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Uwais Al-Qarni Movie

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    Uwais Al-Qarni Movie

    With English subtitles


    Who is Uwais al Qarni ?

    Asir ibn Jaabir radhiallahu `anhu narrated:

    Whenever people would come from Yemen, `Umar radhiallahu `anhu would ask them, "Is Uways Al-Qaranee amongst you?" until, one year, he met Uways.

    He said, "Are you Uways Al-Qaranee?" He said, "Yes."

    `Umar continued, "From Muraad, then Qaran?" He said, "Yes."

    `Umar then asked, "Were you once afflicted with leprosy and your skin healed except for a dirham’s area?" Uways said, "Yes."

    `Umar finally asked, "Do you have a mother (that is alive)?" He said, "Yes."

    `Umar then said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah – sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam – say, ‘Uways ibn Aamir will come to you with the delegations from Yemen, from Muraad, then from Qaran. He was once afflicted with leprosy and his skin healed except for a dirham’s area. He has a mother, and he treats her kindly. If he was to ever swear by Allah (for something) Allah would fulfill his oath. If you can, request that he ask forgiveness for you."

    `Umar then requested from Uways, "Ask forgiveness for me." And Uways Al-Qaranee did.

    ~Sahih Muslim