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The narrators amongst the companions (raa)

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  • The narrators amongst the companions (raa)

    The narrators amongst the companions.

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Definition of a Companion (Sahabi):
    How is the companionship of a certain individual proved?
    Number of the Companions:What are the Tabaqat of the companions?Who were the first to enter Islam? Who was the last companion to die?Who made the most Fatwas?Who narrated the most Hadiths from the Prophet SAWS?Number of narrations in the main books of Sunan:Repeated Hadiths:Number of narrations in the main Masaneed:

    The two biggest of the early Masaneed that contain the largest amount of narrations and they are:

    1- Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal (Number of Hadiths: around 40,000 / contains 10,000 repeated narrations.)
    2- Musnad Baqi ibn Makhlad (Number of Hadiths: 30,969 / unknown number of repeated narrations.)

    Comparison between Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Musnad Baqi ibn Makhlad:

    1- Ahmad narrated in his Musnad from 904 companions (According to the Fahras of Sheikh al-Albani) while Ibn Makhlad narrated from 1,013 companions but the companionship of many of the men and women found in Musnad Baqi is disputed and some of them were actually from the Tabi'een not the Sahaba as Ibn Hajar stated in al-Isabah 3/361 & 6/344.

    2- Musnad Ahmad contained 30,000 and Musnad Baqi contained 30,969 narrations.

    3- Baqi narrated more Hadiths from each companion, for example:
    Ahmad narrated 3,879 from Abu Huraira (ra) while Baqi narrated 5,374 from him.
    Ahmad narrated 2,029 from ibn 'Umar (ra) while Baqi narrated around 2,210.
    Mu'ath Ibn Jabal (ra) has 157 in Baqi and 53 in Ahmad.
    Anas ibn Malik (ra) has 2,286 in Baqi and 2,192 in Ahmad.
    In some cases Ahmad narrated more such as the Hadiths of Ali ibn abi Talib (ra), Ahmad narrated 819 from him and Baqi only narrated 586.

    These differences in numbers are related mainly to the Turuq(chains) of the Hadith and not necessarily the Mutoun(texts) and it is unknown who narrated more of the Mutoun because Musnad Baqi ibn Makhlad was lost and only bits and pieces of it can be found in some museums.

    4- Musnad Baqi ibn Makhlad is not taken from Musnad Ahmad even though Baqi was a student of Ahmad, Ibn Hazm who was able to get his hands on Musnad Baqi said:" Baqi narrated in it from 284 Sheikhs who are from the major scholars of their times and you cannot find 10 who are weak" while Ahmad narrated from 283 Sheikhs according to the research of al-Hafiz abu Musa al-Madini. al-Hafiz al-Dhahabi was able to obtain two volumes of Musnad Baqi and he said that none of its narrations are found within Musnad Ahmad.

    5- Musnad Ahmad contains less Ghareeb(strange) Hadiths.

    6- In terms of 'Ulu al-Isnad: It means that the less the number of people in the Isnad to the Prophet SAWS the better and stronger the narration becomes and Ahmad (born 164 A.H died 241 A.H) was much better as he was from the Shuyoukh of Baqi (born around 201 A.H died 276 A.H).

    7- Musnad Ahmad is 127 volumes, Musnad Baqi is around 200 volumes but this does not mean that Musnad Baqi is bigger than that of Ahmad because that is decided by the type and thickness of paper and the font and the number of lines and such.

    8- They both differed regarding the companions who narrated less Hadith:

    a-It is observed that many of the companions who narrated more than 20 Hadiths had their own Musnads and they are 121 companions that both Ahmad and Baqi agreed upon such as: Musnad Ali and Musnad Ibn 'Abbas and Musnad Ibn Mas'oud...

    b-Those whom Baqi mentioned and Ahmad did not mention are 31 companions, aside from those who narrated threes and twos and ones.

    c-Those whom Baqi mentioned and Ahmad did not mention from amongst the companions who narrated threes and twos are 82.

    d-Those whom Baqi mentioned and Ahmad did not mention from amongst the companions who narrated one Hadith are 334.

    e-In total Baqi made Takhreej for 568 companions which Ahmad never narrated from in his Musnad.

    f-Ahmad on the other hand made Takhreej for 394 companions that Baqi never narrated from and this includes 89 unnamed companions such as "a Man" "Mother of somebody" "Uncle of somebody" "Grandfather of someone" ect...

    Also note that over 2/3rd of Musnad Baqi was narrated from seventeen companions only.

    The companions who narrated Hadiths in the book of Ibn Hazm (rah) "Asmaa al-Sahaba wa ma li-kull Wahidin Minhum min al-'Adad" and how many they narrated:


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