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Problem regarding Ghusl , Sexual Desire and respective action

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    Problem regarding Ghusl , Sexual Desire and respective action

    Salam Alaykum dear Brothers and Sisters,
    May Allah(swt) be pleased with you for helping me and give you reward and blessings. May Allah(swt) grant us all, Muminoon, Jannat-al-Firdaus-Ameen.
    Bismillah Ar-rahman nir-Rahim,
    I realise this dissertation is very very long...but brother/sister I need your help please.Please kindly if you have time read my problem fully. If a few things are clarified and authenticated, my worries are free.

    My name is Safwan Kabeer and I am 15 years old. As a teenager, I am undergoing some physical and chemical changes within my body.
    There are several parts to my problem.

    Firstly, What is the difference and biological and medical terms between Mani, Madi and Wadi?

    Secondly, I sometimes have wet dreams and wake up to find a sticky liquid that is clear and when rubbed feels smooth, thick and silky . However, when I rub it between my finger it is slightly white and therefore I am confused whether this is partially semen. I now think it is Cowper's Fluid as it oozes when I am sexually aroused. As I am not experienced on Fiqh and rulings pertaining to this matter, I have been performing Ghusl thinking that I need to purify my self of sexual situations and circumstances I have had in my dream. However, I have heard the washing the private parts and performing Wudu is sufficient - is this the case and are there any specific hadith concerning this?.... Because I have been performing Ghusl because (a) I am not sure (b) I see it as a purification of the heart and mind. This part is spontaneous ejaculation in sleep.

    Thirdly, I have come under temptation a lot of times to watch videos that have sexual content. I was doing my biology homework and watched a video on the anatomy of sex. In the video, it showed a couple making love on bed. It didn't show explicitly any act of penetration but just cuddles and kisses and not fully nude rather partially (not breasts or private parts). Was this porn? I want to know because I have felt very very VERY guilty and I feel I have committed a major MAJOR sin. I have asked Allah(swt)'s forgiveness. If this was porn, is there any dua or prayer to wipe this sin clean?
    About a few minutes later after I had watched the video, I found the same fluid in my groin which I find after I wake up from wet dreams. It was thick and clear. The only difference was that this came about by intentional action. I performed Ghusl because I felt that I had purposefully and wrongfully placed myself in a sexual situation and I had purposefully watched the video, though not too explicit, to heighten my sexual desires. I felt sexual tension, increased BP, and my brain was just not willing to stop. What are your thoughts on this?

    Fourthly, after emission of this fluid, be it Cowper's fluid or semen (you will have to clarify because I am not sure), how do I deal with clothes and the bedding sheet?
    The clothes are obviously there any specific ritual to washing these clothes? Ever since I have had wet dreams, I used to wash each clothe manually with the intention of purifying it and wearing it in prayer in a way that does not nullify the state of taharah. I then put it in the washing machine. This system was very long, arduous and strenuous but once again I am not sure and I did what seemed best.
    As far as the bedding sheet is concerned, it usually not wet but has been touched on by the trousers or undergarments which have these I feel the bedding is impure as well. However, washing the whole bed sheet and blanket sheet takes time, energy and money....what can I do? I don't see any fluid stains on it but I still think it is impure. Is sprinkling or rubbing water on the suspected affected area sufficient enough?

    Finally, how can I control my sexual desires and temptations? I don't masturbate and i don't intend to alhamdulillah, but is there an alternative outlet that is halal?

    Jazakallah dear brothers and sisters.
    Once again my Allah(swt) be pleased with you.
    Any answer you give is appreciated.
    Any trouble I have caused, I am sorry.

    Your brother,

    Safwan Kabeer.