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How do you pray at work?

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  • Abu julaybeeb
    You can pray at lunch time also you can say your going toilet and also pray instead also try hold your wudhoo so you dont have to keep doing it

    You just go and pray
    and if you need to ask permission them do so then go and pray

    and if they say no then leave the job and find a new new

    try to get a job that caters for your deen

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  • anonymou
    started a topic How do you pray at work?

    How do you pray at work?

    As salam alaykum everyone. I was just wondering how one can manage to pray at work? Iím still doing my degree but Iím thinking of working in the future and was thinking how it would be possible to pray? Letís choose the most difficult times, winter times where prayers are closer together. And letís say the standard working hours are from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

    Where I live dhuhr would be around 12:00 pm, asr around 1:30 pm and maghrib around 3:20 pm. Isha and fajr shouldnít be difficult as they could always be prayed at home I imagine.

    Letís try to find the minimum amount of time one would need to do a proper wudu: 2 min

    And for a proper fard prayer, not a quick one (youíd like to do it at an ok pace because these are your prayers and you wouldnít want to rush your prayers at work, as the majority of all your prayers will be at work.). Letís say only short surahs are recited:

    Dhuhr: 6 / 7 min
    Asr: 6 / 7 min
    Maghrib: 5 min

    Letís say one would need to use the restroom maximum twice? And letís say that takes 5 minutes, so 10 minutes in total.

    Letís say one does wudu maximum three times in total: 6 minutes

    So we get 10 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 5 = 35 minutes in total. Letís add an uncertainty of five minutes haha, so max 40 min. If one could add the time it takes going from the restroom to the place youíre going to pray and other ways some time is lost, I could see this becoming maximum 45 minutes in total. Is that possible? And would it be allowed?

    These are just my calculations though.
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