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Crisis in Maldives

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  • Crisis in Maldives

    By IANS,

    Male : Maldives President Mohamed Waheed Friday stepped down as president as the country prepared to hold the second round of the presidential election.

    In a farewell speech, Waheed said one of the priorities during his tenure was to enhance the area of foreign relations, adding that the long standing non-aligned, independent foreign policy with an Islamic character was changed by the then (Nasheed) government, Xinhua reported.

    "Because of this, in global currents, the country's own say was weakened by manifolds. The country was under a position where it could be forced, by changing the Constitution, to do things that its legal framework didn't allow. The government and senior leadership were being asked to resign within few hours, to flout the orders of court, and to stand against those orders," the outgoing president said.

    However, he said the government refused to bow down to foreign pressure, but instead upheld the legal framework and the orders of the constitutional institutions of the country.

    The second round of the presidential election will take place Saturday with the Maldives Democratic Party candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed being the frontrunner.

    Meanwhile, addressing a rally of the largest political grouping, including Jumhoori Party, formed to lead a coalition in Saturday' s polls, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom said if the coalition candidate was elected to office, the government would withdraw its membership from the Commonwealth.

    "Times have changed and so has the values to which the Commonwealth once ascribed to. Today, the Commonwealth is used by larger member nations to bully small nations and use it as a platform to interfere in the internal politics of smaller and vulnerable member states," he said.

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    Re: Crisis in Maldives

    Maldivian presidential election re-run begins Saturday

    By IANS,

    Male: The re-run of the Maldivian presidential election started Saturday morning.

    Polling stations will be open from 7.30 a.m to 4 p.m. local time. The Maldives has about 240,000 legitimate voters, reported Xinhua.

    The polling has been rescheduled three times. In the latest delay, the Supreme Court ordered the run-off to be held Nov 10.

    Former president Mohammad Nasheed, leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), the single largest party in the country, gained 45.45 percent in the first round of presidential election Sep 7.

    He was well ahead of his rivals of Jumhoory party presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim and former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom' s half-brother MP Abdulla Yamin from the Progressive Party of Maldives.

    But later the result was annulled amid allegations of electoral fraud.

    A second attempt to elect a president was made Oct 19 but was also derailed after Yamin and Gasim failed to sign off on a crucial voter's list as dictated by a set of guidelines issued by the Supreme Court.

    Then the election finally took place Nov 9 but a first attempt to hold a run-off between Nasheed and Yamin the following day was cancelled hours before voting was due to begin as police prevented election officials from distributing voting materials, citing a court order requiring all candidates to approve the voter register.

    The Maldives has been bubbling with political discord since Nasheed was ousted from power in February 2012.


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      Re: Crisis in Maldives

      fithna has reached even to this small country


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        Re: Crisis in Maldives

        Abdulla Yameen officially named new Maldives president

        By IANS,

        Male : The Maldives' Elections Commission Sunday confirmed Abdulla Yameen, candidate of the Progressive Party, as the new president of the Indian Ocean archipelago nation.

        Mohammed Nasheed, former president and a contestant who was favoured to win, has at a press conference conceded his defeat.

        The results of the second round of the presidential poll held Saturday were announced by Elections Commission president Fuad Thaufeeq at a press conference Sunday morning, Xinhua reported.

        "According to the official results of this election, I hereby announce that the Progressive Party of Maldives' presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom of Ma. Kaaminee Hulhanguge has been elected the president of the Maldives for the presidential term that began on 11 November 2013."

        The official results remained unchanged from the preliminary results announced around midnight.

        Yameen won with a preliminary 51.6 percent of votes while his opponent, former president and candidate of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Nasheed, garnered 105,181 votes, or 48.61 percent.

        The voter turnout was 91.41 percent with 218,621 people voting out of the country's 239,165 eligible voters.

        Nasheed conceded his defeat at a press conference.

        The president-elect is to be inaugurated later in the day, when he will also try to name his cabinet.


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          Re: Crisis in Maldives

          Eight political parties in Maldives dissolved

          By IANS,

          Male: The Elections Commission of Maldives has dissolved eight political parties, following their failure to bring their membership up to the 3,000-mark as required by the Political Parties Act of the country before the deadline set by the regulator.

          The parties that were dissolved Thursday were Islamic Democratic Party, Maldivian Social Democratic Party, Social Liberal Party, Maldivian National Congress, People’s Alliance, People’s Party, Maldivian Labour Party and Dhivehi Gaumee Party, the Sun Online reported.

          The commission earlier announced that 10 parties with less than 3,000 members would be struck off from the registration list.

          Gaumee Itthihad Party and Maldives Reform Movement, which were also included on the list Jan 6, were not ordered dissolved eventually.

          The commission said that most of these parties were not active.

          The authority also said that it had failed to deliver letters and other documents to these parties as the locations of their offices were unknown.

          The commission added that, while the government funds were provided to these parties, they did not submit audit reports as required.


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            Re: Crisis in Maldives

            I recently came back from Maldives...Few things I noticed..

            Their country is primarily run using the tourism industry, however as a consequence is fuelled by non-Muslims (I saw Russians, Germans, Chinese) who pretty much are ruining these beautiful little Islands with the help of the owners of the hotels, many of which are also foreign. However when you visit the non-resort "working" Islands, most will tell you they have been kicked out of their Islands of birth to make way for resorts. The good thing is, they are given jobs but I just feel like the way the Islands are run, they won't be around in a hundred years.

            One thing I liked, is that they appreciate other Muslims visiting and they were very happy to return salaam and speak to me.
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