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Harassment, radicalisation, forced marriage and modern slavery in Luton U.K

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  • Harassment, radicalisation, forced marriage and modern slavery in Luton U.K

    Salaam aleikum

    I am sharing this correspondence with Bedfordshire Police PREVENT officers on social media because I believe they are mishandling my PREVENT referral for attempted radicalisation under duress and because of their many failings I have encountered since the start of the harassment 3 years ago.

    I hope that by sharing details of my case online they will feel encouraged to be more fair and honest in their dealings with me going forward.

    Hello Rebecca

    Thank you for your email.

    I am disappointed that I have been given only one meeting to discuss my concerns and the circumstances of the harassment, and feel a little misled as I went to the meeting on the understanding that it would be one of several meetings until Adele informed me otherwise.

    I have also received some confusing correspondence consisting of several emails that have since disappeared from my email inbox from Nick Chamberlain who I believe is Adele’s manager and who has stated that the panel has already deliberated on my case and decided to close it despite assurances from Adele that the panel will not be sitting until October and that I would still have the opportunity to discuss outstanding issues that I believe are integral to the radicalisation when she returns from holiday.

    I also attended the meeting on the agreed provision that I would have the opportunity to approve the summary notes that Adele made of the discussion as a record of information provided which I have looked at and found to be inaccurate in places and would not clearly represent my case to the panel or to the detectives that i have been told my information is to be passed to.

    I am also dissatisfied with your colleague Andrews position, which is that I should not expect to hear anything back from the police in terms of the information I have provided, particularly about the pipebomb incident, but also in regards to the information I have submitted as a whole as these are suspicions of not just potentially serious criminal/terrorism offences/incidents but of a system of radicalisation that has hitherto not been recorded or publicised in respect of the fact that there may be individuals within the Muslim community who have an ‘unclear, mixed and unstable ideology’ which may not be consistent with the established understanding and publicised narrative of ‘Islamic’ extremism and radicalisation within the Muslim community and may involve other sects and groups with varying but syncretic beliefs who are acting covertly within the Sunni Muslim community and mosques with their own religious and political agendas but who are nonetheless actively engaged in formenting terrorist and criminal activity and hostile to Sunni Muslims and Islam.

    These people may also be acting as state intelligence/security assets either directly or indirectly via outsourcing and data sharing partnerships to local government and other organisations and public services and at the same time be involved in the harassment and radicalisation of Muslims and I feel that there is an unwillingness on the part of policing to pursue and investigate people who may be involved in this for possible abuses and illegal activity as well as to investigate or focus attention on the possibility of agent provocateur type activity that may involve these sectarian extremists, one such strand of suspicious behaviour being what would appear to be an over representation of individuals that bear forehead clay marks (which denotes devotion to shiaism) who are actively involved in the Sunni community, particularly in groups or mosques that are more politically charged, such as salafiyah and other groups which call to a fundamentalist understanding of Islam and which are often misrepresented by violent terrorist acts which stifle them and incite enmity and censure and bring about increased legislation and other political measures against them.

    In view of historical and current Sunni/Shia sectarian strife in Iraq, Syria and other places this significant over representation may be an indication of individuals practicing taqqiya, (a form of deception with a religious basis in shiaism) with hostile and malicious intent towards Sunni Muslims and should be a focus of investigation for counter terrorism policing.

    The pattern of behaviour and profile of the individual who suggested making the explosive device to me and the fact that he was a Ministry of Defence employee who I believe attempted to hide this fact from me at the time when he was going to considerable effort to encourage me to marry his sister which I suspect may have been to facilitate the exerting of control over me, all of these factors bear a clear and direct pattern of behaviour to the case of Abdul Wahhab al Abdaly, the Iraqi/swede national and former Luton Islamic centre attendee who was involved in the Stockholm 2010 pipebomb attack, i.e the explosive device used, the marriage that took place around the time it was believed he was radicalised, his ethnic origin of Iraq which is in a Sunni/Shia conflict zone- all of which arguably demonstrates suspicious patterns of behaviour that should justify investigation and further attention.

    I find it unreasonable for Bedfordshire Police/Eastern Region Special Operations Unit to expect me to accept that the information I have provided regarding the attempted radicalisation of myself and the suspicious patterns of behaviour I have reported will be dealt with appropriately but that I should not expect any further contact or information on how this information has been acted upon, especially in respect of the gross mishandling and reluctance I have experienced in reporting the radicalisation and in securing my PREVENT referral over the past 2 years, as well as the distrust and lack of faith I have in counter terrorism policing and their partners in PREVENT that this mishandling and negligence has brought about not to mention my moral and civic responsibilities towards my religion, myself and others.

    Due to the failings of Bedfordshire Police and PREVENT shareholders that I have encountered during the course of the harassment and their reluctance to deal with my report of attempted radicalisation under duress and to investigate what I believe to be an organised system of harassment of Sunni Muslims involving individuals from other sects, and most recently the conflicting information regarding the PREVENT panel and the missing/deleted emails, I feel obliged at this point is to warn others via social media and other available media opportunities and to seek other people in the community to corroborate my account as well as to encourage Bedfordshire Police and PREVENT shareholders to be transparent and fair in their dealings with me going forward.

    I believe that my report of radicalisation demonstrates there are real and credible indicators that there may be a level of collusion or at least a syncretism that should be investigated for possible abuses between elements within governmental departments and services and members of Luton’s Muslim community who may be state intelligence assets involved in ‘rogue activity’ that is illegal or discriminatory towards Sunni Muslims, and as intelligence operatives they may be being protected or immune from investigation or prosecution for illegal activities.

    I also believe that it should be acknowledged and accepted by counter terrorism policing and their intelligence partners and fellow CONTEST shareholders that religious extremism, radicalisation and terrorism is not synonymous with Sunni Muslims or Islam but that the role of individuals from other sects, schools of thought or religions within the Abrahamic tradition who are also liable to religious extremism and who may share syncretic beliefs and a hostile agenda towards Sunni Islam is going unnoticed because their ideology may be more esoteric or less easily understood or identifiable, which it appears has been acknowledged to some degree by the recent addition of the new designation that has been added to the PREVENT legislation alongside Islamic extremism and Far Right Extremism,-‘mixed, unstable or unclear ideology’.

    I believe this situation may also be contributing to cases of modern slavery and forced marriage and other illegal activities and wish to bring this situation to the attention of DI Katie Dounias the Bedfordshire police lead for modern Slavery and exploitation and the Forced Marriage Unit.

    I wish to also bring this situation to the attention of Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu as the Senior Counter Terrorism Police Officer in the U.K as this situation in Luton will be representative of the situation in Muslim communities across the UK.

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    You should try to move on to improving your own immediate life rather than contact all these people.
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        I know all about this my friend im an Ex-TI...

        let me start by saying its an honor to speak to you. not many can understand where we are coming from unfortunately. I highly commend you in your efforts, im sure you were/are targeted because you dared to stand up to them. my original post was me trying to convince you to stop trying to contact local politicians and work on your self state of mind.

        These folks have spent a lot of their funds to be able to conduct these PSY-OPS they're carrying out on innocent people. Not sure how many have died with these tactics, Im guessing the number is much higher than what meets the eye. Before i rant on, as a brother i urge you to stop pursuing this through the local politicians it will only get you locked up or worse.

        Try to forget the period of life they intruded block the memories out if you can unless they are still persisting. I pray for you bro hang in there, stay vigilant and stay strong. I know youre one of the strong ones!!!

        The cowards doing this behind the scenes are scared of us that's why we've been chosen. stand strong bro you are not alone.