Why is it that gender segregation is often viewed as oppressive against women (typically by westerners) when the man is separated from the woman and the woman is seperated from the man? I know it may seem like I just made a linguistic error but that was merely me showing you how contrary to popular belief, gender segregation is equal.

In one of Zakir Naik's talks', a western woman claimed he was sexist and questioned him about why women sit behind men in his talks and she argued that women should sit next to men. He replied that it is forbidden for him not to lower his gaze from a woman if he gets temptations, so it's more efficient to have the women outside of his view range.

Is that so hard for westerners to comprehend?

A scientist who's name I cannot recall lost all his credibility and had his name tarnished after he argued for gender segregation because women cry often or whatever.

Why is gender segregation wrong? Even if I were a non muslim I'd probably be pro segregation. It's very very good.