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My depressing life... And why does Allah give them?

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  • Qiyas
    Have you done anything blameworthy or hateworthy? If so, then make sincere Istighfar and Tawbah to Allah SWT.

    Some times, as human beings, we don't appreciate what we have personally been given by Allah SWT, or we look towards others that seemingly have more, or others that we believe are tested less. So some times we are being tested as a reminder, to help us appreciate what we have actually personally been given, and to remind us of those that are tested more than us.

    I was listening to a lecture by Mufti Menk the other day, and he said that if being tested more was a sign of Allah SWT's love, would you want to be tested more or less, Subhan Allah.

    Allah SWT could have made you happier and more comfortable, and perhaps that happiness and comfort would have aided you in forgetting Allah SWT...

    Allah SWT does thing for a reason, HE SWT is the Most Wise. We fail to see the wisdom in HIS SWT decision because we're too closeminded some times, or because we're being tested on our 'Eemaan, and whether we accept that this is what's best for us, and that there is a reason behind it, and that no matter what we do, we cannot change our situation unless Allah SWT wills it. We claim that we truly submit, but we don't even understand what the word means, Subhan Allah.

    This was not meant as an attack or admonishment, just a reminder to myself firstly, and to you and everyone else.

    Read, ponder and reflect on the Qur'an, and do dhikr.
    May Allah SWT help you with your test, and grant you sabr.

    Allah Knows Best.

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  • My depressing life... And why does Allah give them?

    Allah just gives me days which makes me get extremely depressed and it makes me get very uncomfortable and almost lose my sanity? why is it that?
    I try my best but then its all a test and my best is never enough, I kind of feel bullied by life, every day? I don't think Allah likes me, but maybe hates me, although I don see what I do to really make this the case? I don't like the tests and it really makes me lose all hope.