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[-Oath of a Sheshen Warrior-]

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    [-Oath of a Sheshen Warrior-]

    I, the son of my valiant ancestors, a Chechen, a Warrior and a Muslim, swear before Allah by my parched and desolate country, I swear by the graves of thousands of my fellow countrymen killed without guilt, that I will never forget nor will I ever let my posterity forget those villainies that Russia has done to my Homeland!

    I swear to take vengeance not sparing myself, my life or my blood upon those who are guilty in grief and sufferings that my Nation has experienced! I swear not to lay down arms as long as my hands have the power to smite and my heart to hate!
    And if my hatred dies down, if my soul will desire repose, then let the Almighty Allah bring down his wrath upon me and my posterity, let me then be rejected from the midst of my companions-in-arms by their contempt, let me then become an outcast!

    If my people ever forget this war, I will repudiate my people; if my people forgive Russia the blood, death and destruction of the Homeland, then let the damnation of Allah accompany my people as an inescapable shadow!
    Blood for blood!
    Eye for an eye!
    War for a war!
    And may Almighty Allah help me on my path!

    From the Islamic Order newspaper,
    July 14, 1997.

    ::Kavkaz Center::
    2002-06-25 02:35:25
    وَأَن لَّيْسَ لِلإِنسَـنِ إِلاَّ مَا سَعَى