            About this, Almighty Allah Says (what means):
            {And if each soul that wronged had everything on earth, it would offer it in ransom. And they will confide regret when they see the punishment; and they will be judged in justice, and they will not be wronged.} [Quran 10: 54]
            Even if they had as many times as what is on the entire earth, they would not be able to ransom themselves with it, as Allah Says (what means):
            [Quran 13:18]
            He will be prepared to sacrifice what he has, even if it were an earth full of gold, if that were possible, but Allah will not accept it from him, as Allah, the Almighty, Says (what means):
            {Indeed, those who disbelieve and die while they are disbelievers-never would the [whole] capacity of the earth in gold be accepted from one of them if he would [seek to] ransom himself with it. For those there will be a painful punishment, and they will have no helpers.} [Quran 3: 91]
            Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad said:

            "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


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              Re: 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment

              يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّاسُ ٱعْبُدُوا۟ رَبَّكُمُ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَكُمْ وَٱلَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ

              O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous

              Surah Al Baqarah ayah 21


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                Re: 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment

                O' Allah protect us from the end of times! Help us to overcome these trials.
                Pray. Fast. Zakat. Pilgrimage. Allah.