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Advice on an impermissible act

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  • t4wheed
    started a topic Advice on an impermissible act

    Advice on an impermissible act

    asalaam aliakum

    I know somebody who wanted me to post this text on an islamic forum for advice insha Allah.

    I hope somebody can help me regarding something I have done wrong.

    I recently bought a house. ¬*There were lots of stuff in the house that the person left behind. ¬*Must have died. ¬*

    There were lots of boxes in a room that contained lots of musical CDs and movies. ¬* Must have owned a musical store.

    Anyway I decided to sell them. ¬*Firstly because it would help with costs to get a skip and also somebody would take them. ¬*I did feel it was wrong at the time but decided to just get rid of them.

    Anyway somebody bought them and now I regret it big time. ¬*I wish I had just binned them all now. ¬*I'm thinking this person will sell them to others and whenever somebody will listen to the music it will be a bad deed for myself. ¬*Multiply that by 1000s and you can imagine the rest.

    What can I do to rectify the situation. ¬*Obviously I will repent sincerely but I'm afraid the bad deeds that others will be committing by listening/selling the music will continue on my account. ¬*I have had a lot of mental distress lately and I know I would have binned them had I been my normal self. ¬*

    s there anything that can wipe the sin of others listening to the haram muslc and I acquiring the sin.¬*

    May Allah forgive me. ¬*Please can a scholar or learned person advise on this situation. ¬*

    jazakallah khair.

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  • islamlife00

    You have sold the CDs, but you can donate the earning from selling them. The link below is about zakat but also tells you what to do with earning from selling haraam

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  • Layla_
    Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah¬*

    you should do more good deeds and in your situation, you say that your bad deed relates to others listening to music so try and counteract it by doing a good deed which will lead to others doing good - such as leaving a copy of the mushaf in your local masjid or distributing some dawah pamphlets or things of that nature. In addition to this you can also do acts of sadaqa jaariyah which will benefit others¬*

    its a good sign that you are having remorse over what you did as no doubt this wouldnít affect many others¬*
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  • Abu julaybeeb
    Try to give the money back and get the music stuff back
    and then make tawba aswell

    Ask a scholar if you want more info

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