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A small debate with a Christian about battles in Islamic History

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  • A small debate with a Christian about battles in Islamic History

    As always they take advantage of people not knowing their religion to shake them:

    His first comment is "Ganging up,2 on 1,3 on 1...they must have been Muslims!"

    Then "+Hezzy 101 experience...Muslims rarely fight is always a gang attack"

    Then "Hezzy 101 battles in brick lane,or any neighbourhood in any UK city,like Manchester, where my children have to walk 5 blocks around an area that that won't be set upon!"

    Then "your telling me to read history and in the next sentence you tell me how Muslim armies beat the Roman empire. You do know that Rome fell BEFORE Islam was created,right? So how could they have beat the Romans? "

    "Jack you know exactly what I mean or no need to play with words. OK lets be in a history exam. We call European as Roman and thats why I called them the Roman empire so they overpowered the Eastern and Western Roman Empires which the only powers that they exist at their time beside the Farisies which they ended by Muslims, though the Faries were competing with the Romans at that time. Jack this is history no body can change it."

    "The western Roman empire was long gone,and it's former land empty and inviting invasion. The Eastern empire,stood against the Muslim world for centuries,not falling until 1453 with the fall of Constantinople.
    And let's not forget the loss the Muslims suffered in France against the hammer,Charles Martel, in a battle where the Muslim army was much bigger.

    So yeah,please tell me again that I need to know history!"

    "That is the problem dismessed all the battles and went to Charles Martel, at his time Muslims started to be greedy when they had a lot of money and power so they are away from God such like these days. But what about all in the middle? Yes of course it was not an easy job to drop Constantinople , they were very strong and we admit that but our prophet peace be upon him gave us the glad tiding 1000 years before the incident when they were 350 Muslims!!! so it was no surprise for the Muslims and it was when they were in really weak situation they could not even battle Quraish.

    The difference between us is sincerity so when we are not sincere God wont help us, such these days, we fall and when we are sincere and just doing it for the sake of ONE Allah then we can battle all the world with no problem. This is why you see the third strongest army in the world cant concur a city like Ghaza. Forget about all of these gangs (ISIL ...etc) These are just gangs like the blood and the Russian mafia.

    Here are some battles that Muslims defeat the European whether they are Byzantine or Roman or whatever they are

    Yarmouk The Romans (European) 250,000 Muslims 60,000 in 636

    Ajnadeen 634

    Fall of Syria (634–638) and Egypt (639–642)

    The Battle of the Masts against the Qostanteen the second where it was in the Middle East Sea around 655 . Romans where 500 ships VS 200 Ships for Muslims

    conquests of North Africa: 639–698

    Conquests of Carthage between 695–698

    There is a lot more but these are enough

    Sorry I have work to do, but I hope this is enough. Anyway I like this argument it is away from personal attacks and cursing so it is worth the time. I have hard time to translate from Arabic to English because I know them in Arabic and we call the European in history Romans most of the time so that is why it was confusing a bit for me the whole east and west but now it is clear for me. "

    After couple of hours...
    "so I dont know they fall and they had triple the numbers of Muslms "the fact that the Arabs had the success they did in the 7th century was because of the the power vacuum that the fall of Rome allowed."

    First they are not Arabs they are MUSLIMS we dont have race, second they had a lot more power armies than us but we still won because Allah was helping us WHEN OUR INTENTION WAS RIGHT> and please it is NOT JUST the 7th century you just said that Muslims defeated the Byzantine in the 14th century!!! What about Salah il deen!!!? anyway as I mentioned before this is history no body can change it, and from history it is always a rise and fall till Armajdone and when Jesus comes and break this cross!!!"
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    Sorry I dont carry a conversation nor an argument with a sister. I just put my point of view in general for everybody and it is up to you to take it or leave it.

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    Re: A small debate with a Christian about battles in Islamic History

    sorry I forgot to mention the greatest victory and the end of the byzantine by Mohammad Al fateh... that I never even talked about Salah Al deen!!!

    Here what I got

    +Beyond all your rewritten history does not change the fact that Muslims like to stomp people in gang beatings...not saying ALL Muslims,you seem polite and open minded. But enough do to make it a big problem. You walk through a Muslim area in the UK or France, or any Muslim ghetto and they are all on their phones,calling out their gang to stomp you. 
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    Beyond :38 PM


    +Jack Cade anyway there are really good Muslims , simi good Muslims and Muslims by name... I am against living in the west, and this is why I moved away from the U.S. the life style does not fit Muslims and no one should stay unless they are calling for ONE GOD which is not the case in many situation unfortunately, they should also honor themselves and this is why we just bow to one God. Last thing I want to stay you have common sense and looks logical, do you think is it fair that a killer and worshiper both of them Jesus will take their sins in order to go to heaven? or is there a GOD that gets killed?.. believe me I love jesus more than most of the people in the world but as a prophet not a God. 
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    Sorry I dont carry a conversation nor an argument with a sister. I just put my point of view in general for everybody and it is up to you to take it or leave it.



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