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Pathoma pdf to excellent Muslim pathologist Hussain A Satter.

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  • Pathoma pdf to excellent Muslim pathologist Hussain A Satter.

    Sh Hussain Abdul Sattar is usually known for his work in teaching and lecturing on Islam, but this is a nice little article in recognition of his academic / medical work, alhamdulillah.
    Fiercely popular Pathoma online course creates an unlikely honour in medical education

    the book created by
    Hussain Abdul Sattar is extremely helpful for medical students

    the book name is Fundamentals of pathology pathoma

    Pathoma is pleasant and sincere, also have video illustration lectures that line up with the text and images.

    Get Pathoma pdfthe book in addition to the video lectures now. Therefore if you're trying to find a manual for USMLE etc. then pathoma would be the ideal option for you. The book contains this and many different facts and explains. It is among the most popular book of patholgy.

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