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How do you pay your Zakat

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  • How do you pay your Zakat

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    If you donate to these organizations please comment or let them know saying that this money is for Zakat. Please enquire how much their fees are as each organisation differs to how much they take.

    I am currently working for Human Relief Foundation who have been taking Zakat donations for over 28 years and do not charge anything for Zakat donations and 100% of these donations are used in the rightful manner according to Shariah Law.

    You can check out their projects on their website or donate to my project with HRF if you wish at
    Raising money for Bangladesh in 2019 -


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      I was also in the same position, what I did was divided the money towards 3 charities etc for example which gives to local people which is the sunnah, then one portion to , then finally it was

      in the utw you can select what type of donation it is for example Zakat, Sadaqah etc etc

      I wasn't happy to put all my eggs in one basket so I just choose them three, you can choose who you want to help like which country or appeal etc#

      also when choosing when to donate its easier to pick a date in the islamic calender for example the 1st of Ramadan the 3rd or the 27th whichever you decide but if its due its a sin to delay it, then whenever its that date just pay 2.5% of what you have every year
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            Originally posted by Bayna3 View Post
            Excellent, jazakallah khayr