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Allah must really hate me?

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  • Allah must really hate me?

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    Assalamu Walaikum

    I'm going to give you a quote.

    Allah tests those he loves the most.

    Now read that quote iA, and let it sink it.

    None of the prophets peace be upon them were free from trials and tribulations and they are regarded highly by Allah SWT.

    There are children who are orphans and have lost their parents, across the world with no food, heating or shelter.

    If we look at these scenarios we can see that some of the trials we all face are nothing but a drop in the ocean.

    Always remember that Allah will never test you beyond that which you can bear.

    And always remember that Allah loves you more than your mother and father.

    As a child if you want something like sugar for instance? And your mother or father says no? You may cry and not understand what they understand that it is bad for you, but later on in life you may see that what they were doing was actually for your benefit and not theirs.

    Try to understand that whatever Allah does is because of his SWT divine wisdom. Allah SWT is all knowing, and anything he does is apart of his plan to shape you into the person you're supposed to be.

    A friend once told me when you pray for Sabr, Allah does not just give you Sabr but he SWT gives you opportunities to have Sabr in order for you to build that which you seek.

    When you pray for a soft heart, or an athletic figure or anything in life, Allah may not just give it to you but he SWT will give you an opportunity to attain it. Through this we not only get Sabr but we learn to appreciate the answered duas because we know the amount of dua and hard times we went through by Allah's will to attain it.

    Allah loves you, more than you can ever fathom.

    Do not despair, and seek refuge with Allah from the Shaytaan because Shaytaan will tell you Allah does not love you but it is the opposite. Allah loves you very much.
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      You are not the first or last that will think this.

      We base the love Allah has for us on what we desire and not what Allah knows to be best for us.

      If I kid cries for Ice cream in the middle of winter and the parent says no, chances are the kid will think the parent hates them hence not giving the ice cream.

      We are kids spiritually and mentally and our minds cannot fathom the wisdom and love that Allah has for us hence we threw tantrums internally when we don't get what we like as kids do.

      Give it some time Allah will show you what's going down but, the wisdom behind it you will never understand


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        “My lord, I am in absolute need of the good You send me (Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqir)”


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          That fact that you have sight and expression typing this assumption is a signal of Allah's Merciful

          Not what you assume of Allah's awareness

          Truth be told when I read The Quran hearing understanding of what Allah Hates, I read this and no one can afford it

          Even if you are guilt ridden and continue to suffer in shame of your crime, you really even then paying your whole life for it, can't afford to do anything but strive to think Of the Mercy of Allah.

          You can not afford The Hate of Allah, no one can. And as long as you have breathe hold on to Allah's rope even if all you have is your Duaa

          To be settled at any junction with Allah's Hate is its own punishment

          Best thing to do I know of is pray and when your not In Salat make Duaa for an understanding to make your salat better

          Because when it comes down to it, it is Allah that knows you, every thing and one other than Allah is abitrary.

          Telling you reminded me

          السلام عليكم
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