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i just need to be sure @lailathemuslim or anyone else

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  • i just need to be sure @lailathemuslim or anyone else

    are you sure its not the heart cause im scared one time idk how but i remmeber allah and i feel soo happy spiritual happiness soooo happy and then idk after a day i listen to something islamic and then this feeling that feels like its comming from the area of the chest closer to the heart i hope not and it gets me depressed and idk if im in danger i try my best ...shaytan gives me evil evil thought that i cant really remove easy? and anyone else can you answer if lailathemuslim doesnt answer thank you

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    "Had Allah lifted the veil for his slave and shown him how He handles his affairs for him, and how Allah is more keen for the benefit of the slave than his own self, his heart would have melted out of the love for Allah and would have been torn to pieces out of thankfulness to Allah. Therefore if the pains of this world tire you do not grieve. For it may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of duaa. So pour out your desires in prostration and forget about it and know; that verily Allah does not forget it."
    - Ibn al Qayyim (rahimahullah)


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      You need to find someone who can help you and talk to them. I doubt you'll find that person here.

      Please don't create any more threads.