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P2P Crowdfunding/Investment Platform with Islamic contracts

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    P2P Crowdfunding/Investment Platform with Islamic contracts

    Asalam aleikum,

    I have gotten a lot of good info form this board, jazakum Allahu khair, but I stopped being active here because of the mixing.

    I just wanted to see if anyone is interested in being involved at all in a project I am working on to make Islamic financing contracts available internationally for small entrepreneurs.

    It is based on blockchain technology and will have templates that automate the execution of musharaka profit sharing contracts. It actually requires a lot of trust, so we are also designing a reputation system that reads the outcomes of contracts.

    Inside of the platform you can have various wallets and you can choose which currency you want to keep your money in, whether gold, rice, or satanic paper currencies like the dollar or british pound. Eventually these wallets can be linked to debit cards for day to day purchases, but at first we are just focusing on the financing aspect.

    The financing works on a social credit principle, where your project ranks higher the more supporters you have. Supporters also share in fractions of the profit, and carrying out or supporting projects increases reputation. Supporters earn from backing projects based on their reputation as well. Essentially it is trying to create a decentralized bank and social network in one platform, and to allow people to use it for all their financial services so people can stop supporting riba banks.

    Right now any support especially spreading the word on social media, but also design, translations, certainly software development and web development, graphic design, video editing, animation, anyone who wants to volunteer time, it would be a big help. In sha Allah this project can also be profitable so if it goes well eventually we can provide salaries for Muslims.

    In particular I believe that sisters can be excellent software developers although this job is currently dominated by men, and this is a very good job for women because it can be done without requiring mixing with non-mahram men. The same goes for web design, graphic design, digital media marketing, animation and video editing.

    Thanks for reading and I'll be happy to discuss or answer any questions.