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  • Dream interpretation

    So someone i know is known for istikhara and gets dreams a lot, which normally come true. anyway i asked her about my iman and the like. She saw that i was praying salah but i was dirty. SHe said that i had feces on me. What does this dream mean?

    About 1-3 months ago i had a dream that i was praying my salah at the mosque. However, my phone was in my pocket and was playing songs on the headphone. It was disturbing me and i wanted to stop the songs, but could not since i was praying, i was afraid other ppl r hearing it too ofc, just like u would do in real life.

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    Do you actually listen to music
    They say you contradicted the sayings of the shuyookh
    And they don't mind contradicting the Furqan

    I contradicted the sayings of the shuyookh
    For you have contradicted the one who came with the Qur'an


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      السلام عليكم
      Only Allah truly knows your situation and if there is any meaning in what you've written about above...

      I read your recent Istikhara thread and I wonder...
      If there is any meaning in the first one - could it mean that you are a believer alhamdulillah (hence salah) but you need to increase (clean up?) your Islamic/deeni knowledge and obedience to Him (the dirt perhaps?) - again I'm referring to your istikhara thread as it seems you know to ask Allah for guidance alhmadulillah, but you're not completely clear on His rules and the wisdoms of such, which leaves you open to even considering wrong influences and thoughts like relationships outside marriage. Perhaps this could even relate to the second part that you wrote about feeling disturbed by the music while praying.

      If your knowledge and thus your conduct is not sound then other people/outside influences will be able to persuade you to harm your self, your Iman and make you go the wrong way.

      Of course Allah knows best. Wish you all the best.
      May He forgive our wrongs, increase us all in knowledge that benefits and deeds that please Him, ameen.