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Growing Closer to Allaah (SWT

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  • Growing Closer to Allaah (SWT

    Salaam, I was curious about ways that I can grow closer to Allaah (SWT). I make all the prayers most days (though in secret since my parents do not like Islam), and I also try to make Dhikr after prayers when time permits. What else can I do to grow closer to Allaah (SWT)? Can I make Dhikr any time? I can’t really learn the Qur’an at the moment because I don’t have one (it was taken) and if I did I still don’t know how to pronounce some words.

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    salam alaykum wa rahmat allah
    you can try voluntary fasting like fasting each monday and thursday or 3 white days of each lunar month or the fasting of daoud
    you can try extra sunah prayers like 2 raka before fajr prayer 4 raka before duhr prayer and 2 after it 2 raka aftermaghrib and any amounts of 2 raka sets after isha and finish it with sahf wich is 2 raka and witr wich is 1 raka
    you should also learn about islam and try to see what makes your parents dont like islam and passivly answer them
    you can also ask here and we can answer them for you