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The Hand of the Prophet

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  • The Hand of the Prophet


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    9.Comprehensive speech is the ability to state the most profound truths very clearly in few words. Second to the Qur'an themost comprehensive expression undoubtedly belongs to the Prophet, may blessings and peace be upon him.

    10.To be supported by terror is Allah's striking terror into the hearts of his enemies so that they are at a disadvantage before the actual confrontation takes place.

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    19.The Prophet is here doing tawassul with his own blessed self.

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    24.The kunya is the respectful Arab way of calling their elders Abu Fulan, Father of so and so, in the Prophet's case: Abu'l-Qasim.

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    Re: The Hand of the Prophet

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Brother, you should give the source of this article as it looks like you wrote it yourself.


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      Re: The Hand of the Prophet

      Originally posted by Abu Haleena View Post
      Assalaamu Alaikum

      Brother, you should give the source of this article as it looks like you wrote it yourself.
      He really should start posting sources ....


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        Re: The Hand of the Prophet

        it's by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi


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          Re: The Hand of the Prophet

          subhan allah



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