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New Game - Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

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    Fursan al-Aqsa Dev Blog #10 - Updated UI - Scaleform Showcase

    Assalamu Alaykum! New update here.

    On this video I show off the finished UI (User Interface) of Fursan al-Aqsa, including a basic options menu, pause menu, and a very beautifull "Game Over" screen (Shahada).

    The UI Design was created in 3dsmax + Photoshop + Scaleform (Flash CS4).

    The programming was done in Action Script 2.0 + Unreal Script.

    I always try to make things as simple as possible. I always like to begin over a working framework instead of doing from scratch. In the case of my game's UI, I opted to use the default UDK Engine Scaleform (Flash) UI, which came and works outside the box, however, I did customize it a lot, to give my own artistic touch. The Scaleform framework is a very advanced UI solution by Autodesk, and it was used on many blockbuster games like Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 3

    GTA V Options menu (done with Scaleform)

    Bordelands 3 Complete HUD (done with Scaleform)

    About the Options Menu, because my game runs smoothly even on the most modest of PC's (ignore the video lag, it's because bandicam capture software uses a lot of my PC's CPU and Memory), I decided to don't add options to reduce the game's graphical quality (model detail and texture size). I made it on the highest quality my PC can handle (also PS3/XBOX360). So the game run using the full quality of the assets (models and textures).

    About Video Resolution, as I wanted a standard framework between PC and Consoles, I decided to add only 2 Resolutions Options, which are 720p (1280x720) and 1080p (1920x1080), as both resolutions are supported on PS3 and Xbox360. Anyway, is very easy to manually change the resolution to any value by just editing the ini files (I will include a README), however, the minimum resolution for the game is 720p and all my UI Assets are in 1080p, so that means, if you run the game in 4K, in example, the UI may look blury, and on a resolution lower than 720p, the UI will be stretched. Sorry for this, but UDK/UE3 don't support responsive UI Layout. I think UE4 supports because you can create UI in HTML5.

    About Audio Options, I was not able to add a volume slider control (it was going to be VERY HARD and troublesome), however, I have done something more simple, which works and has a purpose. Many people who don't understand Arabic, want to have an option to turn off the game's nasheeds (arabic musics), letting only the sound effects (many claimed that this way the game would look more realistic). So I added this option, a simple button to turn off and on the game's music, letting only the SFX playing. I have done a lot of testing, and even with music on, you will be able to hear all Sound Effects arround you, as I setup the music volume on a very low level, enough for those who want enjoy listening the music, without making it overcome the Sound Effects volume.

    About Control Configuration, as my game's campaign mode will have many scripted sequences with specific keys assigned, I decided to don't allow changing the control's scheme (anyway, you can also manually change it only on PC by editting the ini files). Whenever you pause the game, you will see the control's scheme. Also, something very cool, is that my game is 100% compatible with Xbox360 Controller (I think even XboxOne because it uses the XInput protocol). Just plug and play.

    Also, you can use ANY Gamepad (I am using Nykko Airflo) through a Xbox360 Controller Emulator (I will include it with my game).

    And the pause menu detects what input you are using to show you the controller configuration scheme. If you are playing on PC with a Keyboard and Mouse, you will see PC Keyboard Controller Scheme. If you are playing on PC with a Xbox360 Controller, it will show you the Xbox360 Controller Scheme. And if you are playing on Consoles (PS3 or Xbox360), it will show the console's controller scheme (Playstation 3 Controller and Xbox360 Controller).

    I hope you all enjoy it Insha Allah, as I am very happy with the results.

    Jazakom Allah Khayr!


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      Now I am working on a new map for my game, based on Camp Filon, an Israeli Military Base located on the Golan Heights on the Syrian Border. This is not a replication of the real place, because I am using many Marketplaces Assets (models and textures purchased from sites like Turbosquid, Unity Assets Store, Unreal Engine Marketplace, and so on) to build this map. However, I am trying my best to make these maps have at least a similarity with the real locations.

      This mission will be on the best Metal Gear style, you need to invade the enemy base at night, eliminate them without being spotted. I am also doing uniform (cloth) variations for the game's protagonist, Ahmad al-Ghazzawi, just to fit the mission. For this mission, the player will be wearing a black uniform to be like a shadow on the darkness, to be a trully nightmare for his enemies. It's just a comestic thing, but I think it adds that extra degree of polishment to my game (soon I will showcase).


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        Fursan al-Aqsa Dev Blog #11 - Maps Showcase - Camp Filon

        Click here to see more Screenshots:

        Click here to see the Video Showcase of this environment, without gameplay (to avoid spoilers :D):

        Hello my friends!

        Sorry for the looooong delay without posting updates. Even though I did not post here on the forums, however, I am very active on twitter, and most important, I have been working VERY HARD on this game, and will show you now some important updates and informations.

        First of all, I want to apologize about the release date for Episode 1 of my game. I was planning to release on may 10th because I want to send my game to Brazil Independent Games Festival (BIG), and it had a deadline for sending the game until may 11th, so I was decided to release the game one day before it, on its current state.

        As everyone knows, because Coronavirus, all the major gaming events were cancelled, and the same with BIG Festival. Now the deadline was extended until November.

        So I continued to develop my game, and build the maps (the last step on my game dev workflow). I spent the last year of 2019 working on the programming and characters animations, and from since 2018 I did not build a new map for my game (I was only building small testmaps for testing the programming and animations). So I began to build this map, Camp Filon, and I have done an upgrade on my maps building workflow, and I was able to build this map under 10 days. Because this I realized that in one month I can complete, finish designing 3 maps, which means, 3 missions (for the campaign mode), and also some extra missions using these same maps with some time of day variations.

        Then I came to the conclusion that would be a lot unfair from my part to release this game with only 1 map when I can add more content to make this game more playable and enjoyable by the community.

        For all these reasons, I decided to delay the release of this game a bit more, maybe one month, or two (no more than this), for the sake of polishing this game, adding more content, and raising the overal quality, so Fursan al-Aqsa will live up to all this hype and the community expectations, maybe this can be one of the Best Indie Games of 2020 :)

        I think I am not harming anyone with this delay, because I did not make any kind of pre-order (or the like).

        I am very happy with the results, and this new map which shows the final game quality, is by far the best map I ever created in Unreal Engine 3, and the next maps will be even better.

        Also another update, I did a complete revamp of the game`s website, made it very professional, with complete informations about the game, specs, features, and so on:

        About the release itself, after thinking a lot, searching and re-searching, analysing various factors, I decided to go on my own even on the releasing and distribution of my game.

        I will be skipping marketplaces like Steam,, and other sites and will release it on my own website, a small ecommerce system I developed with PHP Cake Framework, integrated with Paypal IPN Payments (I am a web developers with +10 years of experience creating sites and e-commerces arround the web).

        This is the virtual store for my game (you can`t purchase yet):

        The reason is simple: Reduce my costs!

        Steam is very expensive, 30% of revenue share, added to this, is the USA Government Withdrawal whenever Steam sends money from USA to my Bank Account in Brazil, that can reach more 30% (there is no Agreement between Brazil and USA regarding this fee). Last, but not least, is the Brazillian government`s fee for receiving money from outside brazil, which can reach from 5% to 10%. And adding to this problem, is the currency conversion, which today, 1 USD is almost 6 BRL!!!

        So as you can see, Steam is no way for me. The only difference from, is that their revenue share can be as low as 0%. Even then, there is still the 30% of Withdrawal and the Brazillian Fee (also the currency conversion).

        For all these reasons, I decided to sell my own game on my own website. This site is 100% safe, as it uses SSL Encryption by Let's Encrypt and the payments are processed by Paypal. The purchase process is very simple, there is no need to even register on this website. Just click on the buy now button and you will be redirected to Paypal Checkout Page. You login to your paypal account and make the payment. After the payment is completed, you will receive on your email (registered at Paypal) a download link for the game you purchased. This link is temporary, and expires after 3 download attempts, or after 24 hours.

        I know you can`t avoid piracy, and whoever wants to pirate my game will do it, regardless where I release it. It`s very easy to buy a game on steam, then just change some files and configurations, make this game a non steam game and distribute it free arround the web. I mean, steam does not avoid piracy. I personally don`t worry about piracy, because I know here on this community are awesome people who are going to support me by purchasing my game (it will be VERY CHEAP :D).

        So, there is no reason for me paying all these fees to steam, whenever I can pay only 5% for paypal for selling my game, and nothing more.

        Sorry for this long post, however, I hope you all understand me and stay HYPED with my game :D :D :D

        Cheers and until next update (Jenin, the Camp of Resistance).


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          Hey by any chances do you plan on releasing this for the Xbox One?
          لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
          الله أكبر


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            Salam Akhi!

            I will try, Insha Allah, to release it as an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app for XboxOne, but later, not now.


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              Fursan al-Aqsa - Demo feedback and player's reception

              In this article I made an analysis of the feedback I received for my game's demo and general player's reception.

              Hello my friends,

              Today two weeks have passed since the release of Fursan al-Aqsa Training Mission, the free demo of my game, and I came here especially for saying a BIG THANK YOU ALL FOR PLAYING MY GAME, IT HAS BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS WHICH I HAVE NEVER IMAGINED IT COULD BE!

              Here you can download the demo:

              It even topped the list of popular games on IndieDB, as you can see from this screenshot below:


              Also the number of downloads is almost reaching 500, and each day there are some new people downloading my game (5 to 10 downloads a day). For some people this number maybe very small, however for me, this is indeed a milestone for my project. For someone who is doing everything alone, and manually, I think I have done an excellent job marketing and promoting my game arround the web.

              Despite the strong political and religious content of my game, people simply loved it, especially the gameplay mechanics. My game is being called as "An Islamic Max Payne with the violence of Hotline Miami and the difficulty of Dark Souls".

              WOW, having my game compared with some of the most important gaming franchises of all times is simply and honor for me!

              I am very optimistic now and I am sure that my game has potential to be one of the best indie game of 2020, Insha Allah (God's willing)!

              Other important step I have taken, and I am sure this will help my game to receive even more visibility, is that I sent thousands of press releases for thousands of gaming websites and youtube channels, from small to big ones like IGN and Gamespot. I also submitted my game to many indie events, like BostonFig, IndieCade, Independent Games Festival, Brazil Game Show, Brazil Independent Games Festival, PAX, Bit Summit, and many others.

              Until now I received two positive answers, from BostonFig and IndieCade, even though they said my game is still being analysed by the event judges, to decide wether it will be showcased or not. Anyway, I hope they will acept my game, and until these events, I will be able to finish the full game (Episode 1).

              So, thanks to Allah (God), and for all this wonderful community, my game is simply kicking asses

              My game also received many reviews from Youtubers, even though the marjority of these are from Brazillian Playstation Scene Members, but any review and feedback, for me is VERY IMPORTANT!

              So here follows some of the reviews so far.






              And here follows some screenshots of another map I am working on, Jenin - The Camp of Resistance:






              Cheers from Brazil​ and untill next update.


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                For today I want to showcase the WIP of this new map I am working for my game. Now I already exported the level geometry to Unreal Engine 3 and made the exterior lighting. Next step will be add the props.






                Another new update:

                Please take a look at this gameplay of #FursanAqsaGame by my friend @TheGeek40. My game is very optimized for running on almost any PC, but on actual gen PC (gaming pcs) it runs at 60fps or even more!

                That's a great achievement!


                And here is the game running at 250 fps on a top notch gaming PC:



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                  You do realize that drawing the people in the game was Haram?
                  "When you want to cry, laugh.
                  If you're frozen in fear, you can't do anything"


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                    Originally posted by Bolt View Post
                    You do realize that drawing the people in the game was Haram?
                    Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatu dear Brother.

                    Jazak Allah Khayr for this naseeha.

                    About music in the game, I also know brother about this. I know that the true Jihad Nasheeds, are those made by the mujahideen without any musical instruments, which are 100% Halal. However, about Video Games (Animated Pictures), there are some specific rullings. The marjority of the Scholars of Islam are unanimously agreed that if the good things on games (animated movies, cartoons and so on) overweight the bad effects of drawing living souls (because drawing living things is also haram) and music, it is ok.

                    I am sure the good things on my game Fursan al-Aqsa overweight the bad (and haram things), because it is a game that invit e youth for Jihad, it raises awareness of the Opression Zionists do against innocent people in Palestine, it remembers that we muslims must protect al-Aqsa Masjid with our blood and souls, it reminds youth about Jannah, it even call non muslims to know about the courage and bravery of Muslims, it shows that we muslims are not terrorists, rather, we fight against Zionist Terrorism, which kills children and women.

                    I am aware of all of this bro, and I try my best for being a better muslim and I try to do as many good deeds I can do for the sake of Allah, because good deeds wipe out bad deeds. I do a voluntary work of dawah here in brazil where I support Islamic Websites. I create and update them by translating articles into portuguese language so brazillian people can know the message of Islam, and by the grace of Allah, many brazillian converted to Islam and my dawah work was one of the reasons for those people enter into Islam.

                    The most important work of dawah I have done was to create a free online quran player in portuguese for brazillians listen the holy quran. There is an Islamic Institute here in Sao Paulo who have done the translated audio, but I made it online.

                    This is the site


                    And this is one sample of the app


                    There are 37 audio cds I made them online.

                    But I always dreamed to make a pro jihad work on my life, but without having the risk of harming my life, avoid being labelled as making "terrorist propaganda", as I have a family which depends on my work (my wife, my daughter, my sisters and my father).

                    So by making a game about jihad in Palestine was the best way I found to make kinda "acceptable jihadi work". By no way I am saying I fear people more than Allah, but being realistic, we live isolated here in Brazil, so there are no one from my relatives who can take care of my family, because this I need to fear for my security, aswel asking Allah's protection.

                    Despite all fitnah that happenned between our brothers mujahideen, I do support them all, everywhere, and I always ask Allah to guide them to what is best, to forgive their mistakes, and to make them united, to take off this division, because they are the soldiers of Allah, the protectors of this ummah.

                    I wanted to make my game about jihad everywhere (iraq, afghanistan, chechen, syria, somalia, nigeria, morocco,...) but it would be banned, it would be very controversial. At least, everyone, even non muslims (except zionists lol) do support palestine cause against israel oppresion, and people from all arround the world (the marjortiry are non muslims and non arabs) loved my game, and are supporting this project by making youtube videos, publishing on twitter, making game reviews and the like.

                    I am also against nationality, for me afghanistan, burma, xinjiang are so important as palestine, the blood of the opressed children of roghinga is so important and valuable as the blood of children from gaza.

                    Our dear and beloved prophet Muhammad, the leader of the Mujahideen, always teached us that there is no superiority of a white man over a black man, or an arab over a non arab except by taqwa.

                    Again, I will try to correct these mistakes on my game the best as I can while keeping it a game which allows me to earn halal incoming to be able to spend on behalf my family, as Allah knows with the fitnah of covid 19 (as I am sure Allah sent this to punish the son of Adam) things are becoming VERY HARD here in Brazil, and I hope this game can be my new source of icoming while still contributing to raise awareness of Palestine Cause and Jihad, Insha Allah.

                    Your brother in Islam,

                    Abu Aisha al-Brazili


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                      For today's #screenshotsaturday I want to showcase the new props I added to my map, still have a bunch of others to add, but I think they are fitting well together. I also changed some textures. #FursanAqsaGame #Palestinewillbefree #UE3 #UnrealEngine #indiedev #indiegames #3DSMax







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                        Let's be honest here, the game isn't really raising awareness. The purpose of "games" is entertainment. Enough said.
                        "When you want to cry, laugh.
                        If you're frozen in fear, you can't do anything"


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                          Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

                          First of all, Eid Mubarak (delayed).

                          Second, a new update for my game.

                          For this #ScreenShotSaturday I want to showcase another milestone for my game #FursanAqsaGame. I was able to get split screen multiplayer for my game running at 60 fps on #Playstation3 in #UE3, something many big studios failed to achieve, on that time:



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                            Originally posted by Bolt View Post
                            Let's be honest here, the game isn't really raising awareness. The purpose of "games" is entertainment. Enough said.

                            If games were not an important way to spread a message, USA would not demonize the image of Islam and Mujahideen through games and movies.

                            USA would not try to recruit young people to join Army through videogames.

                            So games are not just an 'entertainment' toy.

                            Salam Alaykum.


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                              Originally posted by udkultimate View Post


                              If games were not an important way to spread a message, USA would not demonize the image of Islam and Mujahideen through games and movies.

                              USA would not try to recruit young people to join Army through videogames.

                              So games are not just an 'entertainment' toy.

                              Salam Alaykum.
                              Wa alaikum usalam
                              Have you speaker to any scholars about the eligibility of your project?

                              Also, games are just for entertainment, that's the reason anyone downloads a game. Any evidence of the USA "trying to recruit people" through video games? By evidence, I mean data or things spoken by people outside of the games themselves.
                              "When you want to cry, laugh.
                              If you're frozen in fear, you can't do anything"


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                                *spoken to
                                "When you want to cry, laugh.
                                If you're frozen in fear, you can't do anything"