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Cleaning after going toilet

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  • Cleaning after going toilet

    Iím not a troll
    i know this will sound stupid

    but after I defecate I donít know how to clean myself with a lota and I donít know whether or not I have to clean the inside of my anus and every time I do clean myself then wipe I see little yellow hairs or so , I do shave my ass but this still happens , even after I have a shower and clean myself in the shower these hairs still appear every now and again , even hours after going toilet I wipe and see these little yellow hairs I donít even know what it is so Iím thinking Iím not clean nor is my underpants

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    Originally posted by Yusuf6667 View Post
    Iím not a troll
    ..I see little yellow hairs..
    Maybe you have worms .. a good dose of chile or go to the doctor perhaps.
    If not, then I don't know.
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters - Psalms (Zaboor of Dawood)