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Borrow money and Islam values

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  • Borrow money and Islam values


    I have an issue with a friend relative to money and I was wondering what the Quran can tell about that and Islam values.
    Nine months ago I lend my friend some money. Until now I was never refund and that put me in trouble few months ago at the level myself I need borrow money to someone else. And issue with my wife who didn't enjoy this situation...

    The only thing I got from my friend until now was "insha'Allah I will refund you". My issue now is not the refund of money but the attitude of my friend. I asked him to answer some questions for help me understand the situation and sleep in peace. In the past it's happen to me to be without money at a level I was only eating a little piece of bread once a day during one month. I shared some personal stories to explain my friend I know what is it to be with zero resource. I told him if he was in this level I understand. And I asked him to clarify his situation in order to know if he was really with zero ressource or if I was simply not on his top priority to refund. He refused to answer this question.
    He told me also he will refund me and we will be not friend anymore. I told him if we are not friend so it's a good way for him to avoid any explanations. So I sum up our friendship history, with all I did for him, giving my conclusion. I asked him if my conclusion was wrong or if he has another point of view. Again he refused to answer me.
    So here I wonder as he considers himself as a good Muslim. I have some questions.

    1. Is that a Halal behaviour to refuse understanding the pain I got and refuse to help me by answering simple questions?
    2. Is that allow in Quran to refuse to accept full mistakes when you give pain to other?
    3. If I would be a Muslim, his behaviour would be different? Maybe there is something in Quran telling when a Muslim ask you a question about an issue, then you are not allow to refuse. But if a non-Muslim ask you a question then you have the right to refuse.

    Yes, I'm not Muslim, but I have lot of friends Muslims and always happy to learn new thing about Islam. So I think here is the right place.

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    Hello there!

    It is an unfortunate fact that Muslims are not practising Islam the way the the Lord, Allah Almighty wants us to practise Islam.

    When lending money to, or borrowing money from someone, it has been stipulated that there must be a written agreement with witnesses, and a date agreed when the sum will be returned.

    The lender is within his right to ask for the money back at an earlier time, but at the same time great reward has been promised by the Final Prophet of Allah, Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam for extending this deadline if the person is not able to pay the money back.

    All I can request (very humbly) is that you are more lenient with your Muslim friend and help him as he seems to be in a difficult position. Helping him will, with the will of Allah, attract many mercies from Allah, and perhaps, most importantly, guidance towards the greatest mercy - that is recognition of Allah in His Being and His sacred Attributes
    وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمۡ ءَامِنُواْ كَمَآ ءَامَنَ ٱلنَّاسُ قَالُوٓاْ أَنُؤۡمِنُ كَمَآ ءَامَنَ ٱلسُّفَهَآءُ*ۗ أَلَآ إِنَّهُمۡ هُمُ ٱلسُّفَهَآءُ وَلَـٰكِن لَّا يَعۡلَمُونَ

    And when it is said unto them: believe as the people believe, they say: Shall we believe as the foolish believe? Beware! They indeed are the foolish? But they know not.
    Al Baqarah : Verse 13


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      Thank you for your clear answer i.badat.
      Can you clarify three things?
      1. Do I have the right as lender to ask explanations to my friend about the situation? And do he have the right to refuse answer the questions to help me understand? I made some research and I found in Bible the following proverb (22:7) "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender". Which mean when someone borrow you money then you have "power" on him and that suppose to include you have the power to request explanation of the situation and him as "slave" cannot refuse answer. Maybe in Quran there is something similar to explain the relation lender/borrower and obligations?
      2. I read an answer in other Islam website telling "If he is able to pay back the entire amount, then he is obliged to pay it back. If he is able to pay some of it, he should pay back whatever he is able to, little by little, until he has discharged his obligation.". Can you confirm that point? If I understand the Muslim logic here, he suppose to refund the minimum, even it's 10%, to show at least he's willingness to do so. By the way we speak about 650$, it's not a huge amount, so there is no way he cannot refund 65$ in 9 months to show he's willingness to do so.
      3. Another Muslim friend told me if the borrower tell you "this week I will begin to refund you a part" then he cannot remove his words according Quran. Is that true? The friend who borrowed me money told me in December 2019 "I will refund you a part in 2 days". Three days later I had no news so I asked him again. After an argue he told me "I will give your money at the end of the month". Then no news... In may 2020 I wrote to news. In July 2020 I contacted a friend we have in common, and then finally he answered me.

      Thank you in advance to help me understand all that. My issue is not really get back my money but understand all the situation and understand if my friend has a behavior in accordance with Quran.