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Ammar ibn Yasir

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  • Ammar ibn Yasir

    Ammar ibn Yasir
    Ammar bin Yasir (radiyallahu anhu) ( Arabic عمار بن ياسر) is one of the most famous Sahaba and was among the slaves freed by Abu Bakr. He is venerated by Shi'a Muslims as one of the Four Companions, early Muslims who were followers of Ali ibn Abi Talib.
    He was one of the Muhajirun [1]

    He is among the List of Sahaba not giving bay'ah to Abu Bakr.


    • 1 Before Islam
    • 2 His Islam
    • 3 His torture
    • 4 His loyalty to Ali
    • 5 His death
    • 6 Legacy
    o 6.1 Shi'a view
    o 6.2 Sunni view
    • 7 See also
    • 8 References
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    Before Islam

    Ammar was born in the Year of the Elephant (570). Therefore he is as old as Muhammad. Ammar was a friend of Muhammad even before Islam. He was one of the intermediaries in his marriage to Khadijat Al-Kubra. He was a slave of Banu Adi.

    His Islam

    His mother was Sumayyah bint Khabbab, the seventh one to accept Islam, his father was Yasir ibn Amir. He is most famous for the hadith by Muhammad:Ammar will be killed by the errant group.

    By the torture he and his parents (Summaya and Yasir) encountered by Abu Jahl and the enemies of Islam.

    His torture

    Abu Jahl used to torture the prophets companions. The family of Ammar were tortured the most. His parents died under torture, therefore they were the first martyrs of Islam. Ammar and Bilal were about to face the same fate, but Abu Bakr paid ransom for them..

    Whether or not Ammar was included in the Migration to Abyssinia is still a matter of doubt [2]

    His loyalty to Ali

    Ammar bin Yasir is famous for his loyalty to Ali and is considered by Shi'a as one of the four of the companions of the prophet who stayed most loyal to Ali Bin Abi Taleb right of succession after the death of Muhammad. He was one of the heros of the battle of Badr. He was also a commander of some of the army units of Imam Ali in his battles.

    His death

    He was killed by a group loyal to Mu'Awiyah in the battle of Siffin (657)]. His killer was ibn Hawwa Esaksaki and Abu Al'Adiyah. He died while reciting the hadith of Muhammad that "Ammar would be killed by an army of trangressors".


    Shi'a view

    Ali Asgher Razwy, a 20th century Shi'a Twelver Islamic scholar states:
    “ If anyone wishes to see the real spirit of Islam, he will find it, not in the deeds of the nouveaux riches of Medina, but in the life, character and deeds of such companions of the Apostle of God as Ali ibn Abi Talib, Salman el-Farsi, Abu Dharr el-Ghiffari, Ammar ibn Yasir, Owais Qarni and Bilal. The orientalists will change their assessment of the spirit of Islam if they contemplate it in the austere, pure and sanctified lives of these latter companions [3]

    Sunni view

    The Majority Sunni Muslims view Ammar ibn Yasir as a great Sahabi and companion of Muhammad.

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    External links
    • Arabic |كتاب سلسلة الأركان الاربعة ـ عمار بن ياسر




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