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Does being angry at Allah / being rude to Him take one out of Islam?

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  • Does being angry at Allah / being rude to Him take one out of Islam?

    I was wondering what the consequences of feeling angry at Allah are? Or being angry and saying “why do you do this for me? And being rude and blaming Allah in dua even though one knows that Allah is not to blame and it’s not appropriate. Is it considered kufr? I have OCD concerning this so this hard for me to know : /

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    salam alaykum wa rahmat allah
    i dont know if it kufr or not but as long as you dont say it you should be okay . if you did say it however ask forgivness from allah subhanahu wa talaa and he will forgive you can you be angry at allah who loves you more than anyone ? you should love him and try your best to get closer to him .feel free to pm me about what made you angry and i might be able to fix your point of view inshaeallah
    as for your question why does allah test you in a certain way it for your own good you need to have patience and know that whatever allah test you with it for your own good . i advice you do some voluntary worship like extra sunnah prayers assuming you pray all your daily fard prayers on time in the masjid . you can also try fasting each monday and thursday or three white days of each lunar month or the fasting of daoud this will make your eman stronger inshaeallah