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If by Allah's mercy you go to Jannah, what would you ask for?

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    Originally posted by IsaahM View Post

    Hello friend. When you say stuff like I have very little chance of entering that can probably mean that you are not sure of the power and magnitude of Allah's mercy.

    We cannot cannot cannot ever believe that our small puny existence and our sins WHATEVER they are can match up to the magnitude of Allah's mercy. Do you think that you are a match for him? Do you think that anything you can do as a puny human can compare against HIS mercy? Noooway. Just believe in Him ok? Even if you don't believe in yourself, believe in Him.

    There was a recent thread here where we spoke about Allah being what we think He is. If we think that he may or may not forgive us, then He may not because that's what we thought of Him. But if we are sure and confident that Allah SWT will show us mercy, then He will definitely show mercy. I feel that you have gotten over your sin whatever it is, that's good. But don't look back on it and be scared.

    I think it was Omar RA who said that if there was only 1 person who is going to Hell and rest of humanity is going to heaven, then he would be scared that he is that one person. And if the entire humanity was going to Hell and just 1 person going to Heaven, then he would be hopeful that he will be that 1 person. I hope this helps you (if you needed the help haha)

    And completely agree with you on the first sentence. Unfortunately this thread survived, but the person who created was kicked instead! The irony eh?
    Thank you brother for your words, I agree with you Allah Most Merciful has forgiven many worst people in history, I shouldn't underestimate Allah's mercy. About the sister who created this thread I don't know her but I never seen her posting anything bad or rude so I don't understand why she was treated badly by that moderator.