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Sleep can make you less racist, claim scientists

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  • Sleep can make you less racist, claim scientists

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    Re: Sleep can make you less racist, claim scientists

    Originally posted by ibzy View Post
    A little siesta can make you less racist, claim scientists.
    The bizarre findings come from a unique experiment in which participants were trained before going for a 90-minute nap.
    They were shown an array of faces linked with maths or science-related words.
    Then they were shown black faces linked with pleasant words.
    Two sounds associated with each were played throughout the task.
    The idea behind this was to reduce both racial and gender bias.
    tired student sleeping on stock of books dolgachov/dolgachov
    A bit of this could make you less racist (Picture: dolgachov/Getty)
    As they entered a deep sleep, one of the sounds was played repeatedly.
    After people woke up, what they could remember was changed because learning-related sounds were presented during sleep.
    The research revealed that when a sound was played the participants’ bias scores were severely reduced compared to when no sound was heard.
    Ken Paller, senior author of the study and professor of psychology, said: ‘We call this Targeted Memory Reactivation, because the sounds played during sleep could produce relatively better memory for information cued during sleep compared to information not cued during sleep.
    ‘For example, we used this procedure to selectively improve spatial memory, such as learning the locations of a set of objects, and skill memory, like learning to play a melody on a keyboard.’

    Read more:
    Maybe less sleep more irritation and thus more racism
    Humiliating people in the name of religion is the practice of someone deprived of the first fruit of religion, humility.-Nouman Ali Khan


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      Re: Sleep can make you less racist, claim scientists

      Overrated Psychiatrist's theories!

      And He has subjected for you the night and day and the sun and moon, and the stars are subjected by His command. Indeed in that are signs for a people who reason.
      And [He has subjected] whatever He multiplied for you on the earth of varying colors. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who remember.
      And it is He who subjected the sea for you to eat from it tender meat and to extract from it ornaments which you wear. And you see the ships plowing through it, and [He subjected it] that you may seek of His bounty; and perhaps you will be grateful.
      And He has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it shift with you, and [made] rivers and roads, that you may be guided,
      And landmarks. And by the stars they are [also] guided.
      Then is He who creates like one who does not create? So will you not be reminded?
      And if you should count the favors of Allah , you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
      And Allah knows what you conceal and what you declare.

      [Surah An-Nahl(The bee)16:12-19]



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