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Why a human cannot be God

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  • Why a human cannot be God

    I seek refuge in Allah from shaytaan the outcast
    In the name of Allah, the Rahman, the Rahim
    whoever Allah swt guides none can misguide and whoever Allah swt misguides none can guide

    Before I lay out my argument, I would like to point out that I am only presenting my ideas, which were inspired by Allah swt, only because Allah swt will ask us on the day of resurrection 5 questions, one of which will be what I did with my knowledge. I intend to share the knowledge which Allah Swt has given me so that I am able to answer him when he asks me about the knowledge which he has given me.

    Some people have raised the “problem” of whether they themselves are God. They would say that God has become human and caused himself to forget his past so that he can be “human”. I could not find any satisfactory answer to this claim but, by Allah swt’s mercy, Allah has given me some points in order to refute this claim. Bare in mind that this is not like saying that any random human is God but rather the person making the claim themselves are God.

    There is a Qur’anic ’anic answer to this claim. Allah swt says in the Quran:
    Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather they are not certain (52:36)
    Indeed, the Quran is a guidance for all of mankind and this instance proves it. When the Quran mentions that these people think that they “create the heavens and the earth”, this is referring to how this claim is pure conjecture and not based on certainty as they have no memory of anything prior to their “human birth”. Of course, the person entertaining the claim can say “God made himself forget about himself prior to “becoming human”. But if they say this, they, firstly, have no proof of this, and secondly, they are admitting that anything is possible under their worldview and that the possibility of them being “god” is one of an infinite possibilities. For instance, the person making the claim could have been a penguin or elephant in a dream and right now they are experiencing a dream, or experiencing something like the matrix. This alludes to the fact that they are entertaining skepticism, where nothing is provable but everything is possible. We should ask the claimant why they are entertaining this specific belief and not any other infinite possibilities. Why don’t they claim that everything is an illusion or why don’t they claim that they are already in hell or even heaven. Their worldview rests on “what if” and evidently, not all of their possiblities can be justified not be true. So just claiming that they “might” have been “god” is just a possibility out of an infinite possibilities in their worldview so they will never certain, just as the Qur’an says.

    Using the same verse we can bring forth another argument. When the Qur’an says that they are “uncertain”, the best way to oppose this and instead reach certainty is through knowledge. We may ask what exactly does the claimant need to be knowledgable of to be certain? The claimant must be knowledgable on the attributes of Allah SWT. Allah is the most powerful and most knowledgeable. How can omnipotence and omniscience reside in a soul in which there is a limited amount of knowledge and power? These two contradictory natures cannot coexist as it would imply that the human nature has power over the divine nature thus undermining the divine nature. This is a similar argument to prove the fact that Jesus AS was not God and was in fact purely human. For more information on this particular argument, please research the ‘hypostatic union.’
    We also affirm that Allah SWT cannot lose attributes. We affirm that all of his attributes are eternal. The fact that when someone thinks they are god is problematic as they would be saying god has become less knowledgeable. The claimant believes that they created the heavens and the earth so they must have had the knowledge to do so. When the claim that they have become less knowledgeable and “forgot” some of their knowledge means that god changed and we know that change happens within time, with a starting point of change and an ending point. To imagine that God almighty is confined in time is absolutely absurd and would limit him to the point where the heavens and the earth will be in ruins
    Indeed there is no other answer more satisfying than the Qur’anic one. Why should they favour this particular possibility instead of infinite many others? Why do they propose the fact that they have a double nature? Why do they think god can change? This is something they should ponder on and may Allah Swt guide them and keep us on the straight path ameen.
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