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How much was 1 Gold Dinar worth in the time of the Sahaba (ra) ?

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    Re: How much was 1 Gold Dinar worth in the time of the Sahaba (ra) ?

    wow ide poop myself if i had that much money even on an annual basis.
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    JazakAllah khair for the duas but i would prefer duas for shahadah instead.

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      Re: How much was 1 Gold Dinar worth in the time of the Sahaba (ra) ?

      lol ok say at that time you bought something for less than 1 gold dirham using 1 gold dirham what is the change silver, bronze im confused:scratch:


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        Re: How much was 1 Gold Dinar worth in the time of the Sahaba (ra) ?

        Very interesting
        Imam AbdulLatif ibn AbdurRahman rahimullah said, "It is not possible for someone to realize Tawheed and act upon it, and yet not be hostile against the mushrikeen. So anyone who isn't hostile against the mushrikeen, then it can't be said that he acts upon Tawheed, nor that he realizes it." [ad-Durar as-Saniyyah 8/167]


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          Re: How much was 1 Gold Dinar worth in the time of the Sahaba (ra) ?

          Originally posted by Juvegirl View Post
          I did a little consulting with Sheikh Google, and this is what I was able to find. Make of it what you will.

          So a few centuries earlier, a house was worth 10 dinars. So at that time, 100 dinars would have had enough buying power to get you 10 houses.

          Doing simple and probably inaccurate math:

          Your average house price today is, what? between $250,000-$750,000 (depending on where you live.) Let's go with the lower number.
          10 houses would then be $2,500,000

          The Prophet saws lived in the 7th century, right? So the 600s? That means about 500 years between when this information about the value of a dinar was noted, and when the Prophet saws said the hadith quoted. The buying power of an equivalent amount of gold today is, based on the calculations done earlier, about $25,000 or 1/10 of what is needed for one house today.

          This is, as I said, not really reliable math, but I'm at work and just kind of roughing this in.

          I still think that most people would not be very satisfied with $2.5 million. A lot of people would, but a lot more would keep working and trying to get more money.
          Correct but you are missing one important point.

          The houses were not like our houses are today. Their 10 houses were not made of marble, nor did they have a lot of modern material nor electricity etc. Our houses today have so many luxuries in them. The car garage, the basement, the windows, the doors, the carpets, the paint, the size, the swimming pool, the electricity wires, the water system etc. and many many other things which they did not have that time.
          If you buy a small piece of land and build 10 small houses from mud (or whatever material they were using) then it would not cost you $2.500.000. Think about the hadith describing the house of the Prophet (saaw), sleeping in it was compared to sleeping under a palm tree in the desert.

          These days people live in palace-like buildings when compared to those in ancient times.
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