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Allah does it as He wills

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  • Allah does it as He wills

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I have a need to share this with Ummah. Most of the times I get complaints from different Muslims about their life, struggles, hardships and duas not being accepted.

    I'll leave aside believers' gratitude, repentance, tawakkul for now.

    I'm here to talk about respect.

    Allah is NOT CREATION, Allah is THE CREATOR! He is so nothing like humans. We humans have a request to another human, we say please, we choose our words, tone, attitude, etc. And we expect things to be done immediately. When it comes to Allah we don't even ask Him to change our situation. And if we do, we do it with no tone, no attitude, no respect and expect a miracle. We literally ORDER things from Allah and want them to fall out of the sky. Allah is not just Creator. He is The Ultimate King! If you'd order something with that tone from a medieval king, the king would take your head off. Imagine you go to president of your country and do this: Give me 100 euros, please, now. And you, when it comes to dua, do exactly this to The One whose Dominion is above any other. Do you know how many billions of angels serve Him at this very moment? And who are you to use that tone with Him? Yet, He's the Most Merciful. And you dare to say He doesn't care???

    One more thing. Allah said about us that we are made of a hurry. And Allah does everything in a natural way. He might save you from danger in a second, but some things won't happen or change quick as we want because that's not the law of nature. Be patient! Learn something from your hardship. Hurry is from shaytan and shaytan is unnatural.